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 SRI GCs“ = page Links

SRI GCsGas Chromatographs : SRI GC
Laboratory ( 8610C, 8610V ( vertical Inj ), “portable (310C), dual oven GC 8610D
TCD, FID Capillary & many > Customised
Multi-Gas Analysers : MGA-5 ( latest 2016+ ); TO-14; Environmental; GreenHouse Gas GC, S-Gas GC. Marijuana GCs
Mud-loggers, Biodiesel GC, Mariihuana/Cannabis GC, Educational GCs; TCD, FID 420 Series, Gas-less GC Configurations

Data System : SRI GCs - PeakSimple Data SystemPeakSimple Data System SRI GC Operating System
many Options >
Injection Systems : Split-splitless, Heated On Column, auto Gas Sampling Valves, Liquid Autosamplers,
GC Detectors; TCD, FID, Methaniser, NPD, TID, ECD, ELCD, HID, Dual FPD; FID/DELCD, FID/FPD
- VICI : Micro-TCD; Helium Ionisation,, Plasma Emission : PlasmaDetek;
DetectorsDET Thermionic : TID  NPD; “beads”; Selective

htm-buttonGC Columns : Restek; (GC Capillary; FusedSilica, MXT); Packed GC Columns, PLOT Columns ( MS5A, Alumina, HayeSep )
 MegaColumnsMEGACOLUMNS ( FusedSilica GC) more economic Highest Performance re - inertness / efficiency Unique > 300degC Wax Columns and Ultra Fast 50micron Columns
HPLC Columns
HPLC Columns  Restek
- - - LC semiPrep & Prep Columns ( Not Packed ) > HPLC ColumnsEssential Life

GC AccessoriesGC & HPLC AccessoriesHPLC : GC / HPLC Accessories
- - -
GC AccessoriesHPLC UV Lamps HPLC UV Lamps : for All Models HPLC instruments

Chromatography TubungTubing - Ultra-Clean Copper; Stainless Steel(#304 & #316, Inert Siltek, Teflon(Bulk)> translucent ETFE, PFA FEP
Chromatogrphy FittingsFittings - Low Dead Volume Brass, SS, PEEK, Polymeric
Chromatography FerrulesFerrules ; Graphite (1/16, 1/8, 1/4 & All sizes to 2.0”ID, Swagelok, Imp & Metric Graphite Polyimide ( !/16, 1/8, 1/4”ID; Teflon to 1.0”ID


Pharma Vials, caps, stoppersVials, Caps, Stoppers : CHROMTECH Sourced; RESTEK;, Membrane Solutions
Crimpers-VialsCrimpers : KEBBY
Vial Filling Equipment
Medical related Fittings Accessories : MedLABS
Plastic FittingsMin Plastic Fittings; Luers, barbs, threads, adaptors

Plastic FittingsMedical Supplies : “pharma” plastic fittings; connectors; luers, barbs threads, valves; check, stopcock, manifolds; ”pharma” tubing

Fluid Transfer

New Era PumpsPUMPs; NewEra :Syringe Pumps; Peristaltic Pumps
Filtratiom, Membrane SolutionsFiltration : MembraneSolutions, SyringeFilter, Membrane Filters; Glass Filtration Systems, Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps, BottleTop Filtration Systems
Syringes- SGE, HamiltonSyringes : SGE, Hamilton, Precision Sampling, Norm-Ject Plastic
DispensersDispensers : MicroLIT BottleTop Dispensers; microPipettes, E-Burette, e-Fill,
: VICI ; Teflon, Tefzel, TEFW, FA, FEP,
Restek : Copper, SS, SIlcosteel/Siltek/Sulfinert, > Silconert from SilcoTek
ValuePlastics; MedLabs : LDPE, PolyUrethane, PVC, TPE, Silicone,
Fittings : VICI, Value Plastics
Restek : Parker, Swagelok Fittings 1/16, 1/8, 1/4”ID

Ferrules : Chromtech; VICI; Restek


Valves - InstrumentationValves : Injector, Stream Selection ; Manual and automated for instruments, Electric, pneumatic, multi-port, 1/16, 1/8, (1/4) VICI-Valco/Cheminert
- - - Solenoid Valves multi-port, micro-Fuidic Pumps, Switching Valves
 Omnifit ( BioCHemValves(DIBA) discontinued Supplier but still available ???)
Takasago Electric new range > microfluidics ; pumps, solenoid valves

Lab Equipmentgeneral Lab Equipment :
MRC, BioBase, AELabs
Spectroscopy : AELabs

General LAB Instrumentation /Equipment

BioBASE, BioBASE Safety Cabinets
AE Labs
AELabs Spectroscopy
MRC Labs
MedLABS  : Pharma Medical Suppies - Consumables
New ERA Pumps :  Syringe & Peristaltic
Shenchen Peristaltic & Syringe Pumps

our Main OEM Suppliers

Restek Chromatography ( Columns, GC/HPLC Accessories, Gas Systems/Purifiers, Chemical Reference Standards )
SRI GCs ( Gas Chromatographs 8610C etc / customised; PeakSimple DataSystem ) MEGACOLUMNS (Fused Silica GC ) economical , Huge range, ALL phases/sizes
VICI > VICI-Valco/Cheminert(USA); VIC-IAG(Jour) “all Sorts” > Fittings, Valves, Tubing(SS /Polymeric capillary)
ValuePlastics ( Luers, Barbs, Threads, Connectors, Valves Tubing )
Membrane Solutions ( Filtration Accessories, Syringe/Membrane Filters, )
NewEra Pumps ( Syringe, Peristaltic type )
MIcroLit (Dispensers)
Kebby ( Vial Crimpers)

LDetek (PlasmaEmission GC Detectors: High Purity Gas Analysers/ multi-oven GCs - Process Control, UNIQUE ?) )

DET TID, NPD Thermionic GC Detectors/Beads

SGE (Syringes)
Qosina (MedLabs); ( Plastic Fittings, Medical Consumables )
Takasago ( Solenoid Valves > PInch, Diaphragm, microFluidic PUMPS )
SilcoTek ( Silcosteel/Sulfinert custom SS Coatings ( > Silconert ) )

BioChemValves/Omnifit ( some discontinued ? ASK ! )


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