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> Jan 22 > with All due respect ... it IS Over !  SO ! > . . . wake up Dan !
Contra . . . !
Each Individuals Immune “System” is compromised > exacerbated by isolation
> enforced locked downs !
your rules have “simply” been crazy ! . . . for all intents & purposes !

You guys just don’t seem to learn from “history” !
> concede IT’s ALL been a scam ? . . .  a grand distortion ! . . . at best !

re> Covid19 2020 "lockdown(s)

" No Problems ( > for Us ! ) Business as Usual

- after-all ! WE are Home-based in Melbourne Anyway !
> the most “livable” city in the World > ? Now the “ Lock-down “ Capital > 2nd Only to Perth/WA

Virus re "pandemic" > in hindsight 2022 ? > ALL predictable !

IN REALITY > NO WORSE than the normal ‘Flu re casualties etc ( always “sad” as may be ! )
CV19-mutates>"OhMy Con"(?) > NO worse than "abnormal" annual 'flu ! > Immune systems tend to self-regulate ! : Lockdowns, masks are counter-productive. Ivermectin ( hydoxychloroquine ? etc )  helps ( used correctly ) . . . despite TGA edicts; vaccines are temporary;  immunization ameliorates symptoms ONLY, NOT virus spreading !
Co-morbity factors "exploited" to justify the medical "distortions" !
Indirect consequence > WW Trillions $$$ cost ! Cost Benefit analysis >
Effects of “deadly” delays in normal “ elective” surgery, forced “work-from-home” subsidised unemployment, potential closing down of whole Industrties

ALL exacerbated by  mismanagement of ALL Governments > bureaucraciess and even  the many “misguided” 
> “health experts”

"the Scientific Principle" < has been forgotten ? the S

. . . even to “macro” levels arguably perhaps involving even the United Nations
The Scientific World  seems subject to “black-mail” to create results using over-simplistic computer “models” to fit political agendas

WHY ? They are literally “too cheap” for TGA and the Pharma Cos
to bother with . . . like Aspirin, Vitamin C
( and arguably still the case of ddT and the consequences of completely banning it )!

“Nuclear proliferation” from to ‘60s prematurely destroyed any impetus of potential Nuclear Energy using the right sort or technology at the time ( for example LFTR ) for the sake of “dirty Uranium” war-mongering !
But now also ameliorated by the rapid advent / implementation of “modular” Nuclear Reactors commercially for example Nuclear Aircraft Carriers / Submarines now ancient over 50years “safe history”

Nuclear powered aircraft wase demonstrated back in the ‘60/70s > albeit impractical  !> Not Suitable For Purpose”

Energy Crises > short term NO!

Oil, Gas 100s of years current WW reserves. Nuclear ONLY long term answer proven safe most countries are exploiting it
New reactors ( LFTR ) > compact modular ?the way to go !
Wind & Solar a minor contributor useless for" base load"
> Banning of Coal ( in Australia > an extreme absurd case) > All 100 years premature at huge  bridging cost > an absolutely futile political > economical counter-productive !

NUCLEAR ENERGY ! a potential but real existing answer to the “foible of “renewables” > wind and solar

Now virtually being proven to be largely impractical  non-sustainable for a source of “base power” at least in the for-see-able future
2022 > the Euro/UK Energy crisis re Russia/Ukraine War etc

the ‘greenes WW are reluctantly pulling back on their misguided “green agenda”

AUSTRALIA is the Only Country in the Western World NOT actually using but still has a paranoia against “N” never to to be spoken about by the “greenies” > “woke” establishment
OUR ignorance > stupidity being exploited by others


Global Warming > a "scam" ?

> NOW > Climate Change ALL arguable > R&D Yes ! > "Cause & Effect" NOT proven ! Cost trillions $$$ unsubstantiated !
Indications are IPCC predictions proven exaggerated
( via 20+ years satellite measurements ).
Man-made CO2 a cause Maybe ? yes 1 but a lesser contribution > natural factors ! Global Temperatures are cyclic.
In the '70s cooling > mini Ice Age was the vogue ! Too many variables > Climate modeling for All " intents & purposes " a " farce" Completely Initially ignored the main GH factors > moisture, cloud effects; and the fact that Global temperatures always precede CO2 change ! Ice Cap melting  Sea rise flooding
 a consequence & its effects now being discounted
> a "beat up ? debatable Yes!
Proportionate funding ONLY ? NOT the destruction of World "economies in the process ? a "wild goose chase" !

Electric Cars > Hydrogen(H2) Economy?
..being enforced ( prematurely ) on false premises Only exacerbates any so-called Energy "Crisis" !
Any political "knee-jerk" reaction requires huge unaccounted panic infrastructure costs.
H2 is simply not cost effective with known / current technology ( via hydrolysis of water ) > highly inefficient for mass use ! with the necessary back-up prime energy

Australias Unique situation !

Under utilised resource potential !
Larger(-est) WW reserves of Gas, Coal, Iron Ore, Uranium Ore and unused potential water resources. with global agricultural potential recognised and largely ignored for > a century !
 Lack of "guts" by Governments in planning > short term political mind-set ( a "foible" of so-called democratic "hiatus".
Stifling lack of initiative of current financial systems > banks misdirected funding  constricted housing market land infrastructure limitations imposed > inflated housing prices !
Australia has become a " short term quarry " for the World > financial greed and consequences > the destruction
of Australian manufacturing base ( Steel Industry )"Govts" are too intent on exploiting.
Planning should be focused more on "value adding" to re-create some sort of manufacturing sector "base"
Education system is geared more towards educating and indirectly funding Int'l schemes rather than "local"
> "high tech" educating directly our "opposition" confrontational countries. > we are "cutting our own throat"
Notable lack of skilled workers in Australia with the intent of "bludgers" deliberately Not working
and subsidised into & accepting being "dumbed down" > the" brain drain" syndrome
For example CSIRO is funded ONLY for R&D to the prototype stage > private enterprise hasn't the "guts" to invest in constructive new business enterprises
Yet we train / educate “imports” into Our “Lucky Country” who a have been often proven to be mere "stooges" to "cherry pick" our potential > still evolving technology !
Universities have been largely diverted into non-consequential idealogical cultural issues > general politics
> far to much emphasis on IT !

> much more important issues at stake ! . . . like WWW-3 potential and the threat of Chinese political > economic dominance
> Nothing NEW ! they deserve their “moment of glory”, resurgence in History

but for the extremism  and hostile “bullying” of most of the Worlds still under-developed economies

IT is they who are heading into the “finite nature” of the Earths “resources”
 at an accelerating “unsustainable pace

So far Technology has kept this under control in the past and with a timely chance in the future

We can’t All emulate the likes of the  “IT Gurus’ ( Zuckerburg etc )
but Elon Must might just be a worthy practical “ role model “ hopefully all devoid of self perpetuating bureaucracies > Governments and “control freaks”

some Answers > for Australia !

"ad finitum" . . . to be continued !

This "diatribe" more as a BLOG to attract Google algorithm "ranking" you might think ! hhhmm! maybe !

We have All been side-tracked by the "Greenies", by the "Left"  non-thinking > hysterical "fringe elements" in society, "politically blackmailed" by few% minority by the largely passive majority All too ready to exploit the contrived situation(s) ! with the other 5% “Top-end of Town” being the “all-too-obvious “ ,“ beneficiaries “

Easy ! to see the issues involved but to solve the worst of them ???
. . . > It’s ALLcalled “human greed” > monetary, ego > power !

Someone needs to do a “cost analysis” of the overall pandemic consequences vs the casualty rate ( in COVID deaths )

guess-timated at 10-100s Million$$$’s per life !

> negligble compared to costs associated with hospital immobilisation. individually the rates of cardio, cancer and and other preventable “disease deaths“/ anguish caused indirectly by postponed “ elective surgery ”

These and even the common ‘flu ) far exceeds the direct casualties of COVID
and largely artificially extreme COSTS being imposed on society

Fortunately in hindsight many “ enlightened ” Countries are now becoming more aware > After more than 2 year

after All it is widely acknowledged the cause was by “misadventure”
originating most probably(  accidentally of even deliberately ) from Chinas’ Wuhan Institute
> arguably still “aided & abetted” by certain Western “influences”

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