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  • FluidTransfer-2015-550FluidTransfer Products; Tubing, Fittings, Ferrules, NewEra Pumps/Syringe&Peristaltic
  • ultraFASTGC-2015-550UltraFastGC
  • ChromFittings-2015-550VICI-Valco(Cheminert) : Custom Low DeadVolume Fitting; GC&HPLC Fused Silica Fitting also Swagelok Parker Sulfinert/Siltek coated SS; mini Plastic Fittings fro ValuePlastics
  • PlasmaDetek-2015-550PlasmaEmission Gas Detecors - Unique High Sensitivit Applications / configurations; Greenhouse Gas - GC Unique
  • MembraneSolutionsr-2015-550
  • RestekTechNotes-2015-550Memmbrane Solutions; SyringeFilters, Membranes, Fitltraion Equipment : Glass Systems, Vacuum Pump; Vac-U-Cap Botttle-Top Filters Restek Technical Notes GC & HPLC Applications -high detail 24 to 72p
  • ChromTubing-2015-550Chromatography Tubing; PEEK, Teflon, Stainless Steel, Silcosteel/Siltek, LDPE, PVC, Silicone
  • Ferrules-2015-550Graphite Ferrules made by Chromalyrtic adn others Vespel/Graphite, Teflon, PEEK
  • NewPharmaVialsProduxcts-2015-550Glass Vials, Rubber Serum Stioppers Flip-off Caps; Apulmatic, Crimpers
  • Instrument-VICI-2015-550Valco/Cheminert Instrumentaion Valves for GC*HPLC; GC Detectors pulsed PD, microTCD
  • ADVNews-2015-550Restek Advantage Newsletter :Quarterly since 1994 ~24p to 2008 in various formatets DJVu, PDF, FlipPAGE
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  • ChromProducts-2015-550Chromstech Main Product Suppliers Restek, SRI GCs, VICI-Valco, VICI-Jour, ValuePlastics, CHromatograpghy and Fluid Transfer
  • Calidus-2015-550Calidus UltraFAST Modular GC, Fast; Direct electric Heaed Column Modules; 300degC per minute, Cuts analysis time by x8 uses 0.10um MXT ( to 6m max Types column
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