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Chromatography Fittings KITS


 Fittings Kits

Kits represent  ~25% SAVINGS ON INDIVIDUAL Parts

Restek Survival Kit SS
 #25097 $467RestekSSSurvivalKit

Restek Survival Kit PEEK
#25322 $400

Restek PEEK Performance Kit
#26394 $214RestekPEEKKit

HPLC Capillary Tubing,SS 1/16" x
0.005" x 5cm red 3-pk. 25240
0.005" x 10cm red 3-pk. 25241
0.005" x 20cm red 3-pk. 25242
0.005" x 30cm red 3-pk. 25243
0.007" x 5cm gray 3-pk. 25244
0.007" x 10cm gray 3-pk. 25245
0.007" x 20cm gray 3-pk. 25246
0.007" x 30cm gray 3-pk. 25247
0.010" x 5cm blue 3-pk. 25248
0.010" x 10cm blue 3-pk. 25249
0.010" x 20cm blue 3-pk. 25250
0.010" x 30cm blue 3-pk. 25251
0.020" x 5cm yellow 3-pk. 25252
0.020" x 10cm yellow 3-pk. 25253
0.020" x 20cm yellow 3-pk. 25254
0.020" x 30cm yellow 3-pk. 25255
1/16" Rheodyne Style Nut 10-pk. 25095
1/16" Rheodyne Style Ferrule 10-pk. 25096
ValvTool Wrench ea. 25321
Ferrules, 1/16" Stainless Steel 10-pk. 26548
Nuts, 1/16" Stainless Steel 10-pk. 20287
Zero-Dead-Volume Internal Union ea. 20148

PEEK Column Connector (beige, round body) 10-pk. 25015
PEEK Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.005" ID x 3m (red stripe) ea. 25065
PEEK Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.007" ID x 3m (yellow stripe) ea. 25066
PEEK Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.010" ID x 3m (blue stripe) ea. 25067
PEEK Tubing Elbow, 90 5-pk. 25308
PEEK Tubing Elbow, 180 5-pk. 25309
Teflon Tubing, 1/8" OD x 0.063" (1.6mm) ID x 3m 3m 25306
Teflon Tubing, 1/8" OD x 0.094" (2.4mm) ID x 3m 3m 25307
Tubing Clip 5-pk. 25310
ValvTool Wrench ea. 25321
Open-End Wrenches, 1/4" x 5/16" 2-pk.* 20110
Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter ea. 25069
Replacement Blade for Clean-Cut Cutter ea. 25070
PEEK Union Connector 1/16" 2-pk. 25323
Mobile Phase Sparge Filter: 2um ea. 25311
Inlet Filter: 10um ea. 25312
*Kit contains 1 wrench, replacement (cat.# 20110) is a 2-pk.

Hub-Cap Adapter w/Cap (1)
Tubing Clips (3)
Clean Cut Tubing Cutter (1)
PEEK Finger Tight Fittings (5)
PEEK Column Plugs (5)
PEEK 90 Tubing Elbows (2)
PEEK 180 Tubing Elbows (2)

VICI and VICI AG(Jour)

 Fittings Kits

Kits represent  ~25% SAVINGS ON INDIVIDUAL Parts

PEEK Starter Kit #JR-35P $354VICI-PEEKStarterKit

SS Starter Kit JR-35S $462

Chrombox #JR-34N $462

1 Plastic box
10 PEEK one-piece fittings, 10-32
5 PEEK handtight fittings
5 PEEK nuts, hex-head long
20 PEEK ferrules, double-ended 1/16"
1 PEEK union, HP body only, 10-32
2 Tubing elbows 90
2 Tubing elbows 180
1 PEEK filter, in-line,incl. PAT frit 5 um
1 Clean-cut tubing cutter
1 Last Drop PTFE filter 5 um
3m PEEK tubing, 1/16" x 0.25 mm ID,blue stripe
3m PEEK tubing, 1/16" x 0.50 mm ID,
orange stripe
1 Tweezers

JR-3675-2 Filter, SS, mobile phase 2 um, 1/8'' pipe OD 1
JR-68230-5 Filter, SS, In-Line ID 0.25 mm, complete, frit SS 5 um 1
JR-792 Tool, Tubing Cutter for metal tubing 1
JR-800 Tool, ValvTool 1/4'' and 5/16'' open wrench 1
JR-804 Tool, wrench 1/4'' x 5/16'' 1
JR-806 Tool, Tweezers, Polypropylen, Pinzette 1
JR-9000-0532 Filter, SS, Last Drop 10 um, tripod tubing connector 1
JR-LZN1 Nut, SS, X-long, Valco type, 10-32 10
JR-T-625-10-M3 Tubing, SS, 1/16'' OD x 0.25 mm ID, 3 m/pkg 1
JR-T-625-20-M3 Tubing, SS, 1/16'' OD x 0.50 mm ID, 3 m/pkg 1
JR-T-97030 Tubing, SS, precut 1/16'' OD x 0.18 mm ID, length 100 mm 2
JR-T-97060 Tubing, SS, precut 1/16'' OD x 0.25 mm ID, length 200 mm 2
JR-ZF1S6 Ferrule, SS, Valco type, 1/16'' 20
JR-ZN1 Nut, SS, Valco type, 1/16'', 10-32 10
JR-ZU1CS6 Union, SS, bore 0.25 mm, 1/16'', 10-32, complete 1

JR-061 Union, PEEK, 0.25 mm bore, body only 1
JR-357090 Tubing Elbow 90 1
JR-357180 Tubing Elbow 180 1
JR-5004 Ferrule, PEEK, double 1/16'' 10
JR-55020-1 Fitting, PEEK, one-piece natural, 10-32 5
JR-5510 Nut, PEEK, hex-head long, 10-32 5
JR-5580 Nut, PEEK, hand-tight, 10-32 5
JR-68250 Filter, PEEK, In-Line, complete, frit PAT PEEK-encased 5 um 1
JR-68250 Filter, PEEK, In-Line, complete, frit PAT PEEK-encased 5 um 1
JR-796 Tool, Tubing Plier for metal tubing 1
JR-797 Tool, Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter 1
JR-800 Tool, ValvTool 1/4'' and 5/16'' open wrench 1
JR-802 Tool, file 1
JR-804 Tool, wrench 1/4'' x 5/16'' 2
JR-9000-0530 Filter, SS, Last Drop 2 um 1
JR-9001 Tubing Clip 2
JR-LZN1 Nut, SS, X-long, Valco type, 10-32 5
JR-MZN1 Nut, SS, 1/16'' Medium, 10-32 5
JR-T-6001-M3 Tubing, PEEK, 1/16'' OD X 0.25 mm ID, blue striped, 3 m/pkg 1
JR-T-6002-M3 Tubing, PEEK, 1/16'' OD X 0.50 mm ID, orange striped, 3 m/pkg 1
JR-T-625-10-M3 Tubing, SS, 1/16'' OD x 0.25 mm ID, 3 m/pkg 1
JR-T-625-20-M3 Tubing, SS, 1/16'' OD x 0.50 mm ID, 3 m/pkg 1
JR-T-6800-M3 Tubing, PTFE, 1/8'' OD x 1.59 mm ID, 3 m/pkg 1
JR-ZF1S6 Ferrule, SS, Valco type, 1/16'' 10
JR-ZU1MS6 Union, SS, bore 0.50 mm, 1/16'', 10-32, complete 1

Restek Swagelok BRASS Fittings Kit
Brass Fittings Kit
Restek Swagelok SS Fittings Kit
#23197 $1017

SS Fittings Kit

B-202-1 1/8" brass nut (20)
B-402-1 1/4" brass nut (20)
B-203-1 1/8" brass front ferrule (20)
B-403-1 1/4" brass front ferrule (20)
B-204-1 1/8" brass back ferrule (20)
B-404-1 1/4" brass back ferrule (20)
B-200-C 1/8" brass cap (6)
B-400-C 1/4" brass cap (6)
B-200-P 1/8" brass plug (6)
B-400-P 1/4" brass plug (6)
B-200-6 1/8" brass union (2)
B-400-6 1/4" brass union (2)
B-400-6-2 1/4" to 1/8" brass reducing union (2)
B-200-3 1/8" brass tee (2)
B-400-3 1/4" brass tee (2)
B-400-R-2 1/8" to 1/4" brass tube end reducer (2)
B-200-R-4 1/4" to 1/8" brass tube end reducer (2)
MS-IG-200 1/8" inspection gauge (1)
MS-IG-400 1/4" inspection gauge (1)

SS-202-1 1/8" brass nut (20)
SS-402-1 1/4" brass nut (20)
SS-203-1 1/8" brass front ferrule (20)
SS-403-1 1/4" brass front ferrule (20)
SS-204-1 1/8" brass back ferrule (20)
SS-404-1 1/4" brass back ferrule (20)
SS-200-C 1/8" brass cap (6)
SS-400-C 1/4" brass cap (6)
SS-200-P 1/8" brass plug (6)
SS-400-P 1/4" brass plug (6)
SS-200-6 1/8" brass union (2)
SS-400-6 1/4" brass union (2)
SS-400-6-2 1/4" to 1/8" brass reducing union (2)
SS-200-3 1/8" brass tee (2)
SS-400-3 1/4" brass tee (2)
SS-400-R-2 1/8" to 1/4" brass tube end reducer (2)
SS-200-R-4 1/4" to 1/8" brass tube end reducer (2)
MS-IG-200 1/8" inspection gauge (1)
MS-IG-400 1/4" inspection gauge (1)

Value Plastics

Fitting Kits

Kits represent  ~15-25% SAVINGS
On Individual Parts

Aassorted KIT-001) $266VP-Assorted-Kit

 -Lluer KIT-001) $213VP-Luer-Kit

 - Tube -to -tube KIT-001) $213VP-Tube-To-Tube-Kit

Assorted Kit provides a cross section of many components designed and manufactured by Value Plastics. This kit contains a variety of our popular components, including luers, tube-to-tube and threaded fittings.
Includes 484 pieces, .

Luer Kit contains male and female luers, luer plugs, couplers, tees, elbows as well as blood pressure cuff and monitor fittings. Luer tapers are made to ISO standards.
Includes over 500 pieces,

Tube-to-Tube Kit contains a variety of fittings in different configurations - and one that is sure to work for your application. Some of the fittings contained in this kit include straight-thru connectors, tees,
elbows, Ys, and press-in plugs.
Includes over 500 pieces,

 - XQC KIT-001) $235VP-QC-Kit

 - BP Kit-001) $245VP-BP-Kit

- BIOPHARM Kit-001) $440VP-BioPharm-Kit

XQC Kit contains an assortment of XQC Series Quick Connect Fittings (Quick Disconnect Couplings). Includes 22 pieces, .

Our Blood Pressure Kit contains a variety of blood pressure fittings that are manufactured by Value Plastics. Some of the fittings contained in this kit include, quick connect fittings, connectors, panel mounts and adaptors.
 Includes 30 different parts and 138 pieces,

Our Biopharm Designer Kit contains a variety of fittings that are commonly found within the BioPharm market. Some of the fittings contained in this kit include our larger fittings of Y’s, T’s, elbows, straight
through and reducing connectors ranging from 3/8” to 1”, sanitary fittings and gaskets.
Contains 95 different pieces,


BUILD-A-PART DESIGNER KIT (Part Number -KIT01-81 -KIT01-40) $213
Our Build-A-Part Kits are available in two different materials: White ABS or Polysulfone. Contained in these kits are luers, elbows, tees, and junction blocks. Includes over 500 pieces,.


Note: Due to our ever increasing product line, Kit contents are subject to change without notice.
Kits may include one or more of each component in a variety of materials.

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