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Micro & NANO Fluidics ASK ?

 Silcotek-m5 - RPC Silcosteel Treated SS; Sulfinert, Siltek, Durasan
for Glass

SRI GCs Gas Chromatographs, extenisvie options : Iinjection Systems & Detectors, PeakSimple Data System

Instrumentation-VICI Valves; GC Detectors(uTCD-Photoionisation;, Permeation tubes, Gas Purifiers; extensive range of Unique GC&HPLC fittings
AE Spectra; Spectrometers
LDetek : Trace Gas Analysis ; Plasma Emission Detectors PED based Gas Analysis GCs UNIQUE!

Air Monitoring-m5 - Nutech see also Restek SilcoCans

Fluid Transfer-m5
- Filtration-m5; Membrane Solutions : Filtration, Syringe Filters, BottleTop Filters, FASTCap Filters, Vacuum Pumps
- Plastic Fittings-m5 ValuePlastics; Barbs, Luers, Threats, Stopcock
& Check Valves
- BioChemFluidics; Solenoid Valves, microPumps
VICI (Jour) AG(Swiss)
Tubing; LP & HP Fittings, Frits, Filters
--Precision Sampling
Permeation Tubes (Gas Standards)
- Gas Purifiers -VICI-Matsen
BioTech Fluidics; some Upchurch, Rheodyne Valves & Pumps
- Syringes-m5 : SGE; Restek SGE/Hamilton; Precision Sampling,
Norm-Ject Plastic,
- Vial-Syringes Chromtech : Restek; SGE
- Pumps-m5 Syringe& Peristaltic-m5   NewEra : Vacuum Pumps see Membrane Solutions-m5
Chromatograpy Grade Tubing-m5
Ferrules Chromalytic-Graphite & others

Gas Systems
Air Monitoring Systems - Nutech, (Restek)
Gas Standards - MESA Gases

Laboratory Products-m5
- LabGlass-Hardware
- MRC Lab Products / Instruments
- BioBase Lab Equipment, Safety Cabinets
- Med-Lab Products-Parts
- AE LAbs : Lab Instruments

OTHER Products

DET-m5 GC Detectors TID/NPD
MEGA GC FS Columns-m5
PC-TECH Valve Control SPE Systems

Serum Vials-m5 / New  ”Pharmaceutcsl” grade, bottles, stoppers, caps, crimpers
Chromatography Vials : Restek, Membrane Solutions
>Crimp Top and Screw Cap 2ml 12x32mm
& larger VOA certified Headspace Vials
Crimpers & Decappers - Kebby
> Micro3000 Bench Crimper

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