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MEGA Columns
 Summary PDF

“ state-of-the-Art”
economical Prices


Fused Silica Columns
530, 320, 250,100um
 NEW 50micron ultraFAST

High Temp WAX Columns
 300C Max PTGC & isothermal

full Range of Phases & Sizes
-1MS, -5MS, -35MS, -17MS; -624MS,-10 FAMES; -225MS, -WAX-HT, -Acid(FFAP); Chiral GC

Re MEGA Prices

Fused Silica Capillary Columns2012 Mega Column Catalog 121p PDF acrobat includes Mega-MS;Mega FAST; MEGA HT & Mega Standard Grades; MEGA CHIRAL

GC-MS Grade Columns PDF
FAST GC Columns PDF 
HIGH Temperature Columns 
Multi-Dimensional Columns
MEGA-DEX Chiral Columns PDF 
Custom Dedicated Columns PDFStandard MEGA grade columns PDF
still available in Australia; - but Only to meet old reproducibility criteria
( to be phased out progressively )
with MS Grade where available

2018 MEGAColumn
Flip Catalog
Guard Column
(Retention Gaps
Micro-Unions  NEW Products
Nanoliter AutoInjector 10 to 50 nanoliter coming . . . for FAST GC Injections
2D GC Column Sets

MEGA Column 2018 FlipHTML Catalog

MegaColumns 2018 TOC

PDF Brochures acrobat-but

MEGA Columns Catalog 2012 PDF

MEGA e-brochure-2010 PDF

Mega-WAX HT Columns PDF

MegaColumns 2018 Catalog

2012 Applications 100 FlipPAGE

Unique MS Grade /-HT Phases Ultra-FAST

- Explosives FASTGC PDF htm-button

Typical GUARANTEED GROB TestReport)
PDF htm-button     MEGA-WAX;

High(est) Performance
Guaranteed Inertness Columns
:  tested with Grob Test Mixes

  • Test Mix Ampoule supplied with each Column
  • We recommend on initial columns installation you immediately
    run GROB’s TM to establish a “base-line” column performance AND to test out your overall GC System
  • Almost invariably any loss of performance can be firstly attributed to contamination of the Injection Port Liner,  column connection ( graphite ) Ferrule particles or even shards of column outer polyimide bridging column end )
  • Do NOT exceed MAX recommended Column Temperature for each phase.

Use an OxyTrap on ALL GC Columns
( particularly polar columns
/eg CarboWAX) if used at > 120degC else oxidation of phase cause peak tailing and extreme base-line drift !


see expanded Chromatograms in PDF / FlipPAGES
or View far better on on PC version

MegaColumns -Wax-Grob
MEGA-5MS GrobTest-Rpt-H

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