> more about our NEW “proto” Shopping Cart
2020+ NEW but still evolving
Partial ONLY ! > As a preview . . .BUT THE WAY TO GO !

( MALs Cart > ( our “core” proto ) is designed to offer easy options to purchase on-line some of the more popular ChromalyticTech items.

Mals is but an intermediary Cart with a few obvious limitations ! Vials(“pharma”) & Accessories *: Vials, Caps ( Colored FLIPOff ) , Stoppers( chloroButyl )
for “ pharma / medical ”
use click > To Active Shopping Cart  Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL

Chromtech has in fact several “proto” version ALL based on MALs Cart  . . .  
Our website(s) are designed for laboratory Chemists interested in chromatography
and fluid transfer products and as a
MALs SHOPPING Cart is a highly condensed version of our more detailed website(s)
and represents
only a few hundred out of some
30,000+ items in our product range.
( see our overall Supplier & ProductLists)
& updated
2021 AUD Price Lists

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Shop SRI GCs SHOPPE-MalsCart-X Shop ChromTubing Shop Ferrules Shop Fittings ChromFittings-VICI Shop ChromVials Shop PharmaVials Access Shop Filtration Shop GC Columns Shop MXT( see Restek) PLOT Columns (Restek) MEGAColumns more SHOP2CT-X NEW Site Under Construction

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