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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
Chromatography Fluid Transfer Products :
& FOR ! All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA


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NEW 2018-23+

FlipHML5 Site Catalog Library
flip.chromalytic.net.au ( & fairly “responsive” ! )

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Our “WIX“ Site > & a much improved “responsive” >
Mobile >< PC SITE


U CAN ALSO Publish ALL the NOF HTM Pages in “ONE-HIT “
(~60mins IF OPTIMISED )

Fly-Out” NAV BAR Child Sub Menus can’ NOT Go WITHIN ANY NOF Master Border !  > Slows down Save/Publish dramatically > Chronically 6 to 12mins
per page
irrespective of IF -m5, -m4, -PC etc Else Site could take > 10-15 hours
NOW w/o this RN“ bug” OUR whole site publishes in about 60 mins > complete ! except for FileZilla itself which can take a similar ~60 mins extra
MUCH time-wasted on ALL this !

> & maybe why NOF15 was even disbanded ! his induced “BUG” WAS THAT BAD !

see index-extended.htm but also index-ALL-m5.htm . . . as a back-up !
NOTE  : NOF auto- fixes “ “ to “-” in htm URL IF SET In “NOF options” properly

> without  RackNerd “publish” Errors on Server Cloud >.Publish doesn’t recognise these
 NAV Bar pic button errors > deletes ( “pic-1-2”.jpg/gif etc type format. ).
NOF15 actually  Publishes  OK > perfect but these NavBar buttons get “auto- deleted “ “surreptiously” from The “Cloud sometimes with a time delay of hours > days
& THEY Do seem CACHE OUR “whole” Website !
but ALL OK IF I use an Indirect Link to NavBar if Text Body !

2024-01-30  Insights into our Web Development

MainSITE 950HTMs some 2-3000PDFs and 200 Flip Books
from 10 to 1000 smal(er) PDFs each
em-bedded WebPlus8 Site  ( mini “proto” pseudoShop ) SHOPPE Our WIX Site ~150pages

  • All Ad Hoc > in one hit open for more & some edits . . . of course

Our SITE On-line NOW ( & from since ~1992 & still evolving ) IS very Good augmented with several “proto > pseudo”>SHOP Cart
OUR Implemented & excellent “free” Mals Cart but with some in-built “obvious” limitations ! ) and others utilising WIX, ECWID and even some excellent WebPlus8 (2016)  (130 xHTM ~700x950px pages )
and some generally accepted by “nerds >”WordPress with it’s built-in “risks” Chromalytic.net.au

Only too much left-OPEN for “competitors & scammers” to syphon prices

FlipHTML5 & implemented ( = 1000s of PDFs & bundled” ) > was a big “break-thru” in design for Us at least from 2016+ . . . & still Far better than the current ( accepted at last generally after >25 years ) PDF in presentation after their patents ONLY expired & then opened up to 3rd party developers

some NOF issues !

  • > a real “learning curve” like any s’ware for anyone ! who might ever be bothered !
    . . . or practical . . . as IT has been CANCELLED for AL intents & purpose . . . probably because IT WAS TOO GOOD ! . . . well engineered over ~15years i by real “guru” experts. . . > in it’s time ?

NOF Memory Issues (?)

  • Don’t Bother with .css format ( > a “bit dicey” > format Text fonts / Line spacing manually )
  •  ROBOTS Take Care NOF auto-publishes a small 59byte useless default\
  • put an “appropriate”“HTACCESS” in root
    Our NOF15 THEN is Set-Up to publish a “customised” 404.htm file for ANY Missing Files
  • Use a Custom “ Robots.txt ” currently about 8509byte of all sorts of ambiguous GOOGLE “Crap””
     ( “do Not Publish type lines > diversions “)
  • PDF files in /PDF2/ x6232  16.370Gigabytes ( some duplicated > redunancies but Links to HTM > A lot are missing > elsewhere on the LT & WIN10 PC
  • HTM “ROOT  ( but NOT Folders! )
    -  1328 158mBytes HTM
    -  9951 files 245,650Mbytes Total ;

( but U can edit & MUST Do THIS ! . . . after each NOF “Publish” ! )

  • -m5 pages take from 50secs to ~2.5mins when IT is in GOOD times 5 to 20min ( so abort !) optimise NOF try FileZilla > but ONLY much tater ( maybe days even ! )
    -m4 and -PC (w/o flyouts” take 3-5secs

    Load files in “block” to minimise, publish & serve upload times  all -m5 take 2-3hours when Good Ext)
    but this limit to a few hours Max ( depending on WiFi spasmodic Telstra>Optus> “RackNerd”

Can be “CHRONIC” to a complete failure  > auto-abort but can be “perfect” for days > weeks. a month or so under very intensive NOF work !

similar for -m5, and -PC separately ( -PC same as with “blank” > Ext

  • But can slow dramatically IF NOF NOT Optimised !
  • “RackNerd” can be very temperamental ( their maintenance, downtime OR even NOF15 in compatabilities

> missing O / Zero / Nil byte size files (usually a “pic’ or even complete “abort of Upload to Cloud
The are very small ~1K in sizes but 100s of then, both size and Qty ? depending on the actual Menu Level)

  • IF IN ANY Doubt > check File size in the NOF Publish Dir and the Cloud server [root]

SET files > .htm  & NOT.HTML in NOF Option SetUp !

  • ON recovering from a NOF Template don’’t forget to set the Backup and Autosave DIR correctly AGAIN

-m4 are a “pseaudo” 360px format for a mobile screen

  • chromtech-aus.com is a GOOD Mobile Responsive WIX Site
    -m5 500px with sub-menu fly-outs
    So . . . -m5 & -PC & others are 600-700px but sized with End-user “split or mult-screen APPs” in mind on a decent large screen ( 20”SCreem preferred ???)

LENOVA KEYBOARD is a “crap” design > ALL QWERTY types ? )

The “Mouse can tends to cover bottom row of keys “ > can delete whatever “block in edit”  that might be hi-lighted
(& IN ANY PROGRAM at random” > a chronic problem FOR ME ! ) IF multi-programs are “OPEN”

“Mobile” end-ser “presentation is quite reasonable even ( for Mickey Mouse or Mr Magoo !) in Our -m5 and/or -PC BUT tiny Print U have to Pinch & Zoom understanable But also for ANY worhwhile PDF and/or FlipPages

FlipHTML5  > “Ours” at flip.chromalytic.net.au
is VERY GOOD altho a 5-10 sec “hiatus” depending on cache and cloud time etc
Bundles up to 1000PDFs and 150mByte pubish quickly ( Max of 3-4mins)  > some Flp formatting IS required !)

Even though NOF15 is dead > WITHOUT ANY CRAP APPs Used it is quite GOOD after 25+year
at least of MY Use Q

  • Be-A-WARE of WordPress and similar APPs
    -   > which do come and go like OpenSource

“Years of work|”  ? “by others” can and has been destroyed  > by Others when “eventually” these APPS “Fall Over and “Die” . . . “built-in obsolesence like WIN and HTM > the “W3C scam” & Adobe” “FLASH” / APPLE fiasco ~

ut they can & Do by copy& paste bits perhaps ( but even that can be a real mess> nightmare to do !)

STOPS Most “hackers” re security etc )

Overall NOF15 IS GOOD but some problems are real !

Integral is the use of NOF MasterBorders
PC “ / 2016S”/  !700 pis ( for spli>large Screen Multi APPS
pseodo Mobile / “-m350S “)” NOT responsive but re-scaled !
but Our Standard / default ~190 pages / “-m5”/

“ NOF15 BUGs”
TO . . . “create a new page” edit file > untitled etc > problems IF U try and change the name
the NEW doesn’t translate into the “published” version & link s might be lost

The ONLY answer !

“Copy &* paste” in edit  mode and create a NEW Page with the intended contents & its’ final “name”
A VIP “bug” IF overlooked !

Still an existing embedded problem

“blank” in file name seems solve in the appropriate NOF SET-UP Option
“HTM” replace “blanks” with “-” (a minus)

NOF15 Old HTM ( > Now HTML5 )  and GOOGLE > ON-line Listing is quite GOOD ! BUT Never have got ANY Ranking WHATSOEVER ! > NO matter what I do !

MY Guess  !> you have to Pay their “blackmail” > “PAY FOR THEIR ADS and get ranked ‘accordingly

 OR be prepared to play “their SEO Game” & The deliberately “embedded” s’ware “bugs “ code “holes”

IT IS ILLEGAL BUT THEY DENY THIS . . . but I know THIS IS All Bullshit !

NOF 15 is 1-2 pixel “pefect” ust a bit “tedious” to actually use . . . I’m impressed overall with the “code engineering” and flexibility > even if some feartiresare buried within

ALL the actual editors are probably “dead” by now or Thoroughly “bought-out” of that “code” is redundant NOW

Makes me wonder about the fture of JavaScript” IF that even gets trashed by THE W3C

ALL Code run in the CLOUDS ARE NOW SUSPECT . . by decree THAT IS OPEN_ENDED > A Trap > AUTO UPDATES & EXTORTION ??? bu Microsoafr Apple etc . . . eventually at their “whim” ?

+ comparablr to a “A-Bomb” on the PC WORLD redundant”

“PIXEL>Phishing the NEW scam” on the WEB > equally so !”
See :” MS-BIng” has just announced this horror Dec’2023

all ad hoc > incomplete but

as of  6-00pm3 0Jan23 ALL IS NOW VERY Good > NOF15 & “RackNerd” even at 
perhaps a bit too much detail . . . and ”old style “fussy” in design compared to those “flash” >
“fly-by-night” > “Template Sites” . . .with rarely any “worthwhile” detail what-so-ever !

Certainly JUST NOT of MY Interest ! and the “potential scam” of Open-source APPS

> those damn Shopping Cart Template designs  being a prime example

E-bay and Amazon , Ali Baba and now even  “THE Communist “Tic Toc can’t seem to do much better . . . either with their Billion $ budgets !
www.chromtech.net.au’fow how long “ . . . it has been for Us a real nightmare > to date !
exarcerbated by the enhanced  acceleration of less necessary even redundant decision to upgrade the Internet thru “enforced: acceptance dur to negliganse ( in hindihight admittedly by the IT Industry in perhaps not foreseeing or implementing “scam” fixes in what has become probably
“a trillion $ Industry WW “,incidentel but more likely to be “pre-planned “ like “built-in-obsolescence” generally has been allowed to “flourish

. . . to groww Economies through the New Concept of “Force-Controlled-Growth Economic Inflation Theory” perhaps to feed the “greedy” . . . > to enrich those high flying “entreprenaurs”  . without exception
Musk & his EV cars for example but Power Energy “moguls”,
Space-X program, premature “battery Energy Storage ona mass-scale > replacing freeways with Tunnels for Cars ( Yes In LA ) and other “over-the-top”
 & probably futile  technologies . . . All while 1/4 of Worls population literally on the verge of starvation
>India, Africa parts of SE_Asia etc many burdened by corrupt “despots” and many now “embedded“ into the rogue part of the UN ( THE United Nations ) - now Universally accepted !

Black Roc(k) Inc has recently come to the fore inexplicably now apparently controlling directly or indirectly something like 20-30% of All of The Global Economy !

> a TECH Resource for Analytical Chemists ! CT Chromatogrphy  > 
PIC Gallery > via the “courtesy” of ”Our” GOOGLE SEARCH
PICs >
PDF LINKs > Good IDEAS : Gadjets

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We’d Welcome YOUR   e-Mail /chat  Response >
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WE R Here 2 4 E-mail CHAT !


Corrections ! > ALL ( > MANY ) “HTM” links with “ “  or a “%20” ( space ) in the URL
now are “auto-fixed” on-line by NOF15
NOT with “%20” but with “ -” ( hypen ) instead & are NOW W3C / HTML5  OK ! 
“ _ “ ( underscore ) are also  accepted !
with NO dreaded “404” errors !* FlipHTML5 & PDFs ar NOT effected by this “farcical”>”anomaly” !

NOW ? > (“simlpy” ] use TAWK Tick-sfrom ~31Mar24+ but still  ? >
& evolving ! albeit TAWK “HELP”itself Is Still a bit “farcical” ! Re AI > garbage-IN > OUT ! . . . but still 2-5year away to minimise obvious “scams > “phishing” etc?
Until ALL such OEM > Marketing Cos’ > GET REAL ! FREE ?
BUT Still within LIMITS ! U must Pay for necessary extra IF U need to Install ?

“Real AI”?

 some of Our Other Main OEM Suppliers !

[CHROMTECH Suppliers-m5] [SR! GCs-m5] [SRIGC-PriceList-m5] [Biotech_Fluidics] [VICI-Jour-NewProducts-m5] [Instrumentation-VICI-m5] [VICI-PrecisionSampling-m5] [xRestek Chromatography-m5] [NewEra SyringePumps-m5] [PlasticFittings-ValuePlastics-m5] [ALT PlasticFittings2022-m5] [PeakSimple DataSystem-m5] [Membrane Solutions-m5] [Kebby Crimpers-m5] [NUTECH Air Monitoring]

 some of Our “KEY “ Products

[CHROMTECH Products] [PlasticFittings-ValuePlastics-m5] [SPE-SamplePrep-m5] [ALT PlasticFittings2022-m5] [Syringes-m5] [PlasticSyringes NormJect-m5] [Gas Sampling Bags-m5] [NEW Vial Products-m5] [Crimpers-2012Update] [IDEX FITTINGS ALL-m5] [Chromatography Fittings-m5] [Chromatography Tubing-m5] [Ferrules-m5] [Graphite Ferrules-m5] [PeakSimple DataSystem-m5] [Instrumentation Valves-m5] [Filtration Accessories-m5] [Detectors-GC-m5] [HPLC Detector Lamps 09-m5] [Chromatography Products-Main-m5]

CT Introduction2021>+

CT-About Us

x ~195ea+


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