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Mal’s $ Adjustments

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Some MEGA Column

& other MS Grade Liquid Phases

MEGA-5MS-053-025-15; $387

MEGA-5MS-032-025-30; $561

MEGA-5MS-025-025-30; $561

MEGA-5MS-010-010-15;$ 515

MEGA-5MS-025-025-60; $747

MEGA-5MS-015-015-15; $487

All MEGA Columns : Different Phases
. . . have same pricing as above based on same IDs as above but any
film thickness and Phase


HTF-WAX-010-010-5;MEGA-WAX HTFAST;5m,0.10mmID,0.10um;280-300C;$306

HTF-WAX-010-010-10;MEGA-WAX HTFAST;10m,0.10mmID,0.10um;280-300C;$420

HTF-WAX-025-015-30;MEGA-WAX HTFAST;30m,0.25mmID,0.15um;280-290C;$561