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VICI Flow Products

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VICI Flow Products

Chromalytic Technology :  Australian Distributors for VICI
VICI-Valco USA HTM SEction htm-button and
VICI AG (Europe) HTM Section htm-button
( Europe based formerly VICI Jour ) both are our main suppliers for VICI products

Products overlap and are not necessarily the same prices for identical products depending on the source of manufacture
VICI-USA for Instrumentation Valves manual and automated - invariably 3 weeks production lead time on ALL USA made items
VICI AG generally offer better production lead times most ex stock (Europe) on items they physically make
Chromalytic will source common products from either . . . often depending on price and availability . . . as needed
Some catalog number may be derived VICI AG often have JR- (“ VICI-USA Cat# ” ) and some of these are listed in the VICI-USA catalog
Indirectly these “sister” Companies also offer products from Independant VICI Subsidiaries
VICI Precision Sampling - Microliter Syringes
VICI Metronics - Gas Permeation Devices Gas Purifiers
VICI GIG Harbour - VICI-Valco ValcoBond Fused Silica Columns

2 Main catalogs >

VICI-Cheminert PDF Catalog 2009
VICI AG (Jour) PDF Catalog 2009

VICI-Jour 09 Chromatography Fluid Transfer 138p ( on-line Cat is a “mess” and approx  187 downloaded 3Mb with some “split “pages . . . PDF-09,     PDF-05 acrobat-but
VICI Valco-Cheminert Catalog 09 60 INT 272p PDF acrobat-but

NEW Products

Enquire for Details
some items do not yet appear in our
 web-based catalogs

VICI AG (Jour) - Europe

Micro Valves - GC&HPLC
VICI Safety Lab Products
- Exhaust Filter fo Solvent Bottles
- Safety AIr Inlet Filter - Solvent Bottle use
- Safety Caps
- Safety Coated Glass Bottles

High Flow Rate Biocompatible Filter Last Drop
Low Cost PPS Nuts and Caps - almost as good as PEEK
Collapsible Ferrules 1/16 and 1/8”
360um Nano Fittings, Ferrules Ultra High Pressure 10,000psi+
No Twist One Piece Fittings
Impermeable Tubing FEP+PVDF
1/32”ID PEEK Tubing

PDF Catalog 120p 05 VICI AG(Jour) PDF Catalog

FLIPPage 2009> VICI AG(Jour) FLIP-Page Catalog  ~232p  2005 VICI AG(Jour) FLIP-Page Catalog 05  ~232p

VICI Valco - USA
2009 cat #40 232p

NEW Products
360um Fittings
Cheminert UHPLC Injectors and Selectors
C50 Series Cheminert Integrated Motor/Valves for HPLCs

C60 Series Cheminert Integrated Motor/Valves for LCs
Dual Layer PEEK Tubing

Extensive range of Standard & “Custom” SS  fittings for GC and HPLC
Fused Silica Connectors

see also Restek for deactivated Siltek-treated SS Valco Fittings, Parker and Swagelok fittings

Incorporating . . .
VIC-Precision Sampling

some Products
Mininert Valves Precision Sampling p251
Gas Purification p226-7


Cheminert Fittings/Tubing 09 PDF p56-81

Valco Fittings 09 PDF p6-55
VICI Valco Valves SS -

Cheminert Tubing PDF p86-93
Fluid Handling Products Dispensers High Pressure Injector/Valves PDF p82-85 
Selection PDF p94-139
VICI Cheminert Valves
PDF p150-178
Valve Applications PDF p117-121
Valve Actuator & Accessories PDF p186-193 PDF p194-211
Flow, Pressure, On/Off Devices PDF p212-219
Instrumentation - Detectors, Gas Purifiers PDF p220-227
VICI-Metronics Permeation Tubes/Oven PDFp228-233

PDF Catalog 07 VICI Valco-Cheminert Catalog 07

FLIPPage 2009> VICI Valco-Cheminert (Jour) FLIP-Page Catalog 285p



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NEW Restek 2015-16
SRI GCs 2015
SRI PeakSimple DataSys

Tubing; Fittings; Ferrules, Valves SerumVials,
Chrom Vials-AutoS H’space

Filtration Products
MicroLIT Dispensers

Flowmeter /Leak Detector

Rxi GC Columns(FS)
MXT Columns,
Packed GC

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