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several “proto” version based on MALs Cart

Our website is designed for laboratory Chemists interested in chromatography and fluid transfer products and as a high tech” resource.
This mobile
SHOPPING Cart is a highly condensed version of our website
and represents only a few hundred out of some 30,000+ items.
( see our overall Supplier & Product Lists FlipBook-2 ).

Almost impossible to put all this into ANY Cart concept.

Chromtechs' Shoppe Cart ( MALs Cart ) is designed to offer easy options to purchase on-line some of the more popular ChromalyticTech items.

. . . more about our “proto” Shopping Cart > 2020 NEW but still evolving
Partial ONLY ! > As a preview BUT THE WAY TO GO !

ANY SHOPPE Prices are Indicative ONLY !

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some ~40 items.

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