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Crimpers - Heavy Duty

Bench Crimper
-Kebby XL3400

Crimper, Decapper Heads >
ALLSizes 8, 11,13, 20, 32mm
both Std Alum, FO Type

BOTH use the same interchangeable HEADS !

Power Crimper

HD Air Compressor NOT supplied
>4cfm / >20l tank ?

Kebby Crimper
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XL-1 Vial Filling
/ Stoppering / Capping

Auto-machine ( ~ $20K  ex GST)
local freight and installation
NOT included > extra cost

the XL-1 is tuned for 13mm ( 16mm OD )
\or 20 mm Crimp Top 22mmOD
but NOT Interchangeable !

  * OEM Factory Options ASK !
Re - installation “issues”   :   re weight / Size
( Ground Floor& > trolley > 4 person handlng
Office Desk in size

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