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Chromalytic PRODUCTS (ALL) ok Case
APPS Restek

Air Sampling Restek 2015-6 40p   Section
Biotech014_201p Upchurch ok 
Cannabis_Restek-SRI 20`6_ 192p OK
Columns - ALL394p Restek 2011-12 MEGAColumns 2018
Chromatography Fittings ok 
Chromatography Tubing ok 
Chromtech Price Lists 2016 33p (SRI)  PL
Chromtech Product overview ok 
Chromtech Product Types Overview  Case
Chromtech PRODUCTS x12 ok Case
Chromtech PRODUCTS x7 2018 ok Case
CT Vials Updated 2016 ok 
Dynamic Duo ProFlow / LeakDetector ok
FAST GC Solutions 29p
Ferrules PriceList 2016-Chromtech 5p 2016 Ferrules_PriceList-July2016.pdf PDF OK Item PDF OK
Ferrules-Chromtech Update July1016 27p OK
Ferrules-Chromtech 2014  Section
Ferrules-Chromtech 22p 2014 OK Item
Ferrules-Chromtech 27p 2011/12 OK 
Filtration Equipment 9p ok Section
Filtration products &Access ok 
FiltrationProducts-Accessories012 66p PDF OK 
FiltrationProducts-Accessories  66p FiltrationProducts-Accessories012_1-66.pdf OK
Fluid Handling x6 Bookcase  Case
Fluid Transfer x12 Bookcase ok Case
Fluigent 26June 11:00pm  restricted NOT OPEN ?
Fluigent_2017&OEM 101p  
Gas Purification 52p ok
Gas Purification 52p ok
Gas Standards ok 
Gases & Referances x9 Bookcase ok Case
GC & Accessories Bookcase ok Case
GC Accessories Restek 2015-6 129p   Section
GC Columns-Restek 127p
GC Columns x6 Bookcase ok Case
HPLC Products x6 Bookcase ok Case
Instrumentation Valves - VICI 142p ok Section
Kebby Crimper Catalog 2015 11p ok
Kebby Crimper Catalog 2015 11p  
Kebby PowerCrimper Op Manual-Parts 50p  
LDP1000 Ldetek Purifier ok 
ProFLOW Op Manual 13p ok
Manuals & Maintenance ok 
Main SUPPLIER x23 Catalogs (ALL) ok Case
Medlabs 2016 A Med FITTINGS 1-135   
Medlabs 2016 B Med Consumables 135-221 ok 
mEGA 5MS ok 
MEGA Columns Prices /pdf2/MEGA_FAST_GC_Performance_5p.pdf  
MEGA_FAST_GC_Performance_5p MEGA_FAST_GC_Performance_5p.pdf ok
MEGA-5MS App Note 71p ok 
MEGAColumns Catalog 2015 16p ok 
MEGAColumns Catalog 2015 Prices ok 
MEGAColumns Catalog 2018 16p ok
Membrane Solutions Update 2013 ok Cat
Membrane Solutions Vials 22p   Item
Metal Luer Adptors -Cadence 15p&AUDPrices2017 
Microfluidics 2016 132p 
MicroLit Dispensers 2016 Catalog 59p ok
MicroLit Dispensers 156p ok Cat
MiroLIT 2016-ALL & AUD PriceList 59 ok Cat
MRC Labs 2016 47p Update ok Cat
MRC Labs 2016 47p Update ok 
MS Vials 22p ok Cat
Packed Columns ok 
Packed-MicroPacked Columns - Restek 2015-6 ok 
PeakSimple DataSystem 85p ok Item
PeakSimple DataSystem 8p OK 
Permeation Tubes_Metronics 61p PDF ok
Pesticides Mix by LC & GC/MS ok 
PlasmaDetek APPLICATIONS 2012-2017 143p   
PlasmaDetek Collection 2016 169p ok
PLOT Columns - Restek 2015-6 ok Section
PLOT Columns - Restek 2015-6.pdf  Section
PLOT StabilisedPCFL1163 OK 
Precision Sampling Syringes  2013 19p   Cat
ProFLOW 6000 User Manual 18p   
Pumps - NewERA Catalog 2016UPDATE 95p ok Cat
Pumps - Senchen 60p ok Cat
Pumps 2016-Syringe/Peristaltic 82p  Section
Raptor HPLC Columns - Restek ok
Raptor SPP Core-Shell LC Columns 2016 57p  Section
Reference Standards Restek-2015-6 http:/ ok Section
Restek 2011-12 Full ok 
Restek 2015/6 SECTION 2 p458-628  
Restek Catalog 2015/16 628p ok Cat
Restek Catalog 2015-16 628p  OK full cat
Restek Dynamic DUO 58p ok Item
Restek GC Columns 127p   Section ok ALL Restek
Restek LC Accessories 2016 55p ok Section
Restek LC Columns 2016 40p ok Section
Restek Leak Detector ok 
Restek MXT Columns 53p ok Item
Restek Packed Columns 2016 51p ok Section
Restek PesticidesMixes_2017-16p   
Restek Reference Standards 2011/12 102p ok Section
Restek Reference Standards 2011/12 102p 
Restek Rxi-Columns 76p ok Item
Restek SamplePREP ok Section
Restek Septacular   Item Septacular
Restek Supplies & Accessories 11/12 126p ok 
Restej Vials Syringes 2015-6 Update 46p ok
Restek Syringes Update 2015-6 24p ok
Restek Tech Notes v1 x14 478p ok
Restek Tech Notes v2 x12 398p ok 
Restek Topaz GC Inlet Liners 12p ok Item
RestekADV2001-05 298p ok 
Sample Prep Restek 2015-6 22p   Section
SGE Syringe Selection Guide 93p ok
SHOPHELP-2018 ok 
SilcoTek Coatings ok 
SNAP LC Columns ok 
SPP-2.7vs5um   Item
SRI Cannabis GCs 123p ok Section
SRI Data System Model 302 6-Channel 8p  Item
SRI GC Catalog 2014 Cannabis GCs ok Cat
SR GHCS some LITERATURE 2014 775p 117Mb ok
SRI GCs) 2018 93p Error style ok 
SRI MultiGas Analysers 2016 ok 
SRI Prices List 2016 ok Section
SRICannabisGC 2015  123p ok
SuperClean Gas Filters 8p ok 
Supplier ALL28Apr17 ok Case
Supplier Main x6 ok Case
Supplier Catalos-Products 2013 33p
Syringe Pump NewEra Catalog ok 
SyringePumpPro User Guide 2014 V1 135p P ok 
SyringePumpPro V1 2018 398p SPP-xxxxpdf ok 
SyringePumpPro-SPP 65p ok 
Syringes : SGE Hamilton PS ok 
"Syringes-SGE, Hamilton,NormJect, PrecSamplin"   
Takasago 76p PDF /pdf2/TSJ-FluidSystems-Components_2014-16_76.pdf
Takasago Valves 2014-16 76p PDF k
UV-Vis HPLC Lamps ok Cat ok
Vacuum Filtration ok 
Value Plastics Catalog v026 122p  
Value Plastics Catalog v027 122p OK Cat OK
Value Plastics Catalog 2019 v028 122p
Vials & Syringes Restek 2015-6 46p
Vials&Bottles Catalog ok Cat
VICI_Jour 2012/15 #15 115p ok vicijour
VICI_Jour 2012/15 #15 115p ok ok vicijour
VICIJour Catalog 2018/19 20INT 132p 
VICIValco 2012/16 289p ok ViciValco OK
VICI-Valco-Cheminert 2019 70 INT 245p
WebSite FlipIntro 35p ok 

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