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Thorium-LFTR : Hydrogen : Fusion : MY Sysnopsis : some ANSWERs ? : Your ? Feedback

LFTR: Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors Kirk Sorensen of Flibe Energy 2017-04 Video
 Development Strategy"
Kirk Sorensen2013-11 Video
Kirk Sorensen @ MRU on LFTR - Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors 2011-05
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The Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor: Why Didn't This Happen (and why is now the right time?) Sorenson 2012-12 Video
The Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment 2016-10 Video
THE THORIUM PROBLEM - Manufacturing & energy sector hobbled by thorium McDowell 2013-12 Video
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Thorium: An energy solution - THORIUM REMIX McDowell 2011-10Video\
he Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: What Fusion Wanted To Be Borommeti 2008-11 Video
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 Energy From Thorium: A Nuclear Waste Burning Liquid Salt Thorium Reactor Sorenson 2009-07 Video
Aim High: Using Thorium Energy to Address Environmental Problems Robert Hargreaves Video
Liquid Fluoride Reactors: A New Beginning for an Old Idea Le Blanc Video
How Nuclear Energy Works 2019-09 Video
The Cost of Climate Alarmism Bjorn Lomborg 2022-03 Video
From "What If" to "What's Next" in Nuclear Energy Video
Thorium can give humanity clean, pollution free energy Kirk Sorensen 2015-01 Video
Making Safe Nuclear Power from Thorium Pedersen 2016-11 Video

ALT Energies . . .
Hydrogen: Nature's Fuel 2914-05 Video
THE THORIUM PROBLEM - Manufacturing & energy sector hobbled by thorium 2012-04 Video
Is Thorium Our Energy Future? | Answers With Joe 2018-02
Thorium Disadvantages 2017-08 Video
RIC 2022 W19 Molten Salt Reactors Rethinking the Fuel Cycle 2022-04 Video

A FUSION experiment promised to be the next step in solving humanity’s energy crisis. It’s a big claim to live up to,PDF

Energy Technology > MY Synopsis

Modular Reactors virtually NOW but current Old Nuclear > phasing out; still waste pollution  a problem

Thorium-LFTR re-education of of Nuclear “brains: minor problems re corrosion a few billion and 5 to110years away

- the “smar(er)” technology <> the Way to Go vs the vested interests “consensus:

FUSION possibilities fast evolving within 10+++ years academically perhaps years but has / is horribly expensive > NEVER really practical cost-effective ? as the long term ULTIMATE significant proportion of many Countries GDP

One Fusion Plant > whole of Euro / China / USA

but when the Coal, Oil, Gas eventually runs out in 200 plus years

Global Warming / Climate Change the “HOAX” of the “millenia”
an “infinite Bubble” of the similar 16 to 18th Century Tulip, South Seas “Bubbles” ALL NOw being surreptitiously  implemented at the “speed of light” by the “unscrupulous”
via the “curse” of the Internet and the “accrued smart-arses” of the World


Too capital intensive Ultra Dense centralised capacity
Power GRID costs the limiting factor for broad coverage
Potential for developing H2 Economy re transport of “energy”
H2 is actually much safer than other “fossil fuels”  petrol , diesel, gas
far more efficient thn battery storage ( exotic mineral depletion and wast recycling cost problems ! )

NOT > NEVER efficient enough for “Renewables” backup of Base Energy > PEAK DEMAND etc

Ultimate > probably “small” Modular LFTR
paricularly for City > large factory implementation . relatively low cost mass production of plants

  • low Thorium mineral resources WW > virtually unlimited
  • feeds on previous pollution waste
  • Ultra Safe ! waste Max 300 year storage vs 10>100sK years re 1/.2 lives of waste
  • Use of surplus “heat” for domestic use in cold climate ( eg NewYork and higher Latitudes, Industry, desalination,
  • high temp reaction conversion of CO2 to Syn-Fuels
  • unique Apps >radio isotopes for Med Research > implementation re Health
  • Minimal threat of  being diverted into nuclear bombs

    Controversial ?
  • Radiation Effects-Health > at low doses evidence Now suggest it is actually beneficial!
    Deaths have been relatively minimal over >~75yeats WW use

    Accidents can / do occur > human error eg Chernobyl
    Fukishima was NOT a meltdown but planning disastor / neglidence in being site on the Jap coast in an earthquake prone AND Tsamni prone area > flooding and a H2 explosion NOT meltdown or an Operation fault
  • Curent Nuclear fleet is or now approaching  “use-by date”
  • Nuclear proven potentially much safer than mining gnerally > coal> gas etc

It’s NOT a perfect World ! . . . but certainly it CAN / SHOULD BE much Better !

some “ANSWERS > Blatantly OBVIOUS !

ra Ra ! . . .  > to be Continued

IQ Tests for ALL Politicions > a pre-requisite
VOTING Rights  > Min IQ Test on polling date ! re drugs > elimination of idiots and/of extremists
PEER Group of Scientists to “overide” technology “stupidity”

“Thinking”Scientists to have the independence and “guts” to stand-up to bureaucracies
Meris of proposed projects to be strictly on a “cost/benefit analysis in the general interest of Australia NOT just for “individidual > vested interests

Adoption of long(er) term thinking in projects of AUstralia “interests” infrastructure planning costs > funding absolutely politic free

Rationisation of the Education System, Banking, the Share Market, prioritising the investment market; the “media” generally
eliminate the worst of FAKE Science, NEWS, Marketing/Advetising
the judiciary and realistic enforcement of laws

Any “Rights” of convicticted prisoners to be re reduced / minimised as a deterrent not a relative luxury

re-introduction of compulsory Military Service

Minimise the effects of the “woke” mentality and parasitic influences > racial, gender politics and equally frivolous “ideas”

ALL IMPOSSIBLE you say ! . . . wishful thinking perhaps ?

    2022 Update MY Pros vs Con

  • Nil Funding by Govts over 50 years
  • probably TOO Good for THE “vested Interests
  • improving energy in developing Countries NOT a UN priority interest”
    > or in fact saving / reserving  “peasants lives”  . . . & more for exploitation
  • thus protecting The Energy Moguls and subsidising inevitable “corruption”
  • far more interest in making bombs and “war mongering” thru’ contrived Wars and weopons “sales” than reducing Energy costs for the masses”
  • minimal extra funding required >long(er) less attractive to financial institutions > short-sighted “money grubber” mentality)

Recent Refs > 2020 ?

YOU Read and make YOUR OWN decision !.. . .
for what it’s really worth . . . in reality !

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