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our FlipPAGE  . . . but unique implementation by us using vastly improved page PDF derived layout format
thru’ our back-end linking & to our Product Database for our Pricing
. .
NO we are NOT code hackers . . . just needing business tools
beyond what “nerds” can do and from a practical business sense

Archive pre 2009 Website
Old “”

some Suppliers have disappeared unfortunately
given us the flick OR vice versa
Yes we can still offer some of these items - but ASK for a QUOTE
others NO !

Archive PDFs


Chromtech Site BACKUP

Our Current webiste is hosted in the Clouds and AFAP(As Fast as possible on our own dedicated Server

If it goes down / off air . . . due to a Nuclear War etc
OUR PC-Served Website ( DEC 2014 is at . . . at short notice . . . but it ca be very slow ???
But maybe 10x slower download times
SPEED Is still limited by your ISP connection . . most probably ???

Older Files . . . evolved into newer faster better concepts

DJVU (some 15 years ahead of it’s time but was great!)
some/ a few old filesare still on old site . . . many technical articles on Chromatography etc . . . invaluable as a resource ???
see . . .  for an A-Z file listing
 a bit of a mess as individual pages are listed as well as multi-page catalogs
And/Or DJVu AppNotes supplemented by PDF-DJVus Archive

  • This was a brilliant predecessor going back 12-15 years to current “E-BOOKs > FlipPAGE formats
  • under-devloped by it’s’ originators and “sabotaged” at the time()perhaps) NOT fully exploited commercially at the time

    E-Catalogs (E-Books)
    some file links still exist to different versions of FlipPAGE
    AND some  links still exist to
    but most have been now been surpassed by FlipPAGES

Chromtechs’ Website has evolve over more than 20 years . . .way before Telstra ever even new about the Internet
 . . . back in the” dinasour days” of modems, CB radio . . . that’s even way  before mobile phones were even thought of!

Telstra were still bogged down in teletypes,> faxes etc
Their R&D seemed limited to acres of “tin hats” weathering for years & years out in Blackburn Rd in Melbourne

have things changed ??? . . . yes for all intents & purposes their infrastructure seems to have moved “off-Shore” 
AND of course they have been ”privatised” to the tune of billions of dollars out of our pockets

Arguably . . . a fraud by Govts’ double selling what was already paid for by us tax payers and THEN sold back to the same public speculators as shares
. . . all this . . . despite billions $$$s in resources and “tens of 1000s” of people
Any business doing this sort of thing would be before the Courts. . .  and in Jail

NOW! Full integration >
Price database into FlipPAGE format . . . AUD$$ vs Cat.#
1   partial ~1000 more popular items open CT-miniSITE
2   ALL Main Suppliers Current Prices may require UPDATING due to XRs
 Flip-Detail-Reg . . .  in future

Our Policy / Strategy
No! . . .  we don’t “muck around”
we DON’T have time for
“twitter and tweats”

We are . . . NOT traditional
 Sales People
. . . but technically orientated

  • !DON’T “Door Knock”
  • make “scam” calls, use stooges”
  • tele-marketing methods
  • or chain e-mails
  • NOR Waste YOUR valuable time . . . but . . . IF YOU WANT US ?
    We are HERE !. . . have “targeted” tech information

YES! . . .
We are here to help you
 !the proof !.
 . . EVEN our
direct competitors
 “USE” Us !

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