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Specialists in Chromatography / Fluid Transfer Products - Distributors in Australia
- & for ALLYour Laboratory Equipment Needs!

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How-to-Place-an-Order : CT AUD Prices : Freight Charges :Trading Terms :DisclaimerContact Us

re Important Site UPGRADES

NEW FlipHML5 Site Catalog Library flip.chromalytic.net.au PC <  > Mobile  ( & responsive ! )

OUR Web SITE’s ??? . . . > & it’s ALL called “evolution”
No . . . NOT a “TWITTER” Mentality & it IS a bit
 (too) High Tech ? for THAT !

1993 initial attempt at “Bulletin Boards”:/modems etc -  primitive pre Telstra
and “ALL the rest” . . . IT IS All history”
1995-ish introduction of PDFs . . . against the odds at the time . . inertia, paranoia by we administrators etc
1996 - use of .XIF format ( ( from PAGISPro ( now defunct) . althomany .XIF pages still on our “archive” Site AND locked in!
-   introduction of “DJVu” format pre  . . . a massive improvement over PDFs and .XIF at the time
2006-8 Flip Page formats . . . Initial PDF-to-Web format most PDF files are in /pdf2/)  also some in a
PDF DIR “archiv”e may still be missing “404” Errors & some-what  “cluttered” perhaps
 > it’s still a working repository > for us at least !
2009-11 - iintial pdfFLIP see Overview DIR /pdfFLIP/’
2012-current & Updated “Flip Page” see Overview DIR /flip/: HTML-5 compatible/ compatible with Apple, mobile phones even Androids ( but limited) because they still do NOT use “FLASH”2012 - FAST Search
via Page Titles introduced
GOOGLE Our Wwebsite Search
2013+ Initial attempts at Shopping Carts - MAL’s Cart
2014+> Site NOW our Website is “completly hosted in the CLOUDS and FAST . . . to hell with Turnbull / Telstra and their Broadband and All the other “ Ausiie hangers-on”
- at least we are trying to the right thing by YOU !
2015   FlipSHOP mechanism introduced - Add > /index.PHP  to ANY Flip URL many Prices eg Major Suppliers now “System Current” manually adjusted to current AUD/USD as needed ( usually when difference is > 2-3%
ALT” Mal’s Car” is stillActive and  being maintained for preliminary QUOTE purpose
2015-July - NEW Online SHOP Cart fully functional - still evolving with Prices
. . .  BUT you may need to
REGISTER . . . in future ???

Chromtech “mobile” MINI-SITE in a 650x900 px format for better reading on a mobile
for example . . . with less reliance on those “squinty” eyes

Features : Account History
Australia-wide Auto-freight Calculator built-in

2015-Aug > Dramatic site upgrade to www.chromalytic.net.au
( now embeds in an I-Frame the whole of our previous/ & still current detailed site
www.chromtech.net.au ) FLASH being discontinued altho remnants still requires a PC

2015+ NEW FlipHTML5 multiPDFs/catalogs 450p/150Mb limit now fully compatible
with BOTH PCs and AppleMAC, I-Pads and mobile phones inc Androids
FlipPAGE format still maiuntained/duplicated foor PCs mainly!
 - some advantages . . .

  • fully searchable by GOOGLE
  • Search Results are Hilighted whereas FlipHTML5 are NOT ! ( yet)
  • NEW INTRO site . . . to try modernise our site ???. . . simplify it
    ALL our Sites . . . NOW security being implemented via SSL certified and HTPPS://

re Our WebSITES
. some history
New 2015+
Site Compatability
proto SHOP
PCs Vs mobiles
OUR Compromise
re Google

Our Apologies for the ”Telstras’’, bureaucrats.
 the “gaggle” of politicians
“out there !
& their Ineptitude !
Where IS the NBN ?

2015+  www.chromalytic.net.au
this Site miniSITE for A8 mobiles

( “chromtech.com.au”
  > now obsolete)

 . after countless WebDesign tools / upgrades
. . . Our basic Web Design Tool / edit tool is still via NOF version 3 to 13 - still “Clunky” but in simplistic mode
 . . . it’s OK for us-

3rd party tools used over time thru’ their evolution of some features and

pages are still maintained retained from Win XP >Vista>WIN7?. upgrades. .

& So . . . MUCH duplication
we apologise !
. . . but IT IS Dynamic
. . . & that’s called evolution !
. . . & it’s still On-going
& never-ending !


Now ! . . . Our SITE is Compatible with . . .

  • PCs (. . .  of course ! ); PDF, FlipPAGEs, AND many FLASH features
  • Fly-out Menus, NAV BARs,, fancy Slide Shows . . .where HTML-5 still chronically struggles OUR preferred System But the WEb destroyed most of That! . . . with HTML5

and YES! . . . Now2 2018> Apples, I-PADS, Androids, mobile phones are now generally supported via our Website
. . . albeit with some limited features; NOW with some screen resolution compatability
 . . . eg  but still NO FLASH yet! . . . ( but that’s their problem / hangup . . .  NOT Ours ! )

some of our “proto” SHOP

still useful for our Internal simple use

Interfaces to MAL’s Cart

On-line SHOPPE

 - NOW fully Functional and includes built-in Search feature
 . . .with some limitations / compromises


. .. A QUICK Overview . . . fully functional with some “on-the-fly” improvements
 . . . but we R still under development.
Mobile MalsCart
we cover ~1000 individual item in this Shoppe
(out of 30,000+ in our complete range ) many with up-to-date “system pricing


>>> NOW ! FlipPAGE SHOPPE via /index.PHP extension to ALL FlipPAGES “URL”
Prices for our MAIN Supplier 18,000 items but YOU Search for them
via CatNo SEARCH within the FlipPAGEs

Whether we add more ???. . . it IS unfortunately also feeding INFO to our competitors
 . . .but catch if u can!
 . . .  but we may/will require YOUR Registraion in future for full pricing


our SHOPPE(s) ??? . . . but Now several versions ?
. . . and “it’s called evolution”
. . .
BUT All are more or less “ in sync” . . . based on the same pages/info and similar features
. . . to cater for those who want options or have their own “hang-ups” re new ideas, lack of resources etc

PC SHOPPE  . . . MALs CART is NOW “fully” implemented
with a really “slick” FlipShop variant and “system”
. . . Prices are up-to-dateat least for our Main Supplier Products

BUT NOW 2016 - fully implemented HTML5 integrated SHOPPE
chromalytic.net.au ( but No Prices on-line NOW ! here ! )

The initial HTM PC SHOPPE - an attempt to include some Drop down option, Radio Buttons . . .
& dismal in hindsight . . . not really relevant to us !
 . . . far more difficult to DB integrate / implement into database / accounting systems anything worthwhile !

 . . . Improvisations . . .
Shipping Costs ?
. . . currently improvised . . . soon to be based on Post Codes in Australia and by Weight of consignment
functional but very much improvised . . . short site Cart designer problems ???

International Shipment - Freight Costs to be added manually entry only by customer  . . . as a separate Line Item in CART . . .
  $95 min charge plus $20/kg $35 is typical
; . . . & at our cost price
where kg weight in description of goods AND/OR for obvious heavy/bulky items

A similar Import freight charge applies ( to be added ) for non stock standard items

Generally . . .
For SHOPPE Carts to really be feasible . . . someone some “smart-arse nerd” out there really needs to work on
Database integration with wildly fluctuating Currency Exchange rates in mind

. . . Hence Our need and temporary fix / “work-arounds” . . . but cum 2019 Now I’m becoming completely
disillusioned with our SHOP Carts

NEW ! > from . . . Jan 2015
Our On-line Shop Cart(s) still NEEDs to  Allow for Exchange Rate variations ( . . . just intolerable & unsustainable for Us! )
SO! . . . Our Shop Prices are set at a Base XR AUD/USD=0.95 ( adjusted to a more realistic current 0.79 (as of Mar2015 following the “”CRASH” late 2014 and will be manually and timely adjusted to the current XR at date of Shipment if / as necessary

YOU PAY . . . ( for Governments and Banks blunders / mismanagement . . . arguably ?
     PP Invoice 1 at XR=0.79 . . . regard this as a deposit to implement our Ordering process
     PP Invoice 2 . . . Prices re-calculated to the Current XR . . . but ONLY if necessary
You pay “ the difference”, to complete the Order and to allow for any minor adjustments re freight, mistakes etc or errors due to limitations (as in almost ALL Cart designs.
We will manually make the necessary adjustments and send the “top up” PP Invoice(-2) to you for XR as needed on Invoices and minor freight adjustments)
No Payment in Total . . . No shipment !
A Credit in your favor is issued against your next orderr

More . . . re AUD Prices

The MAL’s SHOPPE Cart PP Invoice Header /” Instructions”l form will have an approx XR posted if you wish
 to calculate an estimated cost

. . . that’s the best we can do . . . as involuntary “Tax Collectors” for the TAX Dept
- they can’t / won’t even provide decent s’ware tools to assist
. . . to compensate for an arguably  crazy WW-W(oose”) economic system
You can of course ask for a “RFQ” and order as normal via our PC based  Quote / Order Confirmation system,
. . . details via phone and / or e-mail request
There may be some price discrepancies in the short term until we get our overall  “ system” synchronised

BUT Note . . . we DON”T Accept CC Orders over the phone ! . . . neither will anyone else these days !
AT ALL TIMES . . . we will try and work to a reasonable compromise re pricing . . . in your favour !

2019 Now I’m completely disillusioned with SHOP Carts how trivial / superficial they are ! > No detail

AND our competitors just love our “open” Prices - Now discretionary & limited >so ASK!

re SITE SPEED . . . > 2015+ AND > 2019 still Nothing has changed
Sorry! . . .we can’t wait for” Turnbull”l and his “NBN”
despite their “scammers” insisting we upgrade If / When etc . . .  promises . . . promises !
to Hell with them ! . . . I say ! . . . they’re ALL Padded with “Bullshit!”
even with Telstra AND Optus (interchangably) ADSL2 . . . it is still NOT good !
even with our normal TV we’ve upgraded Foxtel Cable > a Satellite Dish

SO ! . . .We’ve gone to the CLOUDS” and to hell with Telstra and the “Feds” Govt and their procrastination on this !
In Boronia a far diststanr 1km from the Telstra Exchange & 30km from Melbourne GPO

our actual UPLOAD IS /would be ~800kbs Download 2Mb/sec on so-called ADSL2+
. . . must be the WORST Internet speed in AUSTRALIA . . . now arguably the 3rd WORLD !

IT IS A JOKE . . . NBN > politicians > Turnbull . . . most / ALL of  ‘em are “bloody imbeciles” !

So .  . Our site is NOW fully hosted overseas “ in the Clouds” . . . and it IS FAST(er) !
2017 albeit now being deliberately choked by Telstra > ISPs . . . in favor of mobile phones/  download of movies by “pirates” etc and slowed down by the rest of you “web junkies”

at this time . . .  ITS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST WE CAN DO. . . even if YOU still  insist on using
 those damn “mickey mouse” phones for browsing !
ANYWAY NOW WE have that (“at least’) covered !  (but  we Still have Your obvious limitations using  THAT “crap” web technology )
lets’ face it the problem is STILL all in YOUR hands . . . or your Companys’ . . . to get up to speed
let’s face it . . .  it’s ALL Those “ twitter and twats” that are literally ”bogging down” the Web infrastructue

PCs Vs Mobiles ? controversy

OK I concede the “junkie mobile” era has arrived

Mobiles . . . apart from the “dislexic twittering” . . . they are bloody bullshit . . . for nigh on useless for all intents for practical purposes . . . disseminating useful technical inf o

I find it difficuly to even make a “bloody” phone call on them . . . too many damn options confusing “menuing Nav” etc options

But it’s improving with phone technology > screen resolution, wireless bandwidth and pixell screen resolution etc

2018-9   OUR reasonable compromise - HTM is a useful Index to FlipPAGE Technology
with “pinch & zoom” even a 400px screen is usable to view an + to Print A4 . .  .with “squinty eyes” but with an I-Pad or Android A8 even better

We’ve NOW largely converted our detailed/extended “original” PC Site into a 600px format ( from the “original” 1300px screen format)

If you access our main site via Google it auto - reverts to our WIX 400px “simple MickeyMouse HTM format
albeit to a “mobile” HomePage

SORRY! but those “clunky” new web design pages ( for example Wordpress ) . . . are not for me ! even tho’ the multitude of plug-ins might offer impressive graphic effects
and “chewing up” bandwidth of course !)
WIX is OK  and one site can serve both format purposes small mobile > tablet > PC
Nor are these reallyuser friendly  OR practical for managing a Large technical info based Site
. . . let alone a Shop with a large Product List

That “blocky” text format is still the limiting factor

so mobile > www.chromtech-aus.com > 400ps  but our HTM ongoing links can revert to the PC format inadvertantly
and admittedly a bit overwhelming for “most”

for Tablet or a PC > www.chromtech-aus.com/shop is quite s bit simpler in many respects
we are trying to achieve “some sort’ of interactivity

GOOGLE Ranking and SEO  > “rorts”

beyond ALL That ! we are still battling against the odds with GOOGLE etc

despite a tremdous amount of effort from us trying to do the right think . . . after 25years  we Still have never achieved ANY sort of ranking for our website effortts

One is perhaps Not surpised after G..g.. being fined “millions” for mal-practitse they do seem to grudgingly conceding and forced to be a bit more forthcoming with SEO on-line assistand

But as for those “up-start” 3rd party SEOs out there . . . what a joke they are ! . . . my opinion . . . with All due respect !

over the years some Catalog Products have been de-listed from catalogs; even some Suppliers are “Gone” !
- but still be available from original OEMs or from alternative Suppliers elsewhere > ASK!

Prices & Availability are always in a “state of flux”
&” largely” out of (our) control !




Products DIR>B’Cases

Devices DIR

Columns All



NEW Restek 2015-16
SRI GCs 2015

SRI PeakSimple DataSystem
Tubing; Fittings; Ferrules, Valves

Chrom Vials - AutoSH’space
SerumVials, Filtration Products

MicroLIT Dispensers
Flowmeter  /Leak Detector

Rxi GC Columns (Fused Silica)
MXT Columns, Packed GC

far  > MORE !

Multi-FlipBookCase -  Help/About

FlipBookCase-Product Sections =1000s of PDFs

FlipHtml5 A-Z Index-Chromtech
A-Z HTM Index-Chromtech

Our Policy / Strategy

this Website - is designed / best viewed in Our “original”  > ~1300px PC screen size but limited mobile scalability ; > Android A8 recommended >
NOW many Category / sub menu pages manually rescaled into Mobile -m6, -m5  -m4 ( 400 px) format > WOW!

both PDF & FlipHTML5 supported - : PDFs ( if < 25p ) whilst cumbersome & slow have slightly better resolution than FASTER FlipHTML5 ( uses PDF as its’ ”core” format )

Copyrightt Copyright- Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd 1995-2018+ : All rights reserved:  OEM Supplier : Trademarks, Patents. logos apply !

CT-Header-Chromtech Website


the Web "Ask" chromtech.net.au
eg [“HPLC”+[“columns”]

Goole this CHROMTECH website

but even more “specific” ? >

Then Ctrl F to SEARCH “PageTEXT”

hromtechs' Overall Site NAVIGATION
“Site” Overview more FlipHTML5

Current /Flip/ DIR . . . /PDF2/ DIR


NEW2017 INTRO Site
old(er) PC FLASH Slides
Flash-Flip Catalogs
*being dumped>HTML5 2020
Freight Charges-m5
Trading Terms-m5
SRI GCs-m5
RESTEK Chromatography
NEW ERA Syringe Pumps
Membrane Solutions-m5
DET TID GC Detectors-m5
PlasmaTek-Gas Analysis-m5
GC Columns-m5
Packed GC Columns
Chiral HPLC Columns
HPLC Columns-m5
LC Columns-m5
HPLC Accessories-m5
Pharma Vial Products
Instrumentation Valves-m5
PeakSimple DataSystem
Chromatography Tubing-m5
Chromatography Fittings-m5
Vials-Syringes 10-m5
Glass Vials-Bottles-m5
MS Sample Vials
Syringe Pumps-m5
Instrumentation Valves-m5
Filtration Accessories-m5
Fluid Transfer-m5
CHEMICAL Standards
RPC Silcosteel Treatment-m5
HPLC Detector Lamps 09-m5
Air Monitoring-m5
Gas Systems
Sample Prep-m5
Filtration Products
Q-SEP Quechers
MS-Syringe Filters
Membrane Filters
LITERATURE - Technical
ADVantage News-m5
Technical Notes
MRC LAB Products
AELabs-Lab Equipment-m5

but many more thru’
Our SHOP(s)

 just a few >from 1000’s
from ”itsy bitsy” pieces to . . .
 lab equipment /instrumentation
 if we haven’t got it listed  ?
we’ll try & get it !

NEW 2015  HTML5 SHOP Site
New HTML5 improve HTML comapabilirt with AApple MAC, IPAD?Androids - but NO Flash
FlipShop SHOPPE>Mals Cart

Contact Us >
phone : 03 9762 2034
e-mail :>sales@chromtech.net.au