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Specialists in Chromatography / Fluid Transfer Products
- Distributors in Australia for ALL your Laboratory Equipment


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Site Structure : Site Admin : Suppliers : Chromatography Products
: Fluid Transfer : Lab Equipment : Specific Apps-Products
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How-to-Place-an-Order : CT AUD Prices : Freight Charges :Trading Terms :DisclaimerContact Us

TO All NEW Customers . . . - but a reminder to ALL!                           Chromalytic Disclaimer

With all due respect . . . As of 2016+

      . . . We will no longer accept Phone orders or CC Payment by phone - CONFIRMATION is required in writing by e-mai (preferred)  or fax ( Banks at their discretion do no favors for us the vendor in case of disputes ! )
Altho’ we Do welcome phone enquiries and RFQs - And YES we DO answer the bloody phone And NOTwith  those dumb answering machine

Payment preferred > using CC via PayPAL ( & we send the PP Invoice but on Your request ! )

Any . . . ACCOUNT Orders
1    will be processed only on receipt of an official Company Letterhead Purchase Order
Terms as agreed :

CASH Orders
2    Payment by CC using on-line PayPAL or Bank Transfer can be made . . . in advance OR by arrangement.
Goods will NOT  be released for shipment until the Bank receipt is received by us by e-mail ( or fax ) 
OR the funds actually appear in our Bank account ( bear in mind the Banks may sit on the money for up to 3 or 4 days


  • YOU must follow OUR instructions explicitly
  • YOU accept THE LIMITATIONS of our “proto” Carts and any ”errors’ will be adjusted by us before shipping ANY Goods
  • Note : most Carts are simplistic and prone to “errors ) We will confirm YOUR Order with
    Our ORDER Confirmation BEFORE processing AND Shipment generally AFTER YOUR PAYMENT !

Invoice Prices may also be adjusted to current Prices in Our SYSTEM Database, for example for ANY Extraordinary Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations . . .  re Our Purchasing from International Suppliers Or where Goods are being exported

1    ALL Purchase Orders / Quotation requests must be in writing e-mail or fax
2    We respond with a formal quote AND Order Confirmation and then the PayPAL  INVOICE is sent on request
3    Your written Purchase Order needs to be returned to us by fax or scanned e-mail.
with Street Delivery address for Courier
with / without CC details
signed and with printed Customer Name
Both permanent Phone No and Mobile No (as a back up) are required
All this to be detailed on each Order Form
4    On completion of shipment and payment confirmation Then we send you a PAID Tax Invoice
5    If in doubt  re - your presence at delivery address then YOU must  make alternative arrangements with us
We accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for missing or late deliveries . . . outside of our control
YOU can use your Freight Courier to Pick up from Chromalytic Tech
232 Forest Rd, Boronia, 3155
AFTER we confirm shipment is ready for pick up
7    At Your request We will ship to your preferred nearest Courier Depot TNT or Hunter Express
 . . . YOU determine the details of this address and make ALL the arrangements
8     All responsibility for Goods pass to you the Purchaser once in the hands of our or your Courier
9     The transaction is completed with our Tax Invoice after goods have been shipped
10    FRAGILE Goods - NO responsibility for breakages in transit is accepted by us - the low cost PRICING reflects THIS risk
ALL Care and Diligence is used by Us !

A copy of our CC Quote PDF Form is attached

Tell us . . . If you have any difficulties with this !

We reserve the right do do busines with you or your Company strictly under OUR Terms
 And NOT to do business with customers who can Not or Will Not comply
Or even those who may tend to obfuscate with Us

Government Orders or those from “Large” Companies SPECIFYing 30>60>90days Or whatever will NOT be accepted


I : ( your name ) - - - - - - - - - - 
Position in the Company - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
of Company : - - - - - - - - - - -
the user of products purchased from Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd ( the Supplier )

declare . . . >

  • these products are being used for Laboratory, experimental, R&D use, development of prototypes.
  • where used in production of commercial products the USER is expected to perform all due diligence
  • this technolgy ’these high tech” products are NOT being used or diverted for ILLEGAL use or contrary to regulations set by . . .
    for example TGA and other authorised / ”certified” regulatory bodies.
    ANY reference to medical or pharmaceutical products is incidental and in particular does NOT imply such are necessarily suitable for use in medical procedures or that they are supplied “Sterile”

    Chromalytic Technology accepts NO liability for any use or misuse of such products for ANY purpose whatsoever and expects ALL customers to perform all “due diligence” and “common sense” in their use

    Customer / the user accepts all liability for such use within and outside the Law
  • If intended for resale the USER needs to ensure they comply with ALL legal requirement regarding
    Dangerous Goods if applicable
  • proper business procedures are followed
  • DISCLAIMER of products NOT to be used for injectables for human or animal use without appropriate
    QA/QC and certification by regulatory Authorities and NOT to be directed at illegal or potentially criminal use.
  • In all circumstances - the actual user of Chromalytic products must be technically competent
    and trained with the necessary skills, experience and supervision if / as needed
  • ALL responsibility for use or misuse of such products is the sole responsibility of the User
  • USER accepts responsibility for determining the SUITABILITY of the products for ANY intended purpose
  • No Authorisation is given by Chromalytic or may be implied for Export or re-Export of Goods outside of Australia

    the USER : is the Purchaser of the Goods from Chromalytic Technology ( the Supplier )
    and is duly responsible to comply with ALL legalities : business regulations, Taxation etc

    Chromalytic accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for ANY misuse, NEGLECT or for YOUR Dumbness or due to ANY inflictions such as Drug Influence, Parkinsons Diseases, senility or insanity. ! proven Or otherwise !
    Nor being a Politician, Public Servant or Govt Bureaucrat is accepted as an excuse for incompetence, negligence or stupidity !

    Resellers / Distributors
    Appointments will be considered and discounts may be offered on an “ad hoc” basis
    NO rights apply to market or advertise under Chromalytic or Chromtech name OR is implied under our Supplier/Category Name
    NO legally binding agreements re Insurances Taxation are or can be implied

    Limited strictly to those pertaining to those offered by the original manufacturers of the Goods as stated on respective Supplier websites
    Limited to absolute Maximum of replacement part cost . . . providing proof is given of faulty materials or workmanship.
    NO INDEMNITY for any losses whatsoever . . . for product failure . . . loss of production time.
    Replacement Parts - in a timely manner . . . .NO CLAIMS for YOUR time lost or delays in shipping outside of OUR direct control


                       Signature :

    Name :                                                            Company Name :                                           
    Dept :

    Address :

    Phone No :

    E-mail :

    Dated :

  • This Declaration will be revised as necessary to conform with any current
    or future legal requirements

  • It is YOUR Responsibily to sign this and send/e-mail PDF copy / version back to us
    by default  > . . . failing to do this means you “completely” Accept responsibilty and Any . . .
    ramifications, consequences arising > there-from !
  • YOU must be a legally responsible AND Company Authorised person !

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OEM Supplier : Trademarks, Patents. logos apply !
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