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Our Policy / Strategy  > No! . . .

> we don’t “muck around”, DON’T have time for “twitter and twats” OR ANY of  that Facebook “crap”
NOR are We . . .traditional” or the typical “used car “Sales-people” type . . . but perhaps MORE technically orientated ! AND with a semblance of common sense and integrity !
YES! . . . We are here to actuallyl TRY & help you !
the proof !. . . EVEN our direct competitorsUSE” Us !

So WE . . . -   DON’T “Door Knock”-   make “scam” calls, use "stooges"”, tele-marketing methods or chain e-mails
 -   NOR Waste YOUR valuable time
 . . . but . . . IF YOU WANT US ? We are HERE !. . . have “targeted” tech information and analytical Chemistry products AND maybe even some “Solutions” to the Worlds’ problems !  . . .  > and just for You !

U can treat Us as a HIGH TECH Information Resource . . . to bludge on if that is your real intent !

Our real AIM . . . try & bypass the “bullshit” . . . the “hyperbole”, even the bureaucracy etc wherever ever practical

  • is to help introduce New Technology to Lab  customers and provided technical support
  • Attempt to provide a “one-stop-shop” for many useful / innovative “consumable-type” items for chromatographers / analytical chemists in particular . . . and for Fluid Transfer applications
  • we trust we are always communicative AND acceptable to new ideas
  • but we don’t work in a vacuum or an “ivory tower” so YOUR feedback is always welcome !
    if by chance in the hope WE get something constructive out of it . . . so be it1

WebSite design

We’ll apply design tools and introduce innovative ideas as they evolve .. . . and try work around the “can of worms the PC Industry is currently in !

  • . . . whilst trying to cater for the lowest common end-user denominator  re mobile phone and more complex navigation schemes . . but we do have trouble conveying Tech details in any depths to the “dyslexi” mental torper of many of the current dumbed down generation !t
  • We  have tried quite a few different Web concepts ( anything that’s logical, debugged and do-able for us . . . to try and help YOU navigate what is is a highly complex range of High Tech Products
                                                  in fact ”tens of 1000’s” from 20 so OEM Suppliers

We have “No qualms about divulging ”as complete as possible” technical information on our products where OEM supportive information is or becomes available !
something which most websites seem reluctant or incapable of doing . . . run perhaps by those “used car salesmen” often leading to “scams”  . . . even “a la” the limitations of E-Bay and /or Amazon . . . with ALL due respect !

Shop Cart Policy

Attempts to offer on-line Shopping has met with real issues / problems for ALL Web Carts . . .  > that of competitors siphoning off competitive pricing
For “Fair Dinkum” customers we will consider providing this in a secure format . . . for your convenience > but YOU must ASK  for an “expression of interest “ and Register wit Us !

As of 2018 we have delisted our “complete” Price List and have resorted to cut down / “proto” Shop Cart in varous versions

Backed by our “ALTERNATIVE” Supplier of Chromatography & Fluid Transfer Products
Guaranteed to save YOUR Valuable time and your Companies Money

Trademarks/ Patents Company Logos are always respected !

Any Product/Technical Information used on this Site(s) is with the permission of the respective OEM Suppliers and products are marketed on on an “open market” policy

Cross competition ?

We do NOT deliberately set out to offer products from different Suppliers in cross-competition
buyers choice applies quality, value for money but we like to think we don’t sell rubbish . . . but we are still All at the mercy of the big wide commercial reality factor

      • Chinese origon, built-in obsolence  . . anything electronits don’t expect to last more than 7 year > BYUBD even high price “ticket items” can’t be trusted NOT to be any better quailty made on same production line and just rebadged
      • at least we try and deal with reputable OEMs and some business continuity and from our trial & errors” can often be far better than your ”ad hoc” efforts of maybe tying to do once off any better !
        Our “occasional” Resellers of our products however arealso expected expected to comply with Any restrictions imposed by our  OEM Suppliers

        Over time many Company  policies change . . and we’ve been around long term > 29years Now!

Of course ANY OEMs wishing NOT to co-operate with us or these policies are welcome to inform us to remove lapsed Information

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