Climate Facts vsTHE“Hyperbolae” >
scare” agenda !

UPDATE 2024-2 - Surface Temp Reconstructions for the Last 2000 Years - Atmospheric Sciences and Climate; Division on Earth and Life Studies;National Research Council (USA) 2024-2 161p > dated 2006 & ignored by ALL “guru” Experts ! > & arguably ALL Complicit !

THE 95>97.5> 99% “Consensus” itself is “fraudulent” > at best “false pretenses”

US Court Case 2024-1 at beast a case of NOT LIES perhaps but deliberate falsification and distortion by Mann et al  > . . . for notoriety or to favor gullible “vested interests Governments WW and the United Nations ( IPCC) )” at a cost of multi Trillons of $$$’sS >evolved into The “scam” of THE Millenia”

Like a “referendum “ >Get the answer you want by the “phrasing of the question” misinformation OR Non disclosure of ANY details > “The Hidden Agenda”  in fact !

elsewhere its a “trait” of Socialism>Communism>Fascism or simply the “blind leading-the-blind! > best we have got is “Democracy of the Corrupt” hhhmmm! Too Far gone ? ! We ALL Trust NOT!

Largely the majority of the World-Wide Media Scientific Research Establishment
 ( CSIRO in Australia) many Universities, Government Depts  in fact the Education System has been “hood-winked” by various vested interests collectively . . . Environmental Groups Mining & Energy Companies “aided & abetted
 by the “beat-up”  exaggeration extrapolation innocently > naively or deliberately Newspapers, TV, The Internet > THE media in general . . . itself
Currently evolving from Global Warming > Climate Change and in more recent times to exaggerated “Energy Crisis’”

All to the point (2023) potentially costing Worlds Economies Billions of Dollars NOW but projected to cost multi-trillions by 2050 the dead-line imposed by the IPPC for Net Zero Carbon Emission falsely being attributed to “anthropogenic (man-made) being the main factor

This is demonstratably false and continually argued by many noted Scientists Climatologist and less biased Authorities
THE “Bubble”>”Hoax” Largely based on initiatives fostered by Al Gore, The “Mann HockeyStick” frauds exposed by the US Senate and NOT successfully defended by Michael Mann but equally supported in Australia by “cohorts” like Tim Flannery

The IPPC itself is not a scientific body with any real accreditation
but largely “political” arm of the United Nations backed by arguably “pseudo” scientists and now being discredited more generally as being “stooges” hijacked by extremists Countries, Govts etc.

ALL can be substantiated by bro public and much private evidence being “shut down” over decades by threatened subliminal intimidation ( NOW called “CANCEL Culture””) even exposing legislation in Victoria for ANY form of dissent  contrary to any sort of Human Rights abuse

Surely a case of a need for Royal Commission(S) in Australia at least. Other “political agendas extend over many decades to include “cyclic” beat-ups  re

Rising Sea Levels
Population Explosion ( re Malthusian Theory now resurrected from the late 1800s
mini Ice Age
Energy Crises
“denigration” of Nuclear Energy . . . is it just too good > too obvious to be easily exploited by the “shifty” fly-by nighters?
often >  All under the guise of the “Greenies” or Environmentalism > fanaticism > “brainless”extrememists” AND a minority imposing their beliefs to the detriment of ALL

Yes ! . . .  “terrorism works” unfortuneately under the assumed “Powers” of the “gutless” > bureaucrats !

and denigration of Nuclear Energy demonstrated and accepted by many to be the Answer to GW / CC and the “URGENT” Need to curb so-called CO2 emissions > pollution NO ! mistaken by the ”ignorant” for Carbon

Australia has until recent perpetually banned ANY discussion of Nuclear Energy NOW proven to be cost effective against inflation even  safe and potentially with new technology of LFTR
virtually “fool-proof against ANY pollution of CO2 but also radioactivity isotopes with only minor need for remote storage recently being “reneged” by Federal and most State Govts
Do-able within a time frame of a few decades with Modular Reactors
With Thorium Energy for 100s of 1000s of years

Exacerbating any need for panic re Energy Crisis > the banning of Coal in Australia ( but Not elsewhere and more recently NOT allowing new domestic Natural Gas in VICTORIA, exploration having been banned Onshore & Offshore BY Dan Andrews (Our Premier ! )

There is NO Climate Change or Energy Crisis of any real significance  except artificially “contrived”
The cause of anthropogenic CO2 increase is a fallacy yet to be substantiated or proven AND If so within reasonable limits from current 400ppM even to 1000ppm which is virtually IMPOSSIBLE
Intermediate levels of Total CO2 are in fact proven to be beneficial in “Greening the Planet” as evidenced bu satellite data since ~1979” Certainly ! . . . there is literally  no need for Elon Musk to ”Terra-Form Mars” so the rich & privileged “fat cats” can escape the mess they are creating here on Earth through their “scare campaigns


. . . But all in the sake of privacy for certain individuals who risk being “CANCELLED” “unceremoniously” > lives and welfare are being  effected destroyed NOW ! by ALL “those” vested interests.
in fact many “reasonable but “contrary” politicians have been barred/ disenfranchised from Parliament
. . . the gutless disappear but some still persevere "“against" the odds” or are simply “bought-off ~

Yet many of the “woke” brigade corrupt as they might be  and even extreme obvious circumstances are “kept safe” > No consequence ! whatsoever and even profit by their malfeasance

The “rorts” of “jobs for the Boys” continues

There NEEDS to be some “modicum”” of responsibility AND ACCOUNTABILITY BY ALL those involved. . .  hhhmmm!

by the “Judiciary” legal SYSTEM ! ??? . . .take the US System > Govt “farce” re Biden etc / Trump arguably ?

DO YOU ? WOULD YOU  ? Trust ANY of them !
 > a real dilemma for Society > ALL “regimes”

some real (practical) “evidence”  >

John Christie (Roy Spencer)- an “experimental climatologist”
from 45years of satellite temp measurements.
 “ All computer models are > 2x too high > scare campaigns > false assumptions,  ground measurement errors>interpretation observed Max of 1.3C per decade is actually Good for the climate > human “welfare.
Current “Satellite Data “ in fact shows there’ NO signs of ANY climate catastrophe looming vs spasmodic archaic spasmodic surface  & some “proxy“ measurements ( arguable !)
> an “experimental” climatologist Dr J Christy debunks the narrative”

THE CO2 Coalition The Heartland Institute 2021 68min
Debunking Climate Change Myths and Misinformation - Alliance Annual Conference 2021
fire-storms > data grossly distorted by the media
> No constellation whatsoever ! extinctions, T increase moisture plant growth !, deserts shrinking! planet is “greening”
Storms, hurricanes, droughts are decreasing > precipitation increasing ! ALL contrary !
more data >

NEWS  !Global Warming
> Now ”demoted” to
Climate Change
2020  . . . hhhhmm ! ?

WHY  ? . . .
the Argument “Stinks”  !
& THAT’s Just Not Sustainable!
>                  re COST !  .  .  .  for a “Fix” !

bunking Climate Change Myths and Misinformation  2021“

SomeCC Videos1

SomeCC Videos2

My Consensus ! >

The media in general TV Newspapers > THE WEB ( 90% OF IT!) 
IS DELIBERATELY DISSEMINATING LIES, FACILE INFO DISTORTED FACTS FROM OFFICIAL GOVT ORGs ( UN>IPPC etc, the ABC in Australis , many Universities > “vested interests” elsewhere ! ) being caught out > Fake Science & ) AND CREATING SCARE CAMPAIGNS > COSTING SOCIETY TRILLIONS OF $$$s they culpableness and should be made accountable  > sued in Court ! in fact !

By Charter these ALL these Orgs should be demonstratably unbiased and “fraudulent” . . . All the name of “marketing” > selling newspapers > Advertising on “False Pretenses !

THIS dis-information being “sponsored” / supported by “vested” interests and even Governments themselves

WHY ?. . . literally to “dumb down” the population
for the hope / strategy of “voting bias” ?  hhhmmm !

CT > GW some FACTS-m5

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