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Whats Chromatography
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So What's Chromatography ?

Chromatography . . . Analytical Chemistry . . . laboratories . . . chemical analyses

Is the “Art of separating chemicals” and the qualitative AND quantitative analysis of mixtures by instrumentation methods
‘the technology’ . . .
combines “high tech” elements of separation science, analytical chemistry,  physical chemistry, pneumatics, electronics, computers and software, with ancillary detection methods; mass spectrometry, ionization techniques; flame ionization, electron capture, photoionisation, flame photometric
Applications are widespread . . . in . . .
Pharmaceuticals, petroleum, environmental, gas analysis, explosives, drugs, forensics, polymer chemistry etc . . .
Design of separation  columns integrate aspects of surface chemistry complex molecular polymerisation into both capillary columns and packed tube technologies.

Requirements are for both high temperature use and high pressure liquid absolute maximum in inertness of materials

Associated products involve fluid transfer, fittings, tubing, automatic sampling devices , injection systems, gas sampling and stream selection valves, pressure regulators, flow controllers

. . . It's estimated that 50 to 60% of chemistry access chromatography techniques in one form or another as the key technique in day-to-day Research, Quality Control
Specific sectors of chromatography include . . .
Gas Chromatography
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
Column chromatography . . .
from nanoscale, micro, analytical, semi-prep to preparative
( also . . . Paper chromatography
Ion chromatography
Electrophoresis . . .(  but that's NOT Us! )

Chromalytic Tech attempts to cover but a small fraction of possibilities in sourcing and supply of some of the “key” elements, “consumables” and replacement parts in this industry . . . all at an “affordable” cost with many at better performance than original OEM parts
albeit . . . just in our current range there some 30 to 40,000 individual products from some of the leading OEMs ( NOT necessarily the largest ) many at the fore front of R&D . . . if not . . . then at least with many innovative ideas !

it's a “dynamic” . . . and forever evolving !


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