Current SITE Limitations ( )
Many instances of FLASH Slide shows  . . . PC Compatible ONLY
FLASH IS NOT Supported by APPLE and mobile Phones
Useful NAV BAR menu-ing has had to be “stiffled” BACK TO . . . a simple text format - single tier format

basic text / HTM page formatting MAY provide better Search Engine “spidering” and
WW GOOGLE SEARCH capability ???

ADVANTAGES . . . still ! . . .

  • Extensive website “SiteMapping” capability built-in
  • FOR US New HTML5 . . . is a bit “daunting” was a bit “over the top” . . . re coding required
    Our old(er) Website editing tools are more user friendly in simplistic mode . . . albeit becoming obsolete . . . they are still quite functional for us !
  • attempts at including HTML5 features have had only limited success by the s’ware developers
    . . .

HTML5 NEW Website : >AND a DRAMATIC upgrade
.NOW with a NEW Fully Functional SHOP Cart

  • Full SHOPPING Cart - Index via Cat.#s and Chromalytics Up-to-date prices for our Most popular/ Many Suppliers Products 
    ~30,000 now covered( Exchange Rate variations being still a major problem re updates etc )
  • Apple MAC, I-PAD, Mobile Phone( including Androids)  Highly Compatability ( and almost perfect )
  • Include NEW HTML5 Version of FlipPAGE format - NOW ALSO fully compatible .  . and brilliant !

    Other New 2015 Features . . .

    Compact ( re Mobile Phone  use ) - mini-site
  • - NOW improved dramatically with OUR . . . NEW HTML5 FlipPAGE format . . . NOW almost PERFECT !

    Proto SHOPPE
    ( olde partial functionality retained as an ALT view of our Product Range

OUR “Current” Website ( has been “seamlessly” integrated into the New Site embedded in an I-FRAME

In the interim updates will still be managed via and where ONLY non-FLASH HTML5 format will thus be used
and in time such current Flash pages will be updated .

For non-PC browsing “missing” page “404” Windows errors may occur for older designed pages
 . . . we apologise for this shortcoming . . . YES ! Technology DOES Evolve !

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THIS site >: NAV BARS may require FLASH - a Site for PC Eyes 
& Not for “Apples” ( see fullycompatible chromalytic
OR revert to HTM Pages here !

HTML5 now active for NEW pages

New! HTML5 Pages (ALL - Chromalytic Site)
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for ALL Modes :
,NO FLASH Required
 compatibility . . . with both
Flip & PDF

this Site for PCs, . . . AppleMAC, I-Pads,  Mobile Phones,  Androids
PDF “APP” required

. . . see also  “mobile” mini-SIte designed 650x900px Screens
- AppleMAC,I -Pad,
Mobile Phones
even Android compatible

for PCs -” this” SITE
Start HERE !
& with FLASH features

BUT Not Mobiles . . . >
V see HTM Menus
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On-Line Prices > CART AUD

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OR ALT for our
FlipPAGE SHOPPE . . . /index.php
add to the “Flip” URL
 “Main” Flip Catalog for “Current” Prices > CART

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with embedded previous site >

NEW HTML5 Website


>All Site pages - but not necessarily all linked also try the + Links for detailed Product Categories  >

to Web HTM Section pages  Web page Section

to FlipPAGES mulipage Catalogs

FlipPAGE seven for  huge catalogs > FAST. .  even for 800p catalog page-served

to PDF Files PDF File ( multipage <10p )

ALT CART Prices via Cat.#s  > Flip SHOPPE Cart

See also Chromtechs’ ”mobile” miniSITE FLIPCart (~AUD prices ONLY)

REGISTRATION required in future ?