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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & 4 All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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CT-Sat Map-Address Where WE Are !

< Where are WE? Google Map
~ 30Km East from Melbourne GPO /
VICTORIA 3155, Australia
Tel No : 03 9762 2034


THIS ! Chromtech Website


the Web "Ask"
eg [“HPLC”+[“columns”]


GOOGLE US on the INTERNET > get lost amongst the “nerds” > ranking rorts etc
* to ByPass THAT > prefix “Chromtech + “keyword1 + keyword2” in [SEARCH}

a “WORK-AROUND” to FIND our WWW “GOOGLE” pages
In the “Google” URL  add:. >
 “product1” + “product2”+ chromtech
 “graphite ferrules” +“chromalytic”

  • GOOGLE rips U off to get a decent PAID FOR rankiing
  • their spiders / web- crawlers are So spasmodic
  • re info content > tended to trivialise everyhing
  • It’s GOOD that they have NOW “seem” to allow Boolean-type searching <<<
    also . . . see product Keywords in side NAVBAR(s) <

but it is just a bit “stupid” (over-simplistic). . . at least for our site . . .
Simple/common “words can give heaps of almost trivial Search Resuls
 . . .& Not yet Boolean it seems !

see ALSO MORE specific

from the CLouds FAST !

based on “words” in Page TITLE > discontinued

this GOOGLE SEARCH appears fully linked to our Site even ???
BUT “spider” web crawling
may be months behind
UPDATED > NOW searches
all Text in PDFs and
 in” FlipPAGES” . . . as pseudo mini HTML pages

But NOT flip HTML5 . . . Yet !

More? . . . see our
 ”/mobile/”  CT-miniSITE
as it’s own built-in [SEARCH” capability
FlipPAGES & FlipHTML% also have own built-in
 [SEARCH} mechanism

search Words in our Web Page Tite
ie it’s pre-filtered with OUR “keywords”
but limited . . .  & is Only as good as my manual maintenance

More “selective” than GOOGLE as it is based on words in our “Page Title(s)” ONLY & hopefully by Google policy(?)
from a purpose constructed database

Examples :-
Text Search Everything including HTM PDF AND FlipPAGE files
but at YOUR option AND NOW !
with “upgraded” VERY USEFUL at last” Boolean Features
NOT necessarily just use -”crap” for example as before ?
columns -GC > many HPLC column etcs  but NO GC Column

ANDgraphite and ferrules
> appearance of graphite and ferrules anywhere in the page
“graphite ferrules” returns exactly that! but doesn’t include teflon ferrules

[ you can even SEARCH our FlipPages FlipBook-2
add  /index.php to flip”URL”for prices and FlipHTML-5
FLIP-HTML5. . . internally ]

the latter did NOT 
 highlight Search Results
on the page
> 2007 Highlights now Work !
we R gradually Updating
these old(er)  Flip &

NOTE : GOOGLE CHROME browser obviously does work !
( on a PC at least ) . . .  but Apple and others ?
“Do have a mind of their own ?” > TRY ! It IS up to your imagination !
Other Browsers eg IE, Safari and the “gaggle” of others out there etc
 . . . may not be consistent and may use different syntax etc

our Old(er) Site > this & indirectly for other & “more” detail pages
Now > redirects >
. . . now some HTML-5 compatible features ( although some “FLASH”
still exists for PCs) ??? but becoming redundant now ?

New Site from 2016+ Mobile Responsive

But still difficult to get any sort of GOOGLE SITE Ranking !as ( 2020 )

& > as a product preview to / from
Our detail PC Site(s)

& U can still “ Pinch&Zoom / Screen rotate ”
on a
“decent” Mobile phone

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