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Covid-19  BLOG             
 > random > spasmodic perhaps . . . we’re All at Chairman Dan’s “mercy” !

> My Opinion ONLY - Strictly > NOT necessary that of the management of Chromtech
My Opinion > . . .  a more readable / coherent version PDF RE-Corvid-19.PDF acrobat

WorldHealthOrganisation  Updates exerpts Only )
.. . . as permitted? by CHINA . . . arguably ! . . . ?


WE like most individuals and Small Companies 
ARE Responsible And ACCOUNTABLE !

NOT withstanding the dictates? of Governments, THE bureaucracy
. . . > And the other “mind-less” Extremists
. . . & their interpretations, procrastinations > blunders !
>>> and the dire consequences there-of !
& now completely “Out of Control” to the”potential” economic disaster
of a Trillion Dollars over the nest decade . . . just within Australia !
 equating to virtual cost of AUD1,000,000 per death casualty

  • > a blight on future generations
  • This compounded with Global Warming !. . .  on top !
  • HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD ! . . . the “inmates” are in charge of the asylum ! “
  • and that’s just covering the current “pandemic “ &  NOT if it does get worse”

& All this despite > “Dictator Dans” edicts / scare(s) !

but it’s All just My Opinion ! ONLY ! >

Despite the extortions, extrapolations, misinterpretations of the evolving “real“ data
 . . . by the media & “others”

In Victoria ( at the least !. . . & worse than WW ) the Covid-19 trauma? has been “grossly” exaggerated ! . . . severe as it may be in many countries due to contributing factors > mismanagement even re China, the WHO etc?

but of course with sympathy to all those directly or indirectly effected medically
but more-so economically and  financially ( for those NOT Government subsidised !
OR “on the take”, extremes of the “Welfare State” and / or the politically “bribed” etc )

In reality . . . Covid-19 . . .

  • Less severe than the normal ‘average” annual ?˜flu”? which normally goes unreported by the media far in excess of the ‘flu
  • Lock-downs are financially crippling the States ( Australian and the World economy !
    to the tune of Billions in Australia to Trillions of $$$ WW !
  • compared even to the potential harm caused by The “coming” Global Warming “catastrophe” predicted”? by the “experts”? but spread over decades to 100years
    - arguably maybe ? . . . a similar media “beat-up via the ABC and “the likes”
  • Notably “this scare”? has simply ”run out of steam”? a la? Victorias coal shut-down? “crisis“ !
    in fact completely debunked ( in light of the accumlating evidence Or lack of it ! )
  • 2019 in Australia ~1200 ”flu”? deaths compared to ~300 CVD in Victoria ( Aug 2020 )
    Flu viruses are proven to mutate yearly > medium term - certainly faster than vaccines
     can be exploited !
  • Interesting enough the Number have “’flu” deaths has in fact markedly decreased
    so far this year ( tp Sept 20)
  • suggesting the COVID-19 perhaps cannibises the ‘flu” itself or causes it to mutate > harmless ?
  • Proven so far > there is NO long-lasting ever-encompassing effective & vaccine
    > probably never will be !
  • “herd” immunisation? in effect means epidemics do eventually dissipate “naturally”
  • it is easily demonstratable historically even that humans / animals / species brought up in “immune defecient” environments for prelonged periods ( & arguably enforced shut-downs / “home isolation” ARE THEN subsequently more prone to virus caused diseases ).
  • Incidental death like suicides cause by and normal deaths ( road, normal morbitites)
    are far in excess and hardly get a mention as are indirect deaths, and by medicos being unnecessarily tied up causing un-nececessary deaths > by cardio, cancer as a consequence
    of delayed necessary attention to normal events !
    Presentation of Death statistics ARE distorted by regulation ( even the WHO ) to misrepresent deaths in ANY WAY associated ( with the “word “) Covid-19 are to be classified as Covid-19 caused deaths irrespective of any further research to the contrary in the co-morbity factors OBVIOUSLY involved
  • the crazy State Border close-down is un-Constitutional causing huge losses to trade and agriculture exacerbated by the “gutless” and “peanut” State politics and Federal Parliament.
    all too often concerned with “trivial” Constitutional matters like “Federalism” “gender futilities” perhaps, to worry about he complete collapse of Australia as a Commonweatlh
    > the power of over-rideing” Dictator - STATES.

 Precautions . . . by “ All means” !

  • but on a reasonable “ cost-benefit analysis ”
  • the “complete” lock-down > imprisonment of the public
    -   CBD and streets are completely deserted even the Defence Forces are being “over-committed”
  • at worst enabling a “ walk-in takeover “ by the “ Chinese “ as a “deserted” country > uninhabited and arguably the pretex of the original colonisation of Australia way back in 1788
  • absurd ? yes ! but in line with Andrews “ Belt & Road “ initiative  . already signed apparently by “Dan”, still completely non- disclosed as it is !
    - altho’ currently being “renegged” hopefully by Federal parliament ( late 2020 / 21 ?) by “change of THE ( unworkable ) Australian Constitution )

but why would the Chinese bother ? they are doing it financially / economically “by stealth” thru the stupidity of current Governments
> buying up land and failed businesses’ / properties, controlling the Educational System & Universities and even “brain-washing” kids by controlling Schools curriculum(s) via their “stooges” / cohorts in the Labor Party, the “Greenies”, “Get-Up” and other Fascist Orgs

  • similarly one could argue “ where are “ the Governor-Generals / the Queen for that matter ! ) in being able to “sack” such delinquent irresponsible State Premiers - wish you luck on that in such a “contrived political” mess
  • in theory even by “Citizens arrest” or deed poll
  • ”Communists>Extremists collectively with the under-lying back-ground threats
    ”a la” the-likes-of the Jihadists etc.

      The Spanish? Flu 2019 killed an estimated 60 to 100 million people WW
    and eventually simply also just ”ran out of steam”? and ” victims partly admittedly due to the relatively slow global transmission rates ( by sea ! )
    - in Australia that hardly got a mention in the media
    > “censored” Press at the time.

      There was simply NO adequate medical answers at the time
    and the slow 60% “herd immunity” was the “natural outcome
    All now exacerbated by “over-inflated” largely unnecessary / misused
    Global Air Travel.

     Arguable perhaps ?

    • there are ameliorant medications  eg Hydroxychloroquine
      (+ supplements eg Zinc )).
  • despite contrary “ fake science “? reports and “smart?” Health Authorities
    and Govts now even declaring this to be a “poison?” > false !.
    > All despite being proven over 50 years to have immense medical benefits for many diseases when use correctly > WITH NO SERIOUS PROVEN SIDE EFFECTS !
  • Now>  enforced immunsation of anti-virus drugs IF and When they may come available, probably without adequate safety checks in the “contrived” panic scenario !
    • there is simply No incentive for use of this low cost medicant by
    • the consequences of the forced? Society Shutdowns? are now being shown to have far more disastrous effects , medically, mentally, economically, financially than the virus itself !
    • ludicrous ( shut-down / restrictions ) . . . home confinement
      ban of playing golf, tennis and non spectator sports etc, etc.
    • viruses seems largely confined to the elderly? but obviously being confused even distorted with existing co-morbidities )
    • little effect on younger people who generally have stronger / non-compromised immune systems.
    • lack of adequate patient management has been a major contributing factor to the spread , with obvious Government negligence / incompetence / panic through ignorance or stupidity.
      or non-sensical “on the fly”? arbitrary ill-considered regulations > beyond any reason !
    • But like any Drug . . . -    In the right context (with Zinc > synergism)); right dosage; for correct timing perhaps !
      NOT distorted trials common to the “pharma industry” - there is simply NO Perfect Cure for Anything !
      Cause & Effect > current Band-aid medical only partly effective ! > Eradicate the obvious
      cause(s)! > a paradigm shift !
  •  US-FDA, TGA etc are All about statistics and relative benefits > NO Absolutes !
  • All confused by “Fake Science” and “Fake medicos”

ANSWERS re virus there ain’t none ! probably Never will be !
 they do tend to mutate anyway

the common ’flue vaccines are next to useless for example a la Ebola, bovine/ bird,, bat “’flu”) and the China SARS, MERS virus of recent times )

  • All concerned > to ensure proper due diligence
  • keep things in perspective ‘overall”
  • use the supposed “ scientific principles” > “ cost benefit ” analysis
  • protect / concentrate medicos on the immune deficient ( “elderly”,
     the sick > Heart, Cancer, mental, obeisty etc )
  • target the “hotspots” specfically, sensibly and logically
  • based on suburban / regional areas NOT Global where the majority of regional area are hardly affected at all !
  • NOT State base borders driven > and absolutely “absurd” !
  • so are most State Governments / Health Dept
  • Tell the virus NOT to go over any borders that’s just as illogical too !
  • WW > 3rd World countries ( like China, India, SE Asia etc via poverty , lack of general hygiene are all contributing factors

Consider . . . specifically

  • eradication of animal species known to be associated with viruses; pigs, chickens, birds
    are probably “untouchable” ?
    -  but in Australia “bats” are obviously a “necessary” target and in plague proportions in various regions and regarded as useless for all intent and purpose ???
  • mosquitoes WW cause of disease generally eg malaria - despite the arguable premature
    / ill-considered ban on ddT in the ‘70s
    for example - a proposed candidate for TseTse Fly eradication Africa was banned by
    the WHO on the basis that ”it would cost 7cents per human life saved”
    butpolitically” perhaps ?
  • taking Health out of the hands of bureaucrats / the Public Service
    > Its far TOO Important for THAT !
  • A strong argument to avoid “duplicity” > GET RID OF STATE GOVERNMENTS
  • ALL Countries are doing their “secret” R&D on “germ warfare”
    MISTAKES DO HAPPEN ! > Idiots Are Inevitable !
    take “politics”  “out of Parliament” . . . reserve for the “rational”.
    Maybe some sort of IQ test is needed to pre-screen them ~!

    IF U really want to get paranoid about IT!

you don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to figure ALL this out !

but don’t get me started ON “ENCAPSULATED” Vitamin C

already long-time “shit-canned” by the “Establishment, Pharma Cos etc
why . . . ‘cos it’s simply too cheap !

some Relevant Recent References p

(1) MaclomRoberts vs CSIRO (2020-Aug) ClimateChange > Debunked

(2) VivForbes Energy Aust (2020-Aug)” Green Road to Blackout”s

Bjorn Lomborg “False Alarm “ 2020 > & re Cost-Benefit Analysis controversial
. . . > but a more realistic perspective ? compare to the hysterical extrapolations of The Estbilshment” generally sided by the likes of “the Greenies” and pseudo politocal sceptical”scientists”

The “Hidden” Agenda ???

& without getting too far into YOUR Conspiracy Theories

Who Gains ?

Politicians are bribing voters in their quest for power

- why the supposed “poll support” for obviously : corrupt politicians
> no care “permanent Public Servants . . . often irresponsible and non-accountable . . . at that !

Big business parasite manipulate ride the arguably perhaps”(?) contrived
“boom & bust” financial crisis cycles where small business are forced out > bankruptcy to consolidate the “big end of town” !

- Banks gain by calling up forced bankrupt loans in “cohoots” with nefarious financial advisers real estate agent

- The “bludgers” of society . . . they get their “handouts” for being sacked > and they get paid for doing nothing

Why wouldn’t you vote for those who sponser these schemes !

Middle business gets a chance to retrench / “sack”  any “dead wood”
without themselves being sued for false retrenchment
Why the rush to allow derelicts of the Worlds as immigrants

It’s all largely to “capture” the empathy “vote”  of many inrorant
non-educated gullible > . . obviously seekiking the garvy trail”
of the fast developing “welfare State !

The Losers !

  • small business
  • the few honest workers who might have a conscience . . . even !
    the rest of us ! through the consequent costs thru’ taxation of All types
  • . . . All to support ”the system”
  • indicated by the “Welfare” state . . . now unbelievably in Victoria apparantly
     supporting >50% of the population > ‘bribed voters thru’ hand-outs > the dole for nothing to the vast majority of them ! many obviously Do Not Want to Work” even if  the jobs are there or if there wa a need an intent to implement obviously benefical infrastrucure schemes
  • a la “water Australia revised Bradfield scheme reviving an “honest” ‘Murray Darling” “agriculural Scheme diverted by the money-grubbers Water “rights” farce
  • Condons “Iron Boomerang”
  • forget the Snow Mountains 2 Power  (Turnbulls” idea
  • tapering-off “Renewable Energy subsidy > extortion !
  • Re-investing in “clean-coal” Energy
  • That’s if you can find ANY skilled workers ! > hence FIFO iron ore, gas, agricultureunallacated gas (not being exported and monoplise  to the detriment of Australia
  • overcome the shortage of Steel in Australia to enable pipelines infrastructure
  • certainly release fund undersevedely commited to non nuclear submarines need as they may be in the “near future”
  • re-invigorate gas exploration including proven, controlled / safe “fracking coal / seam gas in”Eastern” Australia
  • overturn the farce of Nuclear Energy bans ins Australia > probably the only Westerm Country NOT to adopt the rationale

“funding” is the perrenial problem !

  • NOW at virtually Nil% Interest Rates NOW is the time !
  • Australia should exploit this and make a “decent” longer-term return on infrastructure investment
  • release Superannuation fund ( 2-3 trillion$ ) for proper investment schemes
  • Limit the gambling extremes of the “contrived” Share market ( Stock Exchanges)
  • minimise / reduce the explosion in the bureuacracy and “red tape” control > “free-up” Australia from “ridiculuous “over-control”
  • the Austraklian Constiution “ well-meaning as it might have been has proven limitations at “the Whim” of various politicians

At least

  • there should be a “workable mechanism” to remove “rogue” politicians > Governments
  • rationalistion of the 3 levels of Govt >y Local / State and Federal and in order to “cull the dead wood” of the “Public Service”
  • Restrict the power and corruption of Trade Unions and their obvious political/criminal influence and extremists > quite meaningless
  • the days of our crazy 2 Party Parliament  System with the “gaggle” of vested interest “parties controlling the “ balance of Power of the “rest of us”
    Opposition for the sake of opposing ONLY is and “party” olitics is lucicrous > logical debate and surely some for of “true consensus “ is needed
  • into a more positive and “constructive” system

Not discounting the

  • “bribed” scientist forced to go along with the “consensus” of “group” think
  • Govts dictate YOU get the results we want OR
  • > the threat ? > You lose funding for your project or simply Don’t get promoted or get pushed “sideways”
  • or even being put “ Out of a job:
    or get blesed with the “golden” handshake !

> numerous situations

  • All open to discussion . . . but fact !
    The extreme “farce” being
  • Andrews “Belt & Road” Chinese “scam” of the century”
  • Immigration > emphasis should be on allowing “skilled Workers” to immigrate
  • remove “Dual Citizenship rights / and obvious underlying split National “loyalty”
  • manditatory” trial“ period before citizenship AND voting rights and limited Welfare Right
  • Currently “votes” are being bought by the “poltitics” of both sides
  • disallow  wealth migrants from poverty-stricken  SE Asia / Africa / Sth America / Middle East etc “ to buy ” their way into Australia . . . as in the past !
  • proven sources of immigrants perhaps South Africn “farmers”, many Eastern Europe now realeased from Russian control but perhaps now stiffled by the EURO System itself
  • Often by definition such “millionaires” are probably the “scum” of the Earth and should be thoroughly “vetted” first

potentially far surpassing Other Scams

  • Energy Crisis
  • Global Warming (1)
  • All sorts of “Ponzi” Schemes
  • this exaggerated “pandemic”
  • the judiciary has many reasons to be brought into line and “legislation” enforce
  • “proven criminals” / “scumbags” should have seriously “restricted rights
  • the “Death Penalty” should be reintroduced for extreme-case murderers, killing Defence Force / police and politicians etc
  • Policians should NOT be immune from “common law” now being “contrived by State Premiers.
    Cayman Islands” tax havens - which the “high fliers”, politicians and “other protected species” are able to exploit.
    -   Many big business mentioned here virtually pay little or No Tax, some even act as “charities” many of which are dubious > a “rort”.

You’ve only got to reference the agolplies like Amazon,<> E-bay, Google even Microsoft all built on exploitation to the MAX
All likely modelled on past historic “scams” and surrepticiosly relived !

such as . . .

  • The Dutch Tulip Bubble:
  • South Pacific “Mystery” continent > British East India Co and/or the likes there-of

Invariably the perpertrators > seem to get away with these virtually “scot-free” !

re “Herd”  Immunity

a factor  ignored by Most Politicians, Health “Experts”  but seemedly by Trump
& many Others

NOT the answer EITHER as >60% required  for virus “wipeout” naturally
> the virus’ virtually run out of victims in the meantime !
 > the populace tends to “self-immunise”

Darwins Theory > “survival of the fittest”

No answer for immune system deficiency > the elderly, the otherwise sick !

  • a “vaccine” ? . . . probably NO !
  • the viruses DO evolve !  . . . faster than vaccines can be developed

    medically the need is to “try” build up the immune system of everyone


  • co-morbitities are deliberately confusing the issue ! - the data is being “fudged”
  • Real Rates are less than the average annual ‘flu deaths”
  • Medical / Pharma industry seems to be deliberately ignoring the evidence of ameliorative drugs . . . of “low cost” or being artificially inflated
  • the Data emphasis has been on infection rates NOT so much death rates > a distortion !
  • predicative capabilities of  ‘computer” modeling of complex issues has proven to be “false security” for the masses unless the “results” are contrived or “by chance” suit the “political agenda” inspiring them ?

    for example
  • Hydroxychloroquine a highly efficient anti-oxidant
    ( and analogue somewhat similar to the long “denigrated” Vitamin C
    new R&D seems to be focused on protein/lipid encapsulation to enhance migration of “drugs” into  cells thru’ the cell wall
  • recently announced certain “ steroid supplements
  • probably “ doomed in Australia by Govts the TGA ( & the FDA in the USA ) who’ve actually falsely declared HCQ as a “poison”

ALL at indirect costs to “World economies” of 10-100s of $million(s)
“per casualty death”

Other “un-natural” death causes can be 10 times greater . . . with little exaggerated panic / “scare campaigns” etc
Comparable to the Global Warming / Climate Change “fiasco”

Historically . . .

What happened when James Cook did his Pacific cruise ?
the Spanish invaded South America / Mexico . . . even the Indians (USA) Eskimos(Canada) ?

Humans of any Era > where travel “remotely”

‘flu or variations there-of “wiped-out” the locals . . . even Australian aborigines !

Lock-down / Isolation is also a proven NON-Answer
Mental short term-effects > suicides etc

Retirement Homes are a classical “spreader of disease as are even Doctors Waiting rooms  and probably way in excess of crowd group “clusters’
>5 even with social distancing !

Is it really Worth the “Trillions of $$$’s” in direct / or “indirect” cost and untold “lost” productivity”

Surely there’s a better “cause” to utilise such “funding”
hence the accepted policy of “colonising the MOON > Mars”
I tend to agree “we’ humans” may well have “stuffed this Planet up”thru’ ignorance, greed. . . ?
 literally ”insane” thinking  of the “Powers that be” !

Unfettered “ Science and technology has and continues
to evolve to cope with any perceived World issues . .. so far !

Without the need to conjure up “panic exuses” . . .  > “catastrophies”” . . obvious aimed at continuing “exploitation: !

> or maybe just to contemplate using a “bit more of common sense“ !

certainly ignore . . . 

the “ridiculous” computer modelling ,

advice of “power-mongering” politicians

and even the obvious out-of touch “establishment” medical profession generally
-   except for the obvious traitional “band-aid “cases

the “pseuodo” or “fake” scientists

THE WHO now obviously “compromised” and the UN Itself > controlled by the “despots” of the World

But NO-way “Kow Tow “to the “extremists, Greenies, Lefties or outriright communists,. fascists, terrorist copies etc
whether it be individuals, vested interest Griups,
despot Countries like CHINA or ideolgies / “religion” itself

in their quest for “World domination” ! etc
the mighty &&&,  power, / “ego(s) . . . ”

Or whatever THEIR ultimate Agenda might be ?

Fight Covid-19 as if it is some form of “religious warfare”  rather than “chemistry”  > medical evolution !

WHO ? treat with suspicion ! . . until proven otherwise
more re Malcom Roberts > ASK ! Climate Change > Coal “demise” > “farce of “Renewable Energy” > Corruption of Science and the ICCP

and the other 180 vaccines under development still !

If u have read this far . . .
both of us must have reached some sort of “consenus” !
perhaps All this even worthy of a “BLOG
Bullshit Live On GOOGLE !
just to get just a bit of their SEO “Site Ranking” (?)
OR maybe for a thesis for a Uni phD
( for what they are worth these days ! in our degraded
“dumbed-down Educational “System” )

IT Australia > still dubious > emphasis teaching basic s’ware
& 20 years too late

. . . to the neglect of trades, engineering skills > all to the detriment
of potential infra-structure needs, agricultural workers and industry generally

a la the Internet BBN “fiasco” and Telstra; the MYKI Ticketing “scheme”
in Victoria  not to mention the “farcical “Global Warming” modeling
generally mega Main-Frame and probably the Only excuse to develop
these any further !

short of making them more “intelligent” than us !
 ? & “garbage in > garbage out”and false assumptions
re Climate Change, Virus “Tracking”

Peer Review Infallible > NO ! & Fake Science ?

PR is generally regarded as the “Gold Standard” regarding the “authenticty ,
 “fact checking” / verification of scientific Literature.
By no means . . . NOT perfect > but the best we’ve got ! ?

Just because it is “published” doesn’t necessarily mean it is True ! or FACT !

For example . . . most of the News media is obviously  “hyped up”> generally acknowledged > often distorted > faked !

New generation of “pseudo scientist” are but using Microsoft “spell checkers”
and argue about semantics

  • What happens to the hordes” of papers churned out by Universities etc 
    -   the information does it belong in the public domain or just buried in filing cabinets for ever ?
  • Certainly Govts don’t seem to constructively put any of it to any practical
    useR&D is simply not funded beyond any semblance beyond the prototype stage
  • Private industry / Banks are loath to finance entrepreneurs eg the “charter”
    of the CSIRO for example
  • One wonders if we have degenerated to just being delegated to pawns
     of International Cos Research then their Development
  • > . . . the “Brain drain” of the past !

But IS IT !

  • generally this Only validates the “consensus “ of current research & theory
  • often overlooks “outside-of- the-box” genius ! Later further study, increase?(s)  in technology often at the ‘whim’ of that genius > further inspiration / imagination further inspiring “others” with further thought and perseverance for the “truth” .
    Often historically later > often proven to be “fact” or require modification of
    the original theory.
    Although even then it should still remain open to refinement if /a s necessary.
    A theory should never be closed despite the pre-dispositions  of the “consensus”, the Labor Party > the “Greenies” or similar  such “d..k-h . . ds”.
  • Analysis should ultimately rely on “cause & effect” and an assesment of probabilities in light of all observed facts “short of “fairy-land” stuff or predictions ( eg “hypothetical” computer modelling to infinity ) or equally absurd non-common sense ideas extrapolated to infinity or beyond a reasonable “time-frame: !.

>    as experienced
 by Da Vinci, Einstein, Tesla nay-sayers like “the Flat Earth Society of the past
( debunked by Keplar centuries before finally accepted and dis-proven )

for example . . .

  • IBM declared that the Home-PC would Never happen but instead persevered with their “main-frame” mega $ computers and literally lost the “plot” to others at leas the farce of computer modelling re BOM Weather forcasting > Climate Change and virus “modelling”
    -  & trying to crack encryption & Internet “hacking” and now even“tracking “us populace” under the virus “guise”
    >   Elements of George Orwell “1984” coming to fruition ! he obviously helped inspire the a,”a.s.-h.les” of the World Now ”bubbling to the top” of the “Pyramid Chain”
  • experts said the Genetic Code would never be broken

Both were “perfected” within a few decades with modest money appropriated P

Where a multitude of obvious unknowns and false assumptions can delude
the “pseodo” scientists..
“True” science is based on theory flexibility and open to “Cause & Effect”“ rational debate & argument “ versus the status quo” or the  “ accepted ” current “ consensus ” view. Often distorted
by vested interests, either financially, economically or politically and rarely
based on a “cost / benefit “ analysis. SCience is not abour “ consensus “
per se but often a matter of temporarily weighing up probabilities of a series
of “unknowns” often short of “absolute” truth !

“due diligence” > often “means” > “to favor the view of the vested interests”, prejudiced deliberately even to conserve that “Peers” future employment

Yes a” dilemma”! > sometimes most counter-productive

Cases that readily come to mind > with devastating financial / economic consequences out of all proportion to to the actual “problem” !

Global Warming > Climate Change; The Energy Crisis, Anti-coal theory and CO2
a pollutant ! and aspects of the current Covid-19  virus exaggeration > distortion ?

The extreme of this leads to “Fake Science” and the many emerging Fake Literature and cases of scams / frauds in Science literature pretending to be the legitmate publications themselves !

Covid-19 and HCQ data published by “The Lancet ” was proven “fake” > misleading
to “the extreme media and experts alike and had to be “grudgingly” retracted. !
> almost irreparable damage to all-too ready-to accept “bad news” media) even
 to extremes > Govt delusion, even the credibility of the TGA, Health Depts etc

Research Institutions, Universities, Pharma Cos all too ready to “grope for funding” > over-research expensive “answers”  to what is being shown to be

  • a “hyped-up” agenda re viruses generally and vaccine research
  • a diversion to the “fading” delusion of Global Warming”

Global Warming data  / IPCC was proven to have been corrupted > faked then withdrawn

  • East Anglia Uni “fraud”
  • The “ faked “  “ Mann Hockey stick ”

Chromtech offers this blog not as a finished thesis but will later attempt to substantiate claims made here < references

>   arguablly like most research and “perhaps cherry-picked “ from the prolific published “literature”, 3rd party hear-say perhaps “accepted” by the layman influenced by an obvious prejudiced “media’

The moral is

where any doubt exist and the worse case consequences might be in fact catasrophic

. . . then more research is justified and proposed solutions weighed up rationally

hence space research in order to ultimately allow the “privaleged few to escape a doomed plant Earth

  • Asteroid(s) hitting the Earth ?
  • Tectonic Plate shifts?
  • The Sun will collapse into a ( “White Dwarf ) > inevitable and it will happen ! > but Billions of years

All do happen over thousands / millions of years and popular with “doom-sayers”

even > the futile “quest” re “The Big Bang Theory”

all to various extents in the mind-sets of many of the “boffins” . . .  “lunatics” alike . . . often with “nothing better to do” ! or simply to extort R&D funds for all too “exotic” fanciful projects from “ gullible ” Governments

Often just to create jobs artificially to try and inspire / motivate the otherwise “dumbed-down” populace

Often to the neglect or “real” global problems  like . . .

  • poverty
  • the population explosion
  • the generally “rigged” Banking / Financial System
  • the farce of the Stock-market and gambling in general
  • creation of meaningful “jobs”  . . . and issues associate with the rapid “plateauing” out of technology in many fields > chemisty, computers
  • How many main-frames do you need to add up your grocery bill !
  • tapering off of space research > beyond Mars> . the Solar System
  • “ the Law of Diminishing Returns ”
  • rather than properly assessed need for national and global infrastructure investment with proven demonstratable  gains by actually implementing known proven / evolving technology on a “true needs” basis

In the “short-tem” solvable or perhaps better worth > more consideration ! !

Climate change No! ! a la Gore, Flannery  elements of the IPCC > WHO, U.N

  • Energy Crises No !
  • the threat of War > often artificially contrived by “megalomaniacs, rogue political / religious groups > fanatics or naive “do-gooders” like The Greenies > GetUp in their irrational quest for “ego” power and glory and sheer greed of “oligopolies” generally.
  • Or simply an obvious attempt at “population control” or to the benefit of Globall “Defence” Industries
  • Australia itself

obvious issues . . .

  • resource rich; coal, gas, minerals, potentially agricultere being allowed to deteriorate
  • limited
  • by lack on investement funds and shorthightedness of Governments
  • the apathy of the populace generally
  • we have collectively been “duped” into thinking “ We are the “lucky” Country “, Melbourne was once regarded as “being the Worlds Most Livable City
  • NOW subjugated to a “ closed Shop ” even akin to the worst of many socialist / Communist / Fascist countries re ” loss of freedom”, econimid destructione being imposed unnecessarily ( and Constitutionally illegal ) by our Victoria State Premier > “Dictator” Dan
  • Overpaid, under-utilised, generally apathetic
  • Current >50% is on welfare won’t or now even can’t worth
  • education system delusion > tack of experiences trained essential profession like builders > engineers in favor of IT experts, lawyers, accountants, financial consultants, Public Service, Education and Health experts all inevitably under-trained, relatively inexperienced
  • The education system has been hijacked by “vested “interest” > trash and over decades hence the need for FIFO workers
  • to the extreme of everyone becoming too-focused on “gender politics” for example
  • > another contrived diversion of the masses for Australia’s rapidly deteriorating Govt > bureaucratic neglect and general “ lack of guts”

- - - - - -

Chromtech makes no pretense this is a finished “thesis” by any means and in-time is quite prepared to back up with references if / as needed

some Govt “absurdities . . .

  • Closure based on “State Borders > criminal death due to State refusal to allow patient and even agricultural transfers between recognised safe areas
  • retrospective legislation aimed at protecting the obvious “guilty” or negligent bureaucrats causing the deaths of 100’s in VIC
  • those should be sacked or even prosecuted for manslaughter
     Andrews “rigging” of parliament . . .
  • stacking of parliament during elections
  • non sitting during “the pandemic “crisis” periods . . . acting dumb !
  • even ignoring obvious aspects of the AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ameliorated by “gut-less“ Governor Generals and the PM / Federal Parliament
  • the organised a No-blame “non-judicial” enquiry into the fiasco
  • without doubt DA is an absolute “rogue” !
  • the > 50% in favor vote relates back to an “empathy vote” > Stockholm Syndrome.
    -  that relates to the number of people on the “dole” the Welfare State > Job Seeker hand-out,> a bribe in fact for many voters”
  • Country areas have virtually been virus-free > yet still closed down !
  • closed shutdown areas should be zoned according to Virus “Hot Spots”
  • non contagious areas should be opened up
  • bans on single-person remote fishing or hiking and even playing social single tennis
  • Outdoors, sunlight > almost impossible for Virus to spread
  • activity with facial masks IS dangerous !
  • False data, authorities have declared ( eg WHO) any deaths of any cause AND with symptoms of Corvid symptoms MUST BE attributed to Covid-19
    Doctors have been instruc
    tion not to sign “Death Certifificates” in such cases unless they relative sign a Stat Decs

Sept/Oct Now the Vic Labor “ Socialist/Greenie “ > “Dick-Head” Government” want to impose legislation further extending the alreagy “draconian” lay to be “all encompassing” > imprisonment even for perceived “thought” crimes . . .Yes It IS True ! to the mockery of the “free World“

  • Now thankfully - reneged on by Upper House by one vote . . . would you believe !
  • Do we deserve the bastards we’ve actually got in power ?

    Are we collectively so stupid !

YES ! . . . it seems

In Australia ( . . . and elsewhere )) the THE Covid “scare” has largely dissipated into the “ farce” it has been exaggerated to !( . . . at least in Victoria )
 there is NO LONGER any substance to IT ! . . . NEVER HAS BEEN but that’s
largely been caused by Dan’s ineptitide ! and that of his “cohorts !

NOW ! it seems we,re drifting back to “ the forgotten “ Climate Change Hoax “
and the COAL Energy “ Crisis ! “ . . . “THE Belt & Road” Chinese initiative !

CT > BLOG Covid19 ! ?

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