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Filtration Accessories PRODUCT LIST
& Hints
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Membran e Solutions


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Syringe Filters
Membrane Filters
BottleTop Filter/Vac-Fill
SPE Tubes
Glass Chromatography AutoSampler Vials
Vacuum Flasks/Funnels
Vacuum Pumps

Bottle Top Dispensers
Single/ multiChannel
Pipette Fill
Syringe Tips

  • Glass Bottles GL45
    Safety Coated / Meshed
  • BottleCaps- MultiPort
  • Serum Vial Accessories
    Vials/ bottles; Caps,
    Screw & Crimp
    Crimpers Hand and Pneumatic
    Hand Vacuum Pumps

NormJect Plastic Syringes All PP design
LuerLok/ Slip type
SPE Tubes

NEW Thomson Filter Vials


Filtration Hints

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Glass Filtration System

FAST CAP BottleTop Filter


Diaphram Vaccum Pump VPJ0332
Glass Filter System
47mm Membrane Filters
1 Liter Collection Flak
250ml Funnel with Glass Support Frit
Order Membrane Filters Separately from Membrane Solutions
 For effective vacuum Cone-joint and Membrane/Frit surface needs to be pre-wetted with filtration media
ONLY 200mm required for Filtration
DON”T USE High(er) Vac PUMP as Glassware can Implode
USE a Saftey Shield
NOW available larger
2 liter Glass Filtration  System VGF020050

Nalgene / ( Now from Thermo Scientific
as the OEM )
90mm Built-in Membrane Filter
Effective Filer Size 90mm
PES new Fast Filter for aqueous and medium polarity “Oils”
0.2 and 0.45um Pore Size
Use with GL-45 Solvent bottles and Vacuum Pump
-   Inlet Port > Pump
-   Outlet Port to Sample Bottle
x5 to x 10 FASTER that conventional Syringe Filters
x10 times sample capacity
AREA PLUS more efficient Filter material



Hand Operated Pump
Vacuum Piston Chamber 30cc -x 15 “pumps to evauate 500cc “sealed” Solvent Bottle
> Slow; so obviously not for fast filtration or large bottles/chambers

Note : a Hand Pump can “potentially” get down to >100mm HG

 BUT ONLY use at Max Vac of 250mm Otherwise risk “implosion” of GL45 Bottles ( Safety-coated version(s) are now available )

Use a Diaphragm Vacuum Pump for faster uninterrupted use
 (~200-300mm vacuum)
( higher vacuum may fracture polymeric membranes )
Order these separately !
PES is a more modern “Universal” type polymer for faster filtration;
mid-polarity to hydrophyllic matrixes

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