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( not included ) Operation




All NE Pumps (except OEM NE-500Series) are stand-alone (self-contained) > operated in “simple mode” via built-in LED Front Panel
more Complex and multi-pump System and

For PC Operation via RS-232 or USB Port ( Any Win PC/Laptop XP+
Required Extras
Cables :

  • Pump to PC RS-232 Primary Network Cable CBL-PC-Pump-7 ( or 25ft )
  • Pump-Pump Secondary Cable CBL-Net-7 (or -25)
  • RS-232 to USB Converter  CBL-USB232 ( if older type PC)

Software > WIN Terminal emulator or other ? LabView etc

  • SyringePump Pro ( recommended ) ( s’ware license per Pump ~$120) ( fully supporeted by South Aust OEM > but ASK! )
Syringe Pumps Safety Features

NE1000 *

Max Force(Low Flow)

Min Force (Max Flow)

Stall Block - Safety Colar - when syringe slide hits the end stop noise/vibration sensor stops the motor minimising damage to Nutblock, motor belt, and motor winding(eventually)

* a LAST RESORT Mechanism - repeated use causes long(er) term damage (DONT RELY ON IT Instead of sensible programming for flow method stop
Parts : Motor Belt BELT-71G080P1/8W (both);
NutBlock 1000 Nylon 1/2Nut NUTBLOCK-SPS-20T (both);MOTOR-17H130ENC-4-15P-02 (1000); MOTOR-17H185H-ENC4-15P (1010)

NEW Optional Limit Switches on Pump Drive Shaft  Now Available 2018+)

in addition to Optional “Stall Block” Safety Feature


NE1010 *




NE8000 *



Major upgrade >NO Stall Block fitted; Solid Brass NutBlock ( can’t be easily adjusted > use LED Panel to move/adjust; Stronger motor & drive belt
Min & Max Limit Switches fitted to guide rail IF blockage in syringe / downstream motor will try increase the force applied to clear or motor stopped/DSolid NutBlock will “jam” ( with Minimal Damage)
Initial Force adjustment via Front panel “pot” for reduction for use with Glass Syringes


ALL Pumps


Use Safety Shield and/or Safety Eye Glasses particularly with High(er) Force Syringe Pumps and Glass Syringes


NE1000, NE1010 , NE8000
and Peristaltic NE9000


Oil or grease drive screw  to reduce wear & tear . . . as recommended

special “grease” to prolong life of silicone tubing and pump rollers

Help Files PDFs

SyringePumpPro s’ware

Key PDF Extracts fro Site

SPP Quick Demo.mp4
Introduction-To-Pump-Programming.mp4 300Mb


SPP_Easy Way to Create PPL Files - Programming Spreadsheet - SyringePumpPro.pdf
SPP_Infusion Pump Stall Detection - SyringePumpPro.pdf
Pump Maintenance for a Long Pump Life Time - SyringePumpPro.pdf

Pricing - SyringePumpPro.pdf

How to power your pumps - DIY - SyringePumpPro.pdf
 Have You Got Cables_ - Start Here - SyringePumpPro.pdf
2-NE8000 Pump Wont Stop Automatically - SyringePumpPro.pdf

V1 License Key Installation Instructions - SyringePumpPro.pdf

Pump Drawings - SyringePumpPro.pdf
DisposableSyringe &Kits.pdf
GlassSyringes Brochure.pdf
StainlessSteel Syringes Brochure.pdf


NewEra > SPP Laboratory Pumps Take Control of Your Pumos

FlipBook SPP Website 2018 FLIP-HTML5 via HTM >398p PDF pages 27mB

FAQs SyringePump.pdf

SPP_about NE LabPumps_65p.pdf
NE-8000 Addendum.pdf
NE-300-UserManual.pdf >1000Series
NE-1600-1800-1200Brochure.pdf > see NE1000 manual
NE-1000X User Manual Addendum.pdf

Pump Accessories-ALL NE.pdf
TTL Inputs and Outputs - NE SyringePumpPro.pdf
Gradient Pumping X-Ffirmware Upgrade.pdf
Advanced  2Pump Precision Programmable Syringe Pumps - SyringePump.pdf

Dual Pump Set - SyringePumpPro.pdf
CBL-DUAL-3 Instructions.pdf


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