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Restek HPLC Columns

ULTRA 11 HPLC and uHPLC Columns
particle size 1.9um, 2.2um thru to 5um Silica
Fully scalable from Ultra High Pressure High Speed to Preparative Scale
Most Common And Unique Phases
Aqueous C18, IBD, BiPhenyl. PFPP(PentaFluoroPhenylPropyl)

Silica - made by Restek
not rehashed 3rd Part materials
- QA/QC controlled

HPLC Portfolo

PDF ULTRA 11 Presentation 42p acrobat-but

Ultra11 Present
Ultra II Columns - NEW!

Ultra II Aqueous C18 2.2m, 3m, & 5m Columns (USP L1)
Ultra II Aromax 2.2m, 3m & 5m Columns (USP L11)
Ultra II Biphenyl 2.2m, 3m, & 5m Columns (USP L11)
Ultra II C18 1.9m, 2.2m, 3m, & 5m Columns (USP L1)
Ultra II C8 3m & 5m Columns
Ultra II Carbamate 3m & 5m Columns
Ultra II Columns for RRLC/UFLCXR, 2.2m
Ultra II Guard Cartridges
Ultra II HPLC Prep Columns
Ultra II IBD 3m, and 5m Columns
Ultra II PFP Propyl 2.2m, 3m, & 5m Columns (USP L43)
Ultra II Quat 5m Columns
Ultra II Silica 1.9m, 2.2m, 3m, & 5m Columns (USP L3)
Ultra II UHPLC Columns, 1.9m & 2.2m

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