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Chromatography Columns - Widest Range Highest Quality Columns on the Market
GC : Fused Silica Rxi and Rtx Range,  MXT ,PLOT  Packed Columns, Micro Packed
HPLC : UltraSelective LC USLC, Ultra 11, Pinnacle DB, Pinnacle 11, Allure, Ultra, VIVA Wide Pore
Wide Range of GC & HPLC Accessories
Silcosteel Products
Air Monitoring ; Sllcocans
Chemical Reference Materials Liquid & Gas Standards
Gas Purication

ALL columns and support materials . . .
made in-house . . . with QA/QC  . . .
All by Restek


8610c, 310c compact GC Models All at reasonable Prices
Many “popular Configurations
Build Your Own Custom GC

. . . controlled by PeakSimple Data System
1-Ch and 6-Channel system

15 Detectors : FID, TCD, ECD, HID, NPD TID, DELCD, CCD . . . dual detectors; dua lcombi- FID/FPD, dual FPD, FID-dualFPD
12 Injection System Types Cold On-column, flash Vaporisation, Split-splitless, PTV, Headspace(manual), Liquid Autosampler, Heated Gas Sampling Valves, Membrane Sampling, SPME
other Accessories; Gas Sampling Pump Interface,column switching & back-flushing control

Instrumentation / Fluid Transfer Products


incorporating. . . BioChemValves, Omnifit . . . part of DIBA Industries
Discontinued . . . until “stuck with” stock has gone !

incorporating . . . VICI-USA, VICI AG(Jour) - Europe,
VICI- Precision Sampling, VICI-Matsen

for ALL your Chromatography Products . . .
GC and HPLC/and Fluid Transfer
> & General Lab Equipment


Biotech Fluidics including parts from Upchurch


New Era : Syringe Pumps : NE300, NE1000
High(er) Force Pumps NE-1010, NE8000

Peristaltic Pumps; NE-9000 Series
Metal ( and  Glass/Plastic ) Syringes


 VICI AG(Jour) - Europe, formerly Jour Research


mini Plastic Fittings  : Barbs; Connector Elbow, Reducers T’s, Y’s, mult- port Manifolds, Luers,
Thread Adaptors, Check Valves, Stopcocks;
 Tubing; LDPE, PVC, PolyUrethane
 Sizes : 1/16 to 1/4”OD tubing, in different material PP, Nylon, Kynar


MEGA COlumns

New Range  Fused Silica Capillary GC Columns

  • AT MOST competitive Prices
  • Guaranteed HIghest Posible performance

Feature Columns
High Temperature use 300degC WAX Columns
All popular Liquid Phases & Sizes
even High Speed GC Columns
0.18mm;  100,micron and even some 50micron

General Laboratory Equipment / Instruments

MRC Labs MRC Labs
BioBASE BioBase

>a Huge range of
Lab Products

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Syringe Filters
Membrane Filters
BottleTop Filters
Fitration Systems;
Glass; Vac-U-Caps
Vacuum Pumps

NEW Concept

  • FAST-CAPS 90mm Diameter
    eg in PES 0.2micron
    10x speed & capacity of standard 25mm SFs

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Chromatography Products

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Specialists in Chromatography / Fluid Transfer Products
- Distributors in Australia . . . for ALL your Laboratory Equipment !


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NEW Restek 2015-16
SRI GCs 2015
SRI PeakSimple DataSys

Tubing; Fittings; Ferrules, Valves SerumVials,
Chrom Vials-AutoS H’space

Filtration Products
MicroLIT Dispensers

Flowmeter /Leak Detector

RxiGC Columns(FS)
MXT Columns,
Packed GC

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