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MEGA GC Columns

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“ state-of-the-Art”
economical Prices

FusedSilica Columns
530, 320, 250,100um
 NEW 50micron ultraFAST

High Temp WAX Columns
 300C Max PTGC & isothermal

full Range of Phases & Sizes
-1MS, -5MS, -35MS, -17MS; -624MS,-10 FAMES; -225MS, -WAX-HT, -Acid(FFAP); Chiral GC

Re MEGA Prices

MEGA Columns
 Summary PDF


Fused Silica
Capillary Columns

2012 Mega Column Catalog
121p PDFacrobat
includes Mega-MS;;Mega FAST;
MEGA HT & Mega Standard Grades; MEGA CHIRAL

GC-MS Grade Columns PDF htm-button
FAST GC Columns PDF  htm-button
HIGH Temperature Columns  htm-button
Multi-Dimensional Columns
MEGA-DEX Chiral Columns PDF  htm-button
Custom Dedicated Columns PDF  htm-button

Standard MEGA grade columns PDF htm-button
still available in Australia; - but Only to meet old reproducibility criteria
( to be phased out progressively )
with MS Grade where available

2018 MEGAColumn
Flip Catalog
Guard Column htm-button
(Retention Gaps MEGA-GAP
PRESS-FIT Micro-Unions htm-button

NEW Products
Nanoliter AutoInjector 10 to 50 nanoliter coming . . . for FAST GC Injections
2D GC Column Sets

MEGA Column 2018 FlipHTML Catalog

MegaColumns 2018 TOC
MegaColumns 2018 Catalog

PDF Brochures acrobat-but

MEGA Columns Catalog 2012 PDF

MEGA e-brochure-2010 PDF

Mega-WAX HT Columns PDF


2012 Applications 100 FlipPAGE

Unique MS Grade /-HT Phases Ultra-FAST

- Explosives FASTGC PDF htm-button

Typical GUARANTEED GROB Test Report(s)
PDF htm-button     MEGA-WAX;


High(est) Performance
Guaranteed Inertness Columns
:  tested with Grob Test Mixes

  • Test Mix Ampoule supplied with each Column
  • We recommend on initial columns installation you immediately
    run GROB’s TM to establish a “base-line” column performance AND to to out your GC System
  • Almost invariably any loss of performance can be firstly attributed to contaminiation of the Injection Port Liner,  column connection (graphite Ferrule particles or
    even shards of column outer polyimide bridging column end )
  • Do NOT exceed MAX recommended Column Temperature

Use an OxyTrap on ALL GC Columns ( particularly polar columns/eg CarboWAX) if used at > 120degC else oxidation of phase cause peak tailing and extreme
base-line drift

see expanded Chromats in PDF

MegaColumns -Wax-Grob MEGA-5MS GrobTest-Rpt-H



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NEW Restek 2015-16
SRI GCs 2015
SRI PeakSimple DataSys

Tubing; Fittings; Ferrules, Valves SerumVials,
Chrom Vials-AutoS H’space

Filtration Products
MicroLIT Dispensers

Flowmeter /Leak Detector

Rxi GC Columns(FS)
MXT Columns,
Packed GC

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