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Gas Sampling Bags

Multi-layer FOIL

Fluode Tedlar-like

Permanent Gases : He, Ar, Neon Ke, Xe
H2, O2, N2, CO, Greenhouse Gases CO2, Methane, N2O, Water : SF6
VOCs > generally

Fluode 0.5L GasSamplingBag

Al Foil Multi-Layer 0.5L GasSamplingBag

Fluode polyfluro-film is developed for gas sampling bags. The materials of making Fluode polyfluo film are supplied by a renowned fluoroproducts manuafacturer. Fluode is a kind of unique polyfluoro-film with excellent chemical stability and superb physical property.
The aggregate form of fluorine atoms in Fluode polymer is similar to that of polyvinyl fluoride such as Tedlar,elasticity modulus and stiffiness is also close to PVF,but elongation at break increase,which shows up impact resistance performance of Fluode film,
is more tenacious and not susceptible to fracture..
However Fluode has greater f-atom content in CC bond than other fluoro polymers, so the chemical property and physical property of Fluode are improved significantly.Fluode possesses excellent inertness, low permeability low absorptivity and high strength.
Fluode gas sampling bags are suitable for low concentration analysis and VOCs assessment.
It is excellent substitute of Tedlar bags.
The heat-resistance temperature of Fluode fluorine polymer is 150degC  to 170C,easy to heat-bind seal,which is very conductive to being produced for gas sampling bags,and Fluode and will be developed into new gas sampling bags industry standards.
They provide up to 2 -5 days sample stability with minimal absorption. ( depending on concentrations  ( up to 24days ?
> but U DIY test ! )


  • superb strength and low permeability and low absorptivit
  • excellent chemical inertness and stability
  • Standard Fluode Gas Sampling Bag
  • Standard Sizes: 0.5L,1L,2.5L,3L,(4L),5L,8L,10L,15L,20L,25L, 30L,
    and 40Lto ? 600L or customized size.

Select from a variety of sizes to suit
your needs. !

SIZES > generally in stock Melb.)
Import Order MOQ ? 25each
and a RFQ > PO required !

Aluminium-foil composite film is composite made of nylon membrane(PA),aluminum foil(AL)and polyethylene film(PE) with two-component adhesive.

Multi-Layer Foil
ideal for sampling But NOT storing H2S,
and for low molecular weight compounds such as Methane, CO/CO2, Hydrogen, and  inert gases & which are not stable tend to be permable in Tedlar, ALTEF, or FEP. for VOCs generally
Water and vapour-proof, these flexible bags protect light sensitive compounds.
Bags are available with several fitting and valve options.
They provide up to five day sample stability with minimal absorption. ( depending on concentrations  ( up to 24days ? > DIY test ! )

  • excellent physical strength and chemical inertness
  • no transparent,low adsorption and low permeability
    and air-tightness
  • convenient to collect and store gas samples
  • the bag is of plastic valve or metal valve,filling gas displacement is convenient; unique high-elastic tensile rubber sample pad is dedicated to needle sampling
  • widely used in petrochemical industry, environmental protection and scientific research institutes
  • Standard Aluminium foil multi-layer Gas Sampling Bag Standard Sizes: 0.5L, 1L, 2.5L, 3L, (4L), 5L, 8L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L 30L, 40L to 600L o
  • customized size ( with options ). > in-Stock Melbourne
  • Select from a variety of Options of sizes & Tube > recommended 
    to suit your needs > plus > ASK !)

Options : Eyelet(s) for hanging bags ,
valve position  > 1 or 2 valves 
> &  to Order,
( a > variety of Tube Adaptors )

SIZES > generally in stock Melb.)
Import Order MOQ ? 25each
and a RFQ > PO required !


Tedlar PVF Gas Sampling Bags
New DEVEX (Multi-Layer) Gas Sampling Bags
Teflon FEP Gas Sampling Bags

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as Detector Tube / Pump
GASTEC/ Drager/ Kitagawaā€¯
Valves & Fittings for Gas Sampling Bags

>Hede PDF (8p)  pdf Hede GasBags

* DEVEX (Multi-Layer) Gas Sampling Bags
EVOH Gas Sampling Bags
Polyester Gas Sampling Bags(Odor Bag)
* Fluode Gas Sampling Bags

HEDE Gas Sample 
#304, #316Bottles

40Bar, : 350, 500cc
100Bar,:150, 350, 500, 1000cc,
150Bar : 150, 200, 350, 500cc, 1L,2L
200Bar :150,  200, 350, 500cc, 1L,2L

Hede SampleCylinders

Advanced Special
HEDE Valves for Gas Sampling Bags

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HEDE SamplingBag Fittings

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