June 2018 Page Errors
                                                   * URL Titles
> some errors
“old links”   Cross underscore  > space Tick
eg chromtech_products.htm > chromtech products.htm
( or chromtech.net.au/chromtech%20products.htm )

WHY “404” ?

> Missing Page / mispelt URL
 Not necessarily Our Server is DOWN

Link Back

(WIX Server)


>GOOGLE Page Errors<
/archive/ has been removed / now obsolete !

republished 10AUG18
>OK now !

PAGE Errors
return to . . .Home
Or OUR ALT Home Page
or for our 2016+ SHOP

If a PDF Page > “404 ERROR”
go to www.chromtech.net.au/pdf2/  or
. . .  /flip/ perhaps and [SEARCH] for similar
ALL (slowly” being reloaded /updated

06Aug18  Tick
All HTM restored
Many /PDF2/ & /pdfFlip have been restored/
02Aug18 > +
/flip/ may still be problematic Cross

FlipHTML5 Tick
 HTM/Shop Not Affected
> independant Cloud Site
but internal FlipPAGE ? may still be affected Cross

> better HTML5 Flips R NOW on a Separate Cloudserver
> (Flip Server) flip.chromalytic.net.au ~140 huge catagory FLIPs
re “redundancy a la Turnbulls NBN / ISPs
& just to try & keep the (Server) these bastards “honest” !