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OEM Suppliers ONLY >30K
> current Prices ?ASK !

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How to Place an Order

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How-to-Place-an-Order : CT AUD Prices : Freight Charges :Trading Terms :DisclaimerContact Us

How To Place an Order

On-Line SHOP > NEW 2016+ Complete SHOP  >
Quick SHOP . . . Mini CART-SHOP ( “Mobile” format )
MANUAL Order but First > SEARCH

HTML5-Cart-compatiblke with PCs, AppleMACS, I-Pads, Androids
Currently ONLY4  CHROMTECHs “main” Suppliers Restek, VICIValco, VICIJour, ValuePlastics, CT- Ferrules
Now includes SRI GCS, MEGA Columns

2016 - Detailed “Complete” SHOP

That’s If YOU actually have ANY Idea as to what you want ?

1    DO a TEXT SEARCH FIRST! from our HTM web Pages HTM, PDFs or FlipPAGES of ANY interest
 > Cat.#s and “KEYWORDS”

2   “GO”
  DIRECT to > . . . and some Site Product Sections . . . just to get started
3    Enter > [“Cat.#”]          OR
4    Enter Words Item [“description”] etc
BAD example “column” > too many hits (>2000). . . out of ~20K Listed Items from ~40K in Total
be specific ( no commas just “blank” separator )
example “column” “rtx” “0.25mm” “0.25um” > 10hits/prices
 . . . add > “PDF” or “FlipPAGE or ”HTM” and “date” to narrow in further
 . . . Browse OR ASK . . . it's called a “Boolean SEARCH”
5    > SHOP CART ( but U must register first then Automated system
6    > PURCHASE ORDER  pre-payment by Bank Transfer
 Or CC via PayPAL
OR  ALT 7    E-mail your derived Shopping List to us for a more formal QUOTE
NOTE :  Discounts DO apply on some CT- designated items CT- AUD Prices
If NOT automated . . . > ASK !

2018 >> Our COMPLETE PriceList has been taken “Off-line ue to obvious “competitor abuse / misuse !”

besides we like to talk to you . . . “pick your brains . . .
 & That’s OUR Value judgement
* Our opinion > ShopCart concepts are fatally flawed - >divulging Complete PriceLists to competitors i
s obviously Nonsensical > “crazy”
ALtho’ we still revert to Partial Price Lists where practical

UPDATED > 2016+ NOW Perfected (almost!)  > see new Website

Prices are Now as per our “system” Prices . . . but still unfortunately still subject to those “crazy” absurd AUD/USD Exchange Rate variations at Order / Shipping / Payment Date
PAYMENT  . . . normally in advance by CC via PayPAL . . . We send YOU the PP Invoice ON REQUEST
( It’s secure / automated / almost GUARANTED “foolproof” /
( but of course not with the obvious /”crazy” BANK CC limitations; scanner frauds / repercussions; Telephone CC transaction have never been legal / legitimate ! and inevitably always favor the (crooked) buyer(s) re disputes ! )

Purchase Orders accepted ( 14days Net to approved customers ONLY ) OUR TERMS AND NOT JUST YOURS

  re . . . Navigating Our Site 

HELP but . . . > IF U Are Still Lost ?

perhaps  > B4U Start even

Our Principal Methodology . . . BUT we’ll STILL accept your Money . . . by ANY means . . . no prejudice !
“even in cents in a wheelbarrow if necessary”

Number-1   [SEARCH] Browse our website - TRY ! it's NOT really All THAT difficult - Or ASK us for HELP ! -. if you really have to

SEARCH OUR DataBASE(targeted)

but > Now No longer maintained

OR even GOOGLE - OUR Website Only!


Internet GOOGLE

Use “Boolean” to find
OUR Pages on the NET

“Keyword” + “Chromtech”
or + “Chromalytic””

FLIP ShopCart Prototype ONLY see NEW HTML5 SHOP

QUICK SHOP . . . Now accessed from our
 New 2016 “Intro” Site and also from Shop2CT
& OUR “proto” SHOPPE > Mal’s Cart on this Site

offering a collection of some of Our more recent “popular” product items
also > FlipPAGE reference Links

Fully functional Payment via on-line PayPAL

CT miniSITE protoShop

MAL’s Cart

“ proto” MAL’s Cart CART till Now! . . . still functional! . .  compromised in some respects particularly re freight calculations and has proven NOT Really feasible for us!
 . .difficult to implement;-   in keeping” up to date” prices, currency fluctuations
-  on over 30(.50?),000 items & almost impossible via a database *

this prototype SHOPPING CART has evolved & is  Now more FUNCTIONAL AND a reasonable compromise !
- now(2014) migrated to a mobile phone compatible SHOPPE > MALs'' Cart
                Formatted to 650 x 930px screen with Mobile phones in mine

also used in our FlipPAGESHOP

USE These with CC and on-line PayPAL - covers ALL our major Supplers products & current prices
although’ these Shop Carts are limited currently to some 1000 or so of our more popular items

  If U R Not comfortable On-Line > U can process Orders by the usual
MANUAL PROCESS > with some “Hints” . . .

1  [SEARCH] . . .Find item (s) of interest
Write them Down on paper . . .maybe ! . . . make a LIST . . .  use our SHOPPE to compile your LIST . . . without fully implementing PayPAL U then have options to confirm your Order and Bank Transfer payment

  •    Description of Goods AND Catalog / Part Numbers
  •    QUANTITY of Items required
  •    Send us an e-mail with that List    

2         We THEN send you a QUOTE ( “QU - - - - -” ) by return e-mail,
But ONLY if you provide Complete Address details . . .
Your Contact details
      -   Name
      -   Company Name
      -   E-mail address
      -   Street Address
      -  Your Telephone Number
      -   and Contact Telephone No ( Mobile No or Cell number ( if you are in jail )) . . . for Courier
3   State your preferred method of payment ( in advance or “Terms” ( for Companies ONLY AND on approval by US !
-    Bank Transfer
-   CC via on-line PayPAL( No PP ACCOUNT is required ) . . . We send the PayPAL INVOICE on request
-   International CC or phone Orders ares NOT ACCEPTED . . . use Bank Transfer ONLY
4       On receipt of your Purchase Order we send you our Order Confirmation “ SO - - - - - “
5      Then . . .On YOUR CONFIRMATION of YOUR Purchase Order AND OUR Confirmation of Payment we then ship your Goods by COURIER / AIR COURIER -
NOTE : We DO NOT USE Australia POST . . . TOO Unreliable !
-   Your Signature on delivery is required by Courier
If YOU are Not available for collection you must provide Special Delivery Instructions
“leave in safe place if home address without signature” . . . etc
Otherwise . . . a Courier Return Fee may be charge by Courier - and then it's NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY
-  Our Tracking No is proof of shipment . . . NO CLAIMS ARE ACCEPTED for Any losses
6       On Shipment we send by E-Mail A PAID copy of Our INVOICE ( “ INV - - - -  ” ) for your records and as a receipt
A Copy of this PAID INVOICE is also included in the shipment package

For International Shipments - ANY Customs Charges, local taxes( GST )
and unusual local shipping costs are your Responsibility
Some Imports (small Orders MAY attract a similar weight apportioned Shipping Fee . . . at our discretion . . . ASK! . . . First

7     DISCLAIMER ( see also Disclaimer 10 )
      7.1  FRAGILE Goods . . . ALL Due care and diligence in packaging; but once in the hands of Couriers
 it is out of (our) Control. Breakages are at Customers Risk and replacement Cost.
( 50ml and 100ml glass Vials can be problematic in small Qty s - pallet loads are generally OK into Chromalytic)
       7.2    Customer must CHECK our Order Confirmation for accuracy and notify Chromalytic of ANY Discrepancies
BEFORE WE SHIP / incorrect addressing and any special delivery instruction
( . . . IF No signature on delivery required /psossible THEN om your instructiuon to Courier “will leave in a safe place” . . .
(to be specified by You !
 if a private address then entirely at customers RISK and responsibility !
      7.3   Customers are advised to read ALL relevant documentation on Our websites and those of our Suppliers.
NO CLAIMS accepted for users misunderstanding of technical details prior to ordering. if ANY uncertainies ? > then ASK !
ANY Returns 25% restocking Charge will apply - but” other”conditions may also apply !




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NEW Restek 2015-16
SRI GCs 2015

SRI PeakSimple DataSystem
Tubing; Fittings; Ferrules, Valves

Chrom Vials - AutoSH’space
SerumVials, Filtration Products

MicroLIT Dispensers
Flowmeter  /Leak Detector

Rxi GC Columns (Fused Silica)
MXT Columns, Packed GC

far  > MORE !

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Our Policy / Strategy

this Website - is deigned /best viewed in > ~1300px PC screen size with some MAC compatibility(emulated) limited miobile  scalability ;> Android A8 recommended

Copyrightt Copyright- Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd 1995-2018+ : All rights reserved:  OEM Supplier : Trademarks, Patents. logos apply !



the Web "Ask"
eg [“HPLC”+[“columns”]

goole this website

but even more “specific” ? >

Then Ctrl F to SEARCH “PageTEXT”

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