Manuals acrobat-but


Operation Manual for COBRA GC Liquid AutoSampler PDF


BCV FlowTest - Fluid System prototyping system; BCV microPumps, Solemoid Isolation & Pinch Valves, autoRotary Valves PDF


SRI PeakSimple DataSystem - Operation Manual PDF

HTM htm-button simpler PDF

Restek ProFlow 6000 Operation Manual PDF


Restek Leak Detector Manual PDF




SRI GCs Latest FlipPage Catalog 2012 1552o FLIP-2  Tech Notes 8610-2012 670p FLIP-2


Capillary Volume ID /L vs Volume, Solvent Info, PDF

Rxi 3-in-1 Column TechnologyFLIP-2

Chiral GC - HandBook PDF


HayeSep GC Separations - Packed Columns PDF (ASK !)

see VICI for HayeSep PLOT Columns & Applications HTM (>ASK!)

many of these FlipPAGE Cats have been updated since 2016


Latest Supplier Catalogs

Restek Catalog 2012 792p  FLIP-2 ; acrobat-but
2012 Chromatograms GC FLIP-2
Restek Chromatograpghy HTM htm-button

SRI GCs 2012 FLIP-2

VICI-(Valco) USA 2009 FLIP-2

VICI AG (Jour) Euro 2009 FLIP-2

Chromtech 2010; Serum Vials, Bottle, Caps, Stoppers, Crimpers FLIP-2

BioChenFluidics / BioChemValves
(ex-Omnifit 2011 FLIP-2); NEW2012 FLIP-2

Value Plastics 2010 FLIP-2

Nutech Air Monitoring 2010 FLIP-2

DET Thermioc Ionisation  Detectors(GC) FLIP-2

MRC Labs 2012 FLIP-2

MedLAB 2012 650p-FLIP-2

Chromanik Core-ShellHPLC Columns 2012 FLIP-2

New Era Syringe Pumps 2012 FLIP-2

some “high tech” Product Groups

Syringes Dispemsers FLIP-2

Chromatography Tubing FLIP-2

Filtration FLIP-2


Chromatography Fittings FLIP-2



Ferrules FLIP-2



Restek for Catalog Items Only
RPC Silcosteel Treatment
Update 2011
Silcosteel What is it ? FAQS
Presentation 4p Overview PDF
2004 RPC 68p 7.4Mbyte PDF

SilcoTek for Custom Coating
customer supplied items
SilcoTek Data Sheets72p PDF

ProezGC Capillary GC Method Dev
S,ware ( CD Version )

NOW Declared DEAD ! . . . by some !
but still Copyright Restek
Order #21487
not supported & “as is” with some “bugs”

it was just too good SO taken off the market by Restek ???
- it took the frustration and expensive out of capillary column selection -
- that’s why !!!
& simply amazing STUFF !
huge credit to John Garrett et al of Aii

but ask Chromalytic
- it’s good at ANY price

Chromalytic Tech limited support on purchase of s’ware . . . includes all RI-data

useful Capillary GC
Retention Indices


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