22656 : Restek ProFlow, $1710.70
1 to 500cc/min Any Gas
Restek ProFLOW 6000 Electronic
Flowmeter, Battery Powered  
1yr Warranty from Date of Purchase

Restek FlowMeter Restek Leak Detector SRI Vertical GC 8610V with COBRA Autosampler SRI Vertical GC 8610V

SRI 8610V : GC with Vertical Injection Ports
Cobra Autosampler

WT40kg, $22665
8610V Base Model


8610-5400 : SRI FID GC  
FID + 1-Channel PeakSimple Op.System
Cold Direct Injection, & many options
25kg frt inc,

SRI GreenhouseGas GC

8610-0040 : SRI Greenhouse Gas GC Methaniser-FID; ECD,
10-port GSV,6-channel PeakSimpleCold
Direct Injection (32kg frt inc), $32962

NewEra Syringe PUmp NE300 (& NE1000)

NE1000AS: NewEra Syringe Pump (4.0kg) 2-way,
PC programmable, $15752
NE300AS: NewEra Syringe Pump (3.5kg frt inc), Infuse ONLY, $654.00

NewERA PeristalticPump

NE9000AS : NewEra Peristaltic Pump - New low Flow Head option,
frt inc), $1050.00

MS VacuumPump-continuous!

VPJ 0332: MS Vacuum Pump 
250mm 20L/m,(9kg frt inc), $725.00

Some Single  POPULAR Items

* ALL Prices updated 18/12/20 > return page ( =../shoppe malscart-m5.htm ) @XR=0.73

28500 : Restek Leak Detective
Leak Detector VI Includes Carrying
Case  USB Cable  Universal Plug

A/C Adaptor and Manual, $2229.50

> some more “interesting” Items > Gas Sampling Bags; Hypodermic SS Tubing; Unique Tube Fittings

Biotech Liquid FlowMeter

CT-AB4001-10 Liquid Flow Meter 
1ul to 5ml/min
LC/HPLC; Inert; 1/4-28
AUD Price Mar22, > TBA

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