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  • Manual, Electric, Pneumatic Actuated Valves : Injection, Stream Selection; Multi-port
  • GC: HPLC: Low Pressure LC : SS and Polymeric rotors/stators : Diaphragm Valves
  • Fittings : SS and Polymeric : Chromatography Tubing : GC Detectors : Permeation Tubes

VICI INT  Cat #60 2009-15

VICIValco Catalog-2019

new 2019

  • multICHannel  Fast Temperature Programmer p204
  • Column/Fan modules p205
  • DIrect-Connect FIttIng – 360 um Fused sIlIca tubIng to 1/16" FIttInG detaIl
  • Fused SIlIca tube end Prep KIt
  • Thermal ConductIvIty Detector(TCD-3) (improvement TCD-2 . TCD-3s) p217
  • World’s FIrst true nano HPLC

& VICIValco-Cheminert USA)
are “sister Co’s
& some products overlap !

VICIValco-Cheminert 2019 #70INT 284p

VICI-Valco Cheminert  INT  Cat #70 2019

Chromtech is also a Distributor for VICI-Precision Sampling, VICI-Matsen


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PDF Catalog09-14 Sections acrobat-but but slower

Valco Fittings 6-55
Cheminert Fittings & Accessories 56-81
Liquid Handling Products : Diluters, Dispensers  82-85
Tubing 86-93
Valve Selection 94-139
Diaphram Valves - GC 140-143Cheminert Injectors & Valves HPLC 144-178Electric Actuators and Accessories 186-194
Air Actuators & more Accessories 194-211
Flow, Pressure, On/Off Control Devices 212--219
Instrumentation: GC Detectors, Gas Purifiers 220-227 Calibration Gas Standards And Calib Gas Generators - VICI Metronics 228-233


some pics

Cheminert Valves C72
Nanobore and MicroBore
UHPLC Injector and Stream Selector Valves
to 20,000psi

360um Fittings

Custom Tubing acrobat-but Nickel Clad

  • Fused Silica - Polyimide FS
  • PEEK
  • PEEK Clad
  • Fused Silica

Universal Valve Actuators

F18 Synthesis
- Components

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