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Specialists in Chromatography / Fluid Transfer Products
- Distributors in Australia - & for ALLYour Laboratory Equipment Needs!

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Restek Important Notice !
& Until Further Notice

Supplies from Restek have been SUSPENDED as of 2020

some items from Chromalytic
 are still in stock or May still be available ENQUIRE !

2020 March
> OUR Website(s) are being modified ACCORDINGLY

MUCH of OUR Restek Literature is being “archived”??
but still may be available for 
Technical Reference  purposes ONLY > OFF-Line !
                    ASK !

WE reserve the right to Offer Alternative Products !


  • Often at more reasonable
    prices > Cost-effective !
  • We tend NOT to deal with the
    Big-End?? of Town
  • > Too Big ! > Out of Control > Non-accountable !
  •      & WE Try & AVOID The                        Bureaucracy !

Mals Cart - Help


After years of Trial & Error with various Carts
I am convinced their is NOTHING affordable on the market that has been truly thought out from a Suppliers perspective !

The problems for a “small-time Distributor like us are

  • Our Suppliers List Prices are in USD ( International now for Most Countries” for Trading Purposes
    Of course as a Distributor we get a Discount Wholesaler Price
    This depends on the Product Catagory ( & sometimes Qty Dependant )
    WE deal with (currently about 8 Main Supplies and 10-20 others
  • Each can have a product list from (single item per Supplier up to 10’s of 1000s item
  • Currently our Database lists some 30-50,000 potential items ( separate Cat.#s)

some Practical issues

The OEM Prices generally can change prices, introsuce new producs or simple update specs & prices,
  (usually) Annually sometimes at random !

but The real “bastard Problem - no-one can cope with . . .

    • Exchange Rates : In our case USD > AUD can vary +/-5% in weeks Long term 0.46 to 1.15 like a “yo-yo!”

-   Australia has been such a “basket case” politically / economically and otherwise over the years

-   The daily exchange rate can vary drastically from day-to-day ( and we can cope with that sometimes ?)
But in “melt-down siturations it it Not unusal to ger a spread of XR +/- 5% over a few weeks


some info Links Freight charges,  re Our CT-Prices > XRs; How to place an Order Older pages ? but still all good stuff !

I am sure it is manipulated by Banks ( THEY are TOO BIG to Fail ! )and miscellaneous “money grubbers””

Extremes have been from 0.47 to 1.15 over the 30+ years Chromalytic has been in business
 . . . that is truly crazy stuff  ! . . . intolerable !

Of course banks get their extorted commission of 4-5% of each Currency Transaction Buy/Sell plus a Bank Charge  ( for Internal of current $25) per transaction

 As a small business acting as enforced Tax Collectors for the Feds we are also obligated to add 10% GST to everthing we sell in Australia plus pay GST Up-front on imports

This is supposed to simplify things compared to the historic SalesTax system of years ago

Customers wonder why thy can’t buy in AUD the same prices they see on the Web

FOOLS don’t realise these (above) costs involved AND the fact that most Prices listed on the Web ( by Amazon, E-Bay etc ) are ALWAYS in USD and rarely is this prominentaly displayed  > so BUYER BEWARE AND that Freight (Imporr) costs are add-on and can be prohibitive by Courier One takes a big risk using Postal Services on ANY king > Anywhere !

Items we Export
No GST Is applicable ( atlhough on Export / Import into Other Countries then their local Tax/Customs Custom Charges also apply


Let alone over-Simplistic SHOP CARTS

Chromtech have implemented various prototyupe Carts ( NOF, WIX, EXWID ) WordPress) with varying success as prototype / shortcuts or try and simplify the Ordering Process for YOU our customers

Mals Cart is simple enough, powerful and probably one of the better ones - not without it’s foibles

BUT nothing can cope with the overall complexity Wholsale buying . Impoert Accounts >

THen WE are faced with the real issue of competitors pirating our database Info In many cases we set ourselves up as a potential target small a we might be ... doing this we are the Market Leaders than the likes of Bunnings even might undercut!

Mals Cart Functionality

  • based on “But Buttons” and single line-bu-line links
  • It IS secure via PayPAL Online for CC payment
  • Customer Shipments cost can be sort of optimised
  • Discounts are possible
    Sales Tax or Not (Int’l) Integrated  customer /|Chromtech
  • but unfortunately NOT yet Linked into our  Acconts
  • Because of above simplifications adjustments often need to be made
  • On-Line Mals > a prelin PP INVOICE-1
  • You pay on that to initiate the Ordering proces
    On you Paying PP we also get a copy which we act on and process your Ordr
  • We advise of by a PPINV-2 of any adjustment required ( for whatever reason ! )

    IF You Agree to proceed THEN U  Pay PP
  • WE SHIP ONLY When the TOTAL P PINV-1 and -2 is PAID
  • Or IF You DONT want to proceed then we refund any Money Paids ( les the PP Handling Fee 2 to 3% of INV Value

You can also use Mals as a RFQ form manually from within
You follow thru’ Mals System but have that option B4 doing the PP authorisation

  • ALL cumbersome I know !
  • Bt until we come up with a better system . . . its the best we can do
  • We’ve compromised but allowing you access to a few 100 of our more popular items

Also see other of our “proto Shops”

A Fully functional SHOP was available at www.chromalytic.net.au ALL 30K item prices -but Now taken off-line due to above factors

  • We are working on a restricted SHOP ( approved customers Only ) - due to the assoociated “security” issues
  • Efforts have been made to make our Sites More mobile friendly PC > Tablet > Mobile phone compatible with some degree of interchangeable Ino id one format or another

U Must have patience ! OUR SITE IS FAR TOO OVER_AMBITIOUS . . . for most !

maybe . . . The KISS Principle should apply !
 I used to think that scientist wanted to get involved in THE detail . . . > in recent times I am starting to wonder ?

“Life wasn’t meant to be Easy ! “


FIND-IT ! OR for More details !

do a GOOGLE SEARCH THIS Site ! - & to cut out other Web “crap” !

over the years some Catalog Products have been de-listed from catalogs; even some Suppliers are “Gone” !
- but still be available from original OEMs or from alternative Suppliers elsewhere > ASK!

Prices & Availability are always in a “state of flux”
&” largely” out of ( Our ) control !




Products DIR>B’Cases

Devices DIR

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NEW rtx 2015-16
SRI GCs 2015

SRI PeakSimple DataSystem
Tubing; Fittings; Ferrules, Valves

Chrom Vials - AutoSH’space
SerumVials, Filtration Products

MicroLIT Dispensers
Flowmeter  /Leak Detector

Rxi GC Columns (Fused Silica)
MXT Columns, Packed GC

far  > MORE !

Multi-FlipBookCase -  Help/About

FlipBookCase-Product Sections =1000s of PDFs

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Our Policy / Strategy

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both PDF & FlipHTML5 supported - : PDFs ( if < 25p ) whilst cumbersome & slow have slightly better resolution than FASTER FlipHTML5 ( uses PDF as its’ ”core” format )

Copyrightt Copyright- Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd 1995-2018+ : All rights reserved:  OEM Supplier : Trademarks, Patents. logos apply !

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the Web "Ask" chromtech.net.au
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Goole this CHROMTECH website

but even more “specific” ? >

Then Ctrl F to SEARCH “PageTEXT”

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NEW ERA Syringe Pumps
Membrane Solutions-m5
DET TID GC Detectors-m5
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Syringe Pumps-m5
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Filtration Accessories-m5
Fluid Transfer-m5
HPLC Detector Lamps 09-m5
Air Monitoring-m5
Filtration Products
MS-Syringe Filters
Membrane Filters
LITERATURE - Technical
MRC LAB Products
AELabs-Lab Equipment-m5

but many more thru’
Our SHOP(s)

 just a few >from 1000’s
from ”itsy bitsy” pieces to . . .
 lab equipment /instrumentation
 if we haven’t got it listed  ?
we’ll try & get it !

NEW 2015  HTML5 SHOP Site
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FlipShop SHOPPE>Mals Cart


Contact Us >
phone : 03 9762 2034
e-mail :>sales@chromtech.net.au

R for OUR Customers ONLY
> Treat this as a Technical RESOURCE

Please “respect”?? ALL Copyrights,Trademarks &, Patents etc
STRICTLY THE property of the respecrtive OEMs

4 ALL Intents & Purpose WE R Prepared to DISOWN the WEB and ALL the “Crap”??, > Adware, “Fake News”?? > even “Fake Science”?? . . . compounded by
 ill-effects of GOOGLE, Twitter, Facebook & the likes !

We R 4 “The Fair Dinkum”?? ONLY !