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DET 62 May 2010
DET62_1-8 acrobat-but PDF FLIP

1   Catalytic Combustion Ionisation Method for Selective Detection of CH2 Functional Groups in Petroleum, Biofuel and FAMs including differentiation Between Saturated and Unsaturated Carbon Bonds

2   Selective TID-1 Detection in an Inert Nitrogen Environemnet allows Gasoline to be Used as an Extraction Solvent

3   Critique of Agilents Instructions for the 6890/7890 NPD


Selective TID-1 Thermionic Detection of Oxygenates and High Concentration Hydrocarbons as Related to Analyses of Petroleum and bio-fuels

Library of Chromatograms
Mar 2008
DET08-03_1-18 acrobat-but PDF FLIP

Introduction to the TID-1 Surface Ionisation Process . . .
Exceptional Sensitivity and Selectivity to Compounds Containing (1) NO2 Functional Group (2) Chlorine Atoms, chorinated pesticides, chlordane, toxaphene (3) Oxygenates; ethanol in gasoline, formic acid, glycols, phenols (4) Water in solvents

(5) Selectivity for certian drugs NPD/TID-1 (6) PAHs - various Selectitivity (6) Selectivity for CH2 Groups in O2/N2 TID -1

Accessing TID-1 Detection on Different Brand GC Models

DET 57 Aug 2008

1   Realising the Full Detection Capability of Agilent 6890/7890 GC
2   DET NPD/TID Equipment for Retrofit on Varian GCs
3   Tandem Thermionic Detection on an SRI 8610C GC, 1 Column Effluent - 2 Simultaneous DDetector Signals (TID-1/NPD, NPD/TID-1 and Other Combinations )

4   TID-1 Detction of 1,4-Butanediol Coating on “Aqua-Dots”

DET 56 May 2008

1   Selective Detection of bisPhenol-A at low Picogtram Levels with TID
- a Surface Ionisation
2   Unique Construction of DET Ceramic Ion Sources for NPD and Other Modes of Thermionic Detection

3   Optimum Thermionic Detector Configuration Used in DET and Agilent 6890/7890 NPD Equipment

4   Recycle Used Ceramic Ion Sources from Agilent 6890/7890 NPD

DET 53 2007

1  Simple TID-1 Detection of Degradation Products in Used Motor Oil
2  TID-1 Detection of Ethanol in Commercial Gasolines
3  NPD and TID-1 Detection of Drug Compounds
4  NPD Detection of Pesticides

DET 52 Sept 2006 (part)

1   TID-1 Oxygenates -Wine, tea etc SRI/DET
2   Easy Conversion of Agilent 6890 NPD Equipment to Oxygenate Selective Detection

DET 51 Oct 2005

1  TID Phthalates
2  NPD Acrylamide
3  Parameters effecting NPD Response

DET48 July 2004

1   Detection of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE ) by Selective TID-3
2   Review of DET Equipment for Agilent 6890 GCs
A   Accessories for 6890 NPD Structure
B  Detector Structures that Fit on 6890 FID Base

DET 47 Jan 2004

1   TID-1 Formic Acid in Alcoholic Beverages
2   Thermionic Detection Bromine Compounjs(Bromophenols, PDDE, Haloacetic acids, Trihalomethanes

Modified Collector for 6890 NPD Allows a Wide Range of H2 Flows for More Selectivity Options

DET 42 Aug 2001

1   Wine Analysis - TID-1 Detection of Diacetyl, Formic Acid, Acetic Acid,Propionic and Lactic Acids; Glycerol; and Vanillin
2   Diesel Fuel Analysis - TID-1 and NPD DEtection of Carbazoles. Oxygenates and PAHs
3   NPD & TID-1 on Gasless SRI GC - Explosives, Pesticides, Drugs

DET41 June 2001

1   “Gasless” GC - New DET Detectors on the SRI GC
2   Improved NP Detection for the Agilent 6890 and Varian 3800 GCs

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