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Restek Important Notice !
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Supplies from Restek have been SUSPENDED as of 2020

some items from Chromalytic are still in stock or May still be available ENQUIRE !

2020 March
> OUR Website(s) are being modified ACCORDINGLY

MUCH of OUR Restek Literature is being “archived” but still may be available for Technical Reference purposes ONLY > OFF-Line !

WE reserve the right to Offer Alternative Products !


  • Often at more reasonable prices > Cost-effective !
  • We tend NOT to deal with the
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2011 HPLC Columns

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2011 HPLC Columns

Restek USLC : Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography

Selection of HPLC Columns p145-153
Restek USLC - Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography p154 - 155
Available Particle Sizes:
 1.9um for UHPLC
 2.2um for UFLC and RRLC
 3um, 5um, & 10um for HPLC

Ultra 11 UHPLC and HPLC Columns p156

Ultra 11 C18
Ultra 11 C8
Ultra II® Aromax Columns (USP L11) p161
Ultra II® IBD Columns p162
Ultra II® PFP Propyl Columns (USP L43) p163
Ultra II® Silica Columns (USP L3) p164
Ultra II® Carbamate Columns p165

Pinnacle® DB C18 Columns (USP L1) p166
Pinnacle® DB C8 Columns (USP L7) p167
Pinnacle® DB Cyano Columns (USP L10) p168
Pinnacle® DB PFP Propyl Columns (USP L43) p169
Pinnacle® DB Biphenyl Columns (USP L11) p170
Pinnacle® DB Aqueous C18 Columns (USP L1) p171
Pinnacle® DB Silica Columns (USP L3) p172

Allure® Columns: 5um particles; 60A pore size
Allure® C18 Columns (USP L1)
Allure® Basix Columns (USP L10) p178
Allure® PFP Propyl Columns (USP L43p 179
Allure® Aqueous C18 Columns (USP L1) ) 179
Allure® Biphenyl Columns (USP L11)
Allure® Organic Acids Columns p180
Allure® Silica Columns (USP L3)
Allure® AK Columns p181

Ultra Columns: 3um or 5um particles; 100A pore size
Ultra C18 Columns (USP L1) p182
Ultra C8 Columns (USP L7)
Ultra Aqueous C18 Columns (USP L1) p183
Ultra IBD Columns
Ultra C4 Columns (USP L26) p184
Ultra C1 Columns (USP L13)
Ultra Cyano Columns (USP L10) p185
Ultra Phenyl Columns (USP L11)
Ultra Amino Columns (USP L8) p186
Ultra PFP Columns (USP L43) p187
Ultra Silica Columns (USP L3)
Ultra Carbamate Columns p188
Ultra Quat Columns p189

Viva Wide Pore Columns: 3um or 5um particles; 300A pore size
Viva C18 Columns (USP L1) p190
Viva C8 Columns (USP L7)
Viva C4 Columns (USP L26) p191
Viva Biphenyl Columns (USP L11)
Viva PFP Propyl Columns (USP L43) p192
VIVA Silica (USP L3) p193

Bulk Packing Materials p194
Protect your column : UltraShield and
UltraLine UHPLC Filters p195
Guard Cartridge System
Restek’s Exclusive Trident Integral System p196
Trident HPLC In-Line Guard Cartridge Holders p197
Analytical Guard Cartridges
Trident HPLC Guard Cartridges p198
HPLC Column Test Mixes p199


FIND-IT ! OR for More details !

do a GOOGLE SEARCH THIS Site ! - & to cut out other Web “crap” !

over the years some Catalog Products have been de-listed from catalogs; even some Suppliers are “Gone” !
- but still be available from original OEMs or from alternative Suppliers elsewhere > ASK!

Prices & Availability are always in a “state of flux”
&” largely” out of ( Our ) control !




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Rxi GC Columns (Fused Silica)
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