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VICI Instrumentation

Helium and Nitrogen
Gas Purifiers

MicroTCD GC Detector

Microbore through-the-handle Injector, 1/16" Valco fittings,
0.25 mm ports (.010")

Model 150 Dynacalibrator

Permeation Tubes
-   G-CAL
for all TOXIC Gases

PhotoIonisation Detector Instrumentation Valves Manual Automated Electric Actuation MicroElectric Air Actuated MultiPort Injection & Stream Selection -  for GC LC & HPLC - 1/32,1/16,1/8,or1/4”Valco ZDV Fittings -  3,4,6,8,19,12 and 14port  The OEM Instrument “Standard”

HP2-220, VICI Helium Purifier,220VAC,$1290



C1-1006,Manual MicroInjectorValve,6-px1/16p,SS Stator,$845

Valco Cheminert

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