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MultiDimensional GC

patents expired ! the R&D experts after 20-30year & THE” time-scale” typical R&D to the “real World” ! . . . till “the Bean Counters” > actually ‘wake-up” >  inventors “die-off !

KEY OEM “Player” in THIS “Game”
Markes Analytical : TOF GC-MS >Thermal Desorption Trap technology APPS
ZOEX :Thermal “Modulators”

JAS PDF JAS_GCxGC_PB_rev.1120_en.pdf
a “newcomer” INTO 2D GC
introduced “flow modulation” opening up 

 JAS Product Portfolio ( AGILENT> JAS ? )
Video Video23

Problem IS finding the “real-life” problems to justify the cost and expertise required  at the Chemists “bench level”
Academic ? pioneers like Marriot (Melb / Monash Uni etc) and “cohorts” “like Agilent” > Thermo  maybe ?)
In AUSTRALIA > LECO is THE “front runner” in 2D GC-MS inspired perhaps by Resteks’expertise in Column Techs
. . . historically MOST (>ALL)  “locked themselves iinto” expensive CUMBERSOME ‘CRYOGENIC MODULATION > self -protectionism interests
novelty factor was inspired originally
by pioneers J&W  . . . money talks > why ever do the R&D ! required !

time to “park” these “academic novelties” > commercialisation by “real” entreprenaurs !
Govts Universities “bullshit” academics > U NEED TO GET OUT OF THE WAY !

FULL Commecialisation
NOW ONLY  Data Handling on 1000s of separated chomatography Peaks NOW only awaiting better AI and perhaps QUANTUM PCs
and one of The justifications for THAT
Fast-coming breahthru’ technology


packed column > Capillary Columns
( >Fused Silica a major breakthrough ) albeit largely stifled by HP/Agilent “bogus” / “pseudo” patents . . .  as was the original patents on capillary GC,
Similarly commandeered by Perkin Elmer
TOF GCMS “buried” from ‘70s

problem being established technology gets “bogged down” in need to obsolete “mass” tooling and cost of New tooling > infrastructure etc

Zoex Corporation (USA) was founded by Dr. Edward B. Ledford, Jr. in 1993. Zoex Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, USA has driven the commercial development of GC x GC (Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography) from its earliest days in the laboratory of its inventor, the late Professor John B. Phillips, to the present.
In addition to developing and launching the first commercially available GC x GC systems, Zoex Corporation has licensed GC x GC technology to Agilent Corporation, LECO, Thermo-Finnigan, and Dow Chemical and has OEM partnerships with Shimadzu, DANI and other major analytical instrument manufacturers.

Software for 2D GC, GC x GC has progressed to the extent that routine lab analyses are now possible, for example the UOP methods 965 and 991 - both available from ASTM. Zoex Corporation’s software, GC Image combined with the robustness of the hardware has made routine applications possible, GC x GC is now no longer viewed as a technique exclusive to those doing research work.

Today Zoex GC x GC systems are installed throughout the world, and are employed in such applications as petroleum, flavors and fragrances, environmental, forensic, and health related analysis. Zoex is able to provide the best local sales, service and support to its customers through its established network of distributors and OEM partners located in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain , China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and South Africa and the
head office in Houston, Texas.. AUSTRALIA ? where r U ! . . . Duh !
>  Now-a-days jut too “Gutless” !

Zoex is supporting the development of standard analytical methods based on GC x GC technology. This focus on standard methods is encouraging the wide adoption of GC x GC for routine applications in industry.
Work has already began on ASTM methods based on GC x GC in collaboration with various leading laboratories in petroleum industry.

Find out more about GC x GC and Zoex Corporation on WWW.ZOEX.COM or contact them directly a  info@zoex.com. . . . don’t bother with Govts, Uni thesis etc . . . they are designed to get buried ! eventually opened as. . . > “just jobs-for-the-boys” !

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