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Mal’s $ Adjustments

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CHROMTECH Prices depend on . . .

[X] = [Mal’s Aud List Price] * [0.79/XR(Current)] * [S]

Mals Cart is useful  and  FAST to give customer a close approx to our some of our product price

YOU need to allow for this adjustment and also to include Freight and Bank charges
if you do compile an  on-line Order via Mal’s Cart then we use this as a pro-forma and adjust
the details accordingly.

We THEN send you an adjusted Order Confirmation as an Order Confirmation for your approval followed by a Chromalytic Invoice

Shipment is made ONLY after FULL payment is made.

MAL's CART ( prototype ONLY)

Supplier Price Increases

Jan 2016









Value Plastics



x 1.40 (filtration H'ware)
1.35 (Filters)

this applies ONLY to ANY listed prices in this MAL's SHOP or Cart Prices.

  • some changes have inadvertantly crept in over several years since this cart was implemented
  • other Products made or sourced by Chromtech can be assumed to be unchanged
    eg Ferrules, Vials & acessories

> 2015 + for Current “System” AUD Prices . . . And in sync with our Internal Accounts package ( but see NEW more comprehensive versions of our Shopping Cart via

Mal’s listed Prices are “Base” Prices ONLY
and still need to be adjusted !

Our Trading Terms

Payment is required ib advance by Bank Transfer or for small Orders (<$2000) we accept CC via PayPAL . . . A separate PP Invoice ise sent on request

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