Flash-PDF Products

- Supplier Catalogs in FLIP FlipBook-2  format using “embedded” FLASH > & as a cut down “improvised” HTM (>OK?)
NEW FlipHTML5 is much improved & without the need for FLASH

Double Click the Slide Pics

Adobe FLASH - has been “dumped” by Windows / Apple and Mobile Phones it seems in favour of HTML5
For those PC “afficionado”s and at least Android (4.1 and later) mobiles but NOT GOOGLE /
FLASH still is supported by some Browsers eg Puffin; Firefox/  Photon (Browser&Player)
 and the Flash Player directly from the Adobe site and/or via an APP
Chromtech has retained some FLASH pages thru’ this site
. . . here for example as “Flash” Slide Shows & in many ways still better than HTML5 ???

our (LHS) auto-Side NAV Bars are a “simulated” FLASH format but R still OK on some mobiles ???

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