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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & FOR !All Your Laboratory Needs
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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for a FAR better presentation see our FlipHTML5 Library Catalog & Much more ! > = 100s of PDF “bundles” ( 20 to 800 pages each )  AND it’sFAST !

many PDF Files are now
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So . . . beware ! . . . it IS SO Slow!

  • if you are not wary they can chew up your valuable PC resources.
  • AND in VISTA if you have both Reader and Acrobat editor open or if you open. multiple PDF. . . > IE & and / or Reader CRASHES
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    & discontinued ! )
    ( but then DJVU seemed to have been unwittingly sabotaged by the original Flip owners Lizardtech / Celartem in favor of “disguised format” publishers

    but WE still perservered ! now evolved into various “FlipPage”  formats  > FlipHTML5 being the latest and most “brilliant”

    Of course with cable ISDN>NBN etc these large multi-page PDF’s are now arguably less of a problem re Download speed etc

PDF Reader v.X
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a good page design tool
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the wars between Adobe & Apple and IBM PCs vs Apple and Browser incompatabilities

even Windows is not compatible
with itself WIN10 in fact “a virus” ?

HTML-5 helps
but the PC World is arguably
an absolute mess

phones make web-browsing a nightmare all but or simple twitters / tweats



acrobat-but some PDFs


Restek 2008/9 Catalog 776p & just too big !
but try  Flash PDF  ?

../Rtx08_001-776.pdf PDF *
2009 PDF DJVu HTM (Index)

Rtx11/12 792p
Rtx15/16 628p

SRI 05 Catalog 106p

../SRI07-200_1-112.pdf  PDF *
../SRI08-GCModels_1-52.pdf PDF *

SRI2015 92p

Value Plastics 86p

../VP06-v022_1-86.pdf PDF *
VP2009  1-88 PDF

VP027 2016 127p

VICI-Valco 05

../vici07-1-250A.pdf PDF

VICI 2012-16+ 287p

ex VICI-Jour 05

../VICIJour-05_1-120.pdf PDF xxxx

VICI AG 2018 132p

NewEra Pumps

Syringe Pumps & Persistaltic Pumps

NE2016Update 95p

Omnifit  / BioChem Valves

../Omni-BCV06_Complete _Fluid_System_Solutions_1-12.pdf PDF *../Omnifit_Fitting_Collection-22p.pdf PDF *


Nutech Catalog 09

Nutech10-Catalog_1-35.pdf PDF


There are a few 1000’s PDFs (>&Flips) of mini-catalog, Newsletters, Tech Notes, Application Notes, Manuals etc pages on this detailed website

see Also pdfFLIP Mk-1 FLIP-2

FlipBook-1 FlipPAGE

obsolete FLASH ? . . . DIR Archive >  “~ALL”our  PDFs
but large files >20p are really TOO SLOW! to be practical in PDF

some “Archive” examples

  • Rtx09-TechArticles_1-42.pdf PDF
  • 59260A _06_Food-Flavors-Fragrances_1-66.pdf PDF
  • 59411A_Guide-SemiVols_1-28.pdf PDF
  • 59738-Cleaning-PersonalCare_1-16.pdf   PDF
  • 59887A_TN_Optimising-Volatiles-Analysis.pdf PDF
  • 59890_TN08_PolarWax-GC-Phases_1-16.pdf PDF
  • 59892_TN08_Analysing-Chlorinated-Pesticides_1-24.pdf PDF
  • 59895A_StaticHeadspace_1-21.pdf PDF
  • 59989A_TN08_Clinical-Forensics-Applications-GC-HPLC_1-66.pdf PDF
  • 59977B_TN08_Guide-Passive-AirSampling_1-20.pdf PDF
  • AirMoniting09_GNMC1062-INT.pdf PDF
  • 580127_08_Restek-Environmental-Products_1-16.pdf PDF
  • Environmental Products09-EVFL1192_1-20.pdf PDF
  • Restek Columns08_GNMC1034_1-100.pdf PDF
  • 580086_08_New_Rxi-Columns_1-24.pdf PDF
  • Restek07_Capillary Installation Guide_1-26.pdf PDF
  • PLOT-Stabilised-PCFL1163_1-8.pdf PDF
  • Pharma_Solvent-Residuals_1-12-PHFL1018.pdf PDF
  • Pharma10-Rxi-624SilMS_PHFL1245-INT.pdf PDF

2014+ Update . . . see FlipPAGE HTML-5 Cloud-seved by Chromtech . . .
& it’s MAGIC !

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