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Specialists in Chromatography / Fluid Transfer Products
- Distributors in Australia for ALL your Laboratory Equipment

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arguably ? perhaps . . .

Most Browsers GOOGLE, OPERA, IE > . . .
Windows XT > XP > NT > Vista, ( Win7( &WIN 8/9 ?), . . .
now ” the dog”  WIN10
SEOs and “etc” . . .etc  !

re - Flash
URL Issues

  • Upper & Lower Case
  • - and _ and “spaces”

Thankfully NOF ~  v3 > 15 ( NOW FINITO !) has been our saviour -  a bit of a hack ( but brilliant At THE START )concecepyt/ contstruct ) inadvertently “ sabotaged” ) ?  the creators “died off’ ) overbloated with too many 3rd party 1/2 baked “plugins”
. . . like all s’ware development . .. it seems ?
Like DJVU  . . . inventors are often brilliant but . . .
THEN the 2nd 3rd generation of “entreprenaurs tend to “buggar “ things up
. . . in their “greed and exploitation”

ADOBE Flash has been pivotal for many website designers over may years
just to make “bastards” of themselves >

the likes of “these” . . .

. . . under the guise that Flash is perported to be open to viruses from unsuspecting “Flash sources “

But so is the whole Web !  for that matter. . . we all know that is probably “contrived” by vested interests

. . . the giant WINDOWS 10 arguably is but a “controlled VIRUS” or a “scam by click”

They have decided by default to BLOCK FLASH permanently ( “officially” ) as from end of 2020

NO DOUBT AS A CONSPIRACY Against ADOBE but mixed into the ongoing dispute with  APPLE

Til then YOU must Manually have to reset the Default Setting ( in your Browser ! ) to ALLOW FLASH
( ie TURN IN ON ) NO THEYB WON”T allow u to SET IT PERMANENTLY on . . . the Bastards !

Abobe FL:ASH has been “BLOCKED” by DEFAULT

& this is each and every time you start a browse “session”

> IF U want to see some of our older Slides or PDFFLIP pages

-   technically these pages are of much technical benefit to Chromatographers / Chemists !
>  . . .a technical “resource”

Slowly we have been upgrading these older PDFFLIPs with a NEW version FlipHTML5

more secure  . “foolproof” in fact see for Our Library / Bookcases

& better than anything Windoes or ADOBE can do . . . for that matter

WELL DONE ! . . . U bastards !

We have used Flash in NOF Sites prior to ~2016 . . . over decades in fact !
Our NavBARs and SlideShows and has been a default “backupup”t for FlippingBook “FlipPages”

We have 100’s of flip page bundles in

the following slideshow is an example > TRY IT !

> PDFs some missing links

more FLASH
w/Active Links

PDF-CT Products
HTM Pages
Flip Catalogs

but NO Links

Product Gallerys > .HTM Pics > No Links

AND OUR SITE Is trustworthy at least as far as THEY allow IT to be !
WE ARE IN LONG TERM “genuine” BUSINESS ! . . . & NOT just another > Scammer  >” scumbag

to Customers

KEEPING UP WITH This WEB Mess ! . . . inevitably creates chaos  > errors > missing links
BUT ! One would hope we’ve got >95% error free out of  “ tens of thous’ “ of links overal >l HTM, PDF, FlipPAGES

and countless re-incarnations of OUR WebSite

WE WERE FAR TOO Ambitious from the start > 25years ago !

What “pisses me Off” re Web design and “TOOLS”

-   who was the fool who designed or the fools who have promulgated the following

-   Didn’t have the nowse to avoid “minus” -, _ (underscore) and “spaces” in URLs

-   likewise the mis-use
 lower case and upper case in URLs

  • what fools / the coders who didn’t have the foresight or since haven’t come up with an answer for that major inconvenvenience

-   built-in in traps with most web design packages
-   PC Operating System(s) “farce”

bugs deliberately left in
so the likes of SEOs can rip off clients with “their expertise” / scams

-   GOOGLE for the hypocritical flaw(s) in their Browser

  • ignorance
  • lack of useful advice in getting decent RANKING in such
    - a contrived system
  • > pay for click
  • pay for debugging their built-in flaws in s’ware
  • accociated annual upgrades for “s’ware improvements” “a la” their own built-in “bugs”
  • holes left in s’ware for virus attacks arguably contrived for
  • the sake of SEOs
  • WNIDOWS 10 arguably an overbloated virus AND still under development for the perfected “virus” . . . even after 10 major upgrades . . . very much problematic
  • far too regular time consuming updates / revisions / patches
  • THEY continue to buy out the opposition who might have decent s’eare then close them down
     or simply modify such AND “f 4k” it up !
  • Very Difficult to get GOOGLE Listed in the first place
    - re time taken !
    Then you can’t get Pages OFF their SEARCH - HOW HARD YOU TRY > never-ending error missing pages
    Even IF deleted off Our SITE
    The WORLD is just too BIG for THEM > NO Response !
  • “they’re” TOO Busy making “trillions” of $$$s “scam” money
  • NO DOUBT If U pay their “bribe” ADV Money
    > different story > perhaps ?

my opinion & comments !/ with All due respect
 . . . AND without “prejudice” or bias

So ! . . . Not a perfect World !

one aimed at deliberately “ripping” people off ! . . . it seems !
certainlY NOT designed to makings easier for us business, customers
. . . and Us just plain “ mugs in the street “ !

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