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my pre-amble !

CO2 What IS IT ! and WHY . . .ALL the “kerfuffle” ! . . . Has the World gone Mad !
. . . “the Inmates ARE in Charge of the Asylum“(  as per Jack Nicholson)
> The . . . Cuckoos Nest” analogy !
Is 1.4degC/100year really of concern to U

Daily Temp anywhere vary Daily by 10-15C Summer or Winter Day/Night

You can’ t even measure that differnce on a standard  thermometer varying Daiyt (in Melbourne by 10C Am/Pm
What IS really an Average Global Temperature reallt daily by 110C ( but in Melboune we have
the reputation of 4 seasons in One day .Arctic to Tropical /Desert -30C to 45C judging by many in the media even the  “consensus” ( It IS NOW “97-100%” )
of the IPCC  > UN Itself !

I doubt If Any would even have a clue !

Heat Transfer is mainly via Water NOT defined as a traditional GH Gas
> “Albedo” effect > reflection of Solar heat back to space from top of Clouds. IR then absorbs from the ground and the Clouds tend to physically trap the CO2 nenhancing concentation at ground level and IR warming !

I don’t think traditional climatologist have heard of Latent Heat of Vaporisation  heat transfer  by Evaporation from Land and Sea surface and subsequent rainfall
Cloud Cover increasing with Global Temperature  and a signifacant Climate factor only now being recognised. But far too difficult for ANY Computer Modeling > Water is Completely ignored  and Average is ~20,000ppM compared to relatively miniscule 400ppM CO2

Different GH Gas are compareD by GWP CO2 1 > Methane 28 > N2O ~300
but the critical factor is the actual ppM concentration

  • CO2 400ppM, Methane is 1.3ppM x30GWP = 39ppM equivalent; N2O 300ppB x300GWP =90ppM   relatively insignificant but this also “escapes” many of the experts AND the latter increasing ONLY marginally even in recent times but classified by some as being “GW threatening”
  • Methane from Arctic Tundra Thawing ( too hypothetical ! . . . > unlikely in the near future ! )
  • Cattle breath and “farting” also a bit pointless to contemplate destroying animal & agriculture (in Australia ), re any GW and considering it is largely a net Zero effect and part of the
    “Food Cycle” anyway !
  • Far more significant as it is creating new gaseous CO2 from ancient geological stabilised CO2 “sequestered” into granite and limestone rocks by burning Fossil Fuels > cars, electricity, concrete  but it;s only about 10% of the Total CO2 emission
  • Warming of Oceans whilst small is the driving facto and THIS actually preceded CO2 increase geologically by at least several 100(>800) years

Global Warming theory consistently refuses to even  acknowledge or even try and  explain this apparent anomaly

The key Question is . . .
What is causing the current (very slight) warming of the Oceans in effect releasing long term absorbed CO2 > Tectonic Plates ( via the Pacific “Rim of Fire” ( for example ) and obvious undersea volcanoes and associated deep-undersea “flatulence” both contributing to “artifically labelled”>  “mysterious“ La Ninja and El Nino Climate Change somewhat cyclic but quite variable over 7 to 10 year and in amplitude
Further speculation : Melting of Antarctic / Greenland Glaciers  ( “False” ? ) will effect Global Ocean Circulation and even the lowered salinity will Somehow “phase” into effecting the Atlantic Gulf Stream . . . what absolute “crap” ?

Something Govts can’t pin-point more specifically and make THAT taxable except thru’ Polynesian Islands fraudulently being labeled as “sinking” ( sea rising ! )
( false or exaggerated ! ) ( requiring funding for necessary population movement !

NOT Solar “SunSpots” s>irradiation which has proven neglibible short term ! > more likely to geomagnetic anomalies in the Earths “Mantle”

An original “hypothesis eluded to
by Lance Endersbee  “A Voyage of Discovery” 1969
Monash Uni Geologist/Prof  given little credence at the time like most > many Discoverers

The Historical Geological Record is complex conflated with well known but over-lapping Milankovich Global and Terrestial Orbital Cycles” but over long term 100s of years
As well as random meteorite impacts

I am NOT just grasping at straws just to be a “nark” on
GLObAL Warming > Climate Change

BUT To HIghlight the Uncertainties involved AND The need for more R&D based on real time current DATA Observations ! >current Computer Guesswork is obviously “flawed”

They tend to conflate “THE Gas of Life” with Carbon what they see from “smoke stacks” > Energy Plants NO Sorry THAT is mainly Water Vapor

Pollutants of “Soot” (Carbon) and nasty S-Compounds are ALL filtered out as economic as possible

Brown coal is dirtier than Black Coal > Australia has plenty of both
> The World largest Exporter but being severely restricted use in Australia
Restricytion proposed by Austral has No effect whatsoever on Global Warming ( <1%) The policy is absurd and we our simply exporting the CO2 increase elsewhere to the rest of the Wold Without Coal and for a billion they still burn “cow dung” for basic Energy else Billions would starve > die and in effect George Orwells’ “1984” becomes real and fits in with once popular Malthusian Theory of World “Over-population popularised again in the 1970s

Plants / humans  can simply NOT survive in ambient CO2 levels < 150ppM
1000ppM is in fact impossible to achieve by immediately burning ALL possible fossil fuel Earth resources Proven and less economic

CO2 -  IS NOT POLLUTION by ANY stretch of the imagination
Just a sign of the “woke” who don’t seem botheres to even read or understand > too dumbed-down ! . . . by the “scare” Campaign and the myth of antrhropogenic being the main cause of Global Warming > insignificant as it actually is !

Rather than “paraphrase”  I refer to copious Reference Books CO2

Understandably U may NOT even think it’s worth paying the price

But if nothing else read the latest IPPC Report (V1) - I challenge You I
Highly detailed but summarised by less educated ( in science) based on far too may assumptions and ignorant of many underlying natural factors causing Current “mild” Global Warming as we are still emerging from a mini IceAge !.

Moreso NIPPC in a better insight into the controversy

The reliance on Computer Modeling based on “cherry-picking historical “proxy” data and then trying to predict future Climate Changeover 50 to 100years is flawed Science.
Man CO@ are only ~10% of the Total the main effects

Oceana act as a thermal sink for CO2 with a delay of 100s of year

Rising sea Temp massive causes fluctuating in Total CO2

Humidity rises creating Clouds ”seeded” by dust and Cosmic rays inducing rainfall which has in fact a cooling effect ( “feedback” )
Without these ameliorating Natural phenomena it is suggested Global Temperatures could in fact be 50C Warmer

Cloud Cover WW is in fact increasing “in-sync” and the “albedo” effect reflects back heat to space, > -ve feedback which complicated the issue !
Wind patterns fro Equator to Arctic regions also complicates localised effects

I’m not saying either way or agree that man made CO2 id the caused certainly it does contribute but IS it the “doom & gloom” scenario being promulgated

CO2 is the Gas of Life ( or plant growth and indirectly through food > human / animal life as equally important as O2
300 to 415ppM has resulted in the Greening of the Planet and Crop growth withimmediate beneficial compared to extrapolated “guessed at” by computer extreme CO2 levels

Humans Mumand breath out 5% CO2 and commonly tolerate 10002000ppM in closed environmentsout  cows 10% of CO2 and Methane

The whole Question needs on-going real data with out the paranoia

  • Global Temprature rise precedes CO2 level increase invariably over ten100s years delayed by
    Until recently All completely ignored Water Vapor Content obviously the main cause of Climate even though it is NOT recognised as a conventional GreenHouse Gas ( an “oxymoron” as the World atmosphere is dynamic and NOT in equilibrium at all and in NO way analogous to a conventional Agricultural green house !
    Clouds act as a physical blanket tending to trap CO2 increasing heating via GH IR warming !

    All a “purphy” of scientists in general > the media and Govts in particular !

    Particularly when the BOM  itself can’’t even look out their Window from their AirCon Offices
    to forecast more than 7 to 10 days ahead ! and even then they have been caught changing the data records to suit hidden agendas.
    Such simplified model THEN can’t even back-extrapolate with fudging data ( Mann HockeyStick ) without omitting mini ICE-AGE effects Medieval Warming Period

without obfuscating too much . . . that apparently was due to The Gulf Stream warning localised to Western Europe, Greenland and East Coast USA

HELLO ! Now they tend to overlook the obvious cyclic El Nino > La Ninja events of the Indian and South Pacific Ocean and PDO ( Pacific Decadal Oscillation )
Sure ! Highly complex but more Assciated with random but persistent
Tectonic Plate shifts ( the Pacific Rim of Fire ), under-sea volcanoes and the sheer shift of Global Heat Equator to Arctic via induced Sea and Air patterns

All part of the mystery of historical Global Warming / Cooling events including the well-documented meteorite / Comet impacts even reversal of North-South Magnetic Pole

Conveniently they tend to blame ALL on Man-made CO2 something they can manipulate voters with and creaty Energy Crises by banning “dirty” Coal, Oil > petrol and even Natural Gas
Of course artificially “propping- up” renewable Energy through ill-advise Solar
and Wind back-up  “offPeak” with largely inefficient battery Power is but being very short-sighted

Australia is the “guinea-pig” gullible enough to still ban the ANSWER Nuclear Power investing in inefficient > costly  Pumped Hydro Energy via the SNOWY2 Scheme and are Not capable of Cause & Effect and assessing their relative
“Cost Effectiveness”.
Nor the consequences of such grandiose schemes.
The ramification on World Economies IS enormous estimated current at multi
10s of Trillions of Dollars 1/3 of World GDP over next 50 to 100years
Most of that going to China as the Worlds current & future Powerhouse > Good Luck to them ! . . . it IS their turn now they have woken up to “Capitalised > Socialism.

Communism having failed so dismally elsewhere over Centuries of genocide > Wars etc admixed with Fascism and now ongoing religous fervour > fanatism
> WW terrorism
WW Govts  resort to “gender politics” > “obfustaction” or “pretend naivety” to divert interest away from needy but less monetary return of “vested interests”

All to willing and knowing they get 10% GST  of everything in return for assets paid for by “gullible” voters through not only taxation but contrived inflation” hoping future generations
 be able to afford it .

In the process Australia has drifted backwards into becoming a “naive” Third World Country adopting woke polices > general politics and the non-sensical VOICE REfERENDA where nowhere in History has any such scheme worked effectively similar agenda work simply evolves into a “hand-out” mentality exploited by nefarious ‘middle men” > the 15% multi-layered “bludger society” aided and
abetted by “weak” , inept or even “corrupt” politicians
THE “Belt&Road” policy adopted surreptitiously by China but inspired by
Lyndon La Rouche ( Ex VP-USA of the70/80s) was largely ignored by Western Countries
 at the time . . . and is NOW alive and well.
Dan Andrews as self-proclaimed “Dictator-of-Victoria” seemedly is obviously “sticking his neck out” !
Presumably he via the Internet has read History and how nations > religions exploited the masses.. . . until greed and / or complacency inevitably overwhelms
and they get over-thrown . . . eventually !

Its in short term interest of individual politicians the end result Countries like Australia > Polynesia > Africa risk becoming just another “tribute” State of China underpinned by “slave” labor and eventual eroding of Our standard of living
 . . . the “Tall Poppy” Syndrome being promulgated by the United Nations and ”pseudo” World Govts and in effect “out-of-control” WW Drug Industry
Whilst Only ~1-2% of Global GDP ( ~$1-200Trill ? ) its effect on crime, social effects contributing to “dumbing-down” of the populace including upper echelons of society including business people and politicians does lead credence to the “laise-faire” current attitudes to use of drugs . . . even “condoned” !
The Afghan WAR prolonged (arguably) was sponsored indirectly by the Opium Trade and nefarious dealings between the Taliban and associates with Western troops-by-Govts even . . . including the French and Russians > arguably !

Unfortuneately the “rot” starts at the top and filters down so the masses when they
do become aware simpl emulate similar behaviours leading to current WW unrest crime > drugs > extremism of all sorts > terrorism.

People are becoming convinced of the “doom & gloom”  scenarios being promulgated everywhere but more-so it’s All “gonna” happen in our lifetime and the futility of even trying ?

\Rather the nebulous long term  indeterminate “future” the m

Australia is loosing all initiative by becoming more-and-more just the “Worlds Quarry”
( for China, India, Japan for coal, Natural Gas, Iron Ore, and Uranium
 and the future Thorium for LFTR Nuclear . . . when Australia eventually “wakes-up” !
he Universe wiil in fact ens  It’s inevitable but unfathonable Billions of years in an ever fast expanding Universe ! . . . over-speculation . . . helps no-one !

All . . . Repetitive I hnow covered elsewhere in my long-running “blogs”
> “ad nauseum”
maybe !

SO To Start !

What IS CO2 ? some necessary Background
 by Chromtech  5p PDF

Is there Just Too Much CO2 in the Atmosphere PDF
OR   “Is there just too little CO2 to matter for climate change”?
OK so it’s from QUORA (‘Net)
“PEER reveiwed” ?
. . / who Really Cares ? !  biased by definition Ie for those strictly in
THE Establishment WITH / with OUT Common sense ?
> can’t’ “see the wood for the trees”
Moreso perhaps it’s addressing some Question currently being posedand not necessarily
being answered by the “consensus” definitive by any means


“CO2-Miracle Gas” Abstract
Paul Dressen : Foreward >Roy Spencer PDF 37p (complete>  Copyright republished here
in the interests of “Mankind” > so at least give some respect !

The biased media presents one perspective of the paid for expected vested interests far outweighing a balance scientific approach of Cause & Effect and Cost Benefit Analysis but questioning Theories often based on rote or dogma
There are a few Orgs supporting a more open-minded view oftion questioning at risk of being CANCELLED or simply discredited by all and any means contrary to even evaluating evolving unbiase data to the contrary

A Gore VP USA 2001 + IPCC Joint NobelPrice re Climate Change based on a now controversial film “An Invconvenient Truth”-2006
The broad theme is by condensing historical Global Warming and Cooling cyclic and unknown random observation selected and condensed into an imaginary short term time frame tending to cause alarm at the perceived short term consequences if ignored ie a scare campaign amplified by the Press and others including Tim Flannery who took things to even further extremes in his Documentary Climate Changers living “off the back of Gore” to become Australian of the Year(2007)
Despite numerous false predictions as to the effects of climate Change he garners continuing notoriety in influential climate Organisation despite his basic training as a paleantologist

NIPPC vs IPPC I the Establishment  inspired by Al Gore and Tim Flannery in Australia)

2009, 2011 and 2014 volumes of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change report, Climate Change Reconsidered,
and Dr. Craig Idso CO2science.org website

The Heartland Institute https://heartland.org/ “The Climate Change RoundTable
Roy Spencer https://www.drroyspencer.com/ Climate Data Climatologist
> NASA Satellite Data

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