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Mal’s $ Adjustments

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Barb to Barb 200 1/8”*

Barb-Barb 2001/8”to1/16*

Barb to Barb 200 1/8”* Elbow

Barb to Barb 200 1/8” Tee*

Barb to Barb 200 1/8”* “Y”

Barb to Barb 200 1/8”
6-Port Manifold*

1/8” 200 Plug*

1/8”IDx3/16”OD LDPE Tubing LDPE01-3031C*

Double Check Valve

Check Valve VPS5401068N*

 Check Valve VPS5401001N*

3-W Stopcock VPB1000079N*

1-W Stopcock VPB1000050N*

Injection Port VPS3901074N*

RefluxCV VPS5401036SN*

Male - 1/8”(2.1mm) barb MTLL230-6005*

Female - 1 /8” barb FTLL230-6005*

Panel Mount(BulkHead)FTLLB230-6005*


BSFTLL-6005* FemaleLuer to 1/4-28 bottom seal thread

1/8”x1/4”OD PVC Tubing PV00-3062C*







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