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the Web "Ask" chromtech.net.au
eg [“HPLC”+[“columns”]

& our Various SHOP Attempts
so U do need patience !

“State of the Art” :OUR SITE(s) > Summary


 Flip5HTML5 Catalogs ?
Product Catagories > OK
Complete Shop Prices
Now deactivated !

chromalytic.net.au NEW 2016
. & any embedded FlipHTML5
 is OK ?
2018-9 Prices Not NOW active needs updating etc. Only for “select” Customers ? in future ?


partial” Shop ~200 popular ? items ONLY mobiles > OK
SHOP2CT Simpler select products ONLY

chromtech.net.au /shop2CT.htm


“Mals’ Cart“ >Tablet, Apple 2, Android Samsung A800
for Good  performance !

Chromtech miniSite > Mals proto SHOP  & fully functional :
18-9 prices > need updating



Mobile Compatible Site

A400+Site > Shop
www.chromtech-AUS.com  now being optimised by Us for Mobiles
 Android A8 Reasonable ? FlipHTML5 Mobile(s) Apple & Android
 . . . the later-the -version
the  better !

(Fair where HTML5 >
.GOOD/ bearable / readable simplified HTML5 AND FlipHTML5 Catalogs via a scalable(?) ”Mobile” HOME Page




Chromtech-FlipHTML5 Library

flip.chromalytic.net.au & “SCALABLE”  > FlipHTML5 & mobile / Tablet compatible
ANY associated .htm NOT So Good > can be a bit slow!
> re Overheads . . . but cached etc

but Mobiles generally  ???  > THEY  really R  CRAP !
> for anything of ANY detail ! < Android 32gB A8
PDF OK > Now via auto plug-in install
Flip HTML5 Very Good
& scalable
“older” FlipPAGE fair ? !. . .  but “synthesized”

lack of consistency across “mobile” ?
responsive vs dynamic edit ???
and this could be enough to really “piss you off” !
on those “MickeyMouse” phones
definitely seems good but as a PREVIEW ONLY
so > But U . . . Really need to INVEST IN A DECENT PC !
 . . . > reinvent the PC ! for OUR Detailed stuff !

HTLM5 + Flip.(versions) PDF > FLIP
> FlipHTML5 NOW is near “perfect” !

PDFs are still “core” format “plug-in” for mobiles now auto;
“Flash” / old HTM are all but obsolete !!





ALL 550 HTM Pages require a decent PC >
 1300px screen

“Mobile” HTM Site BODY (~20 Pages) really act as a preview Quickie view ( & if U have the patience ! )
level 2 or more deep tends to revert to the ”full” HTM Site

FlipHTML5 ar still scalable and OK on a mobile

PDFs also now supported by Android (& Apple ?)

  • original HTM pages are designed for a 1300px wide Monitor this can scale OK to an A800 Mobile/Tablet OB
  • th “BODY” Page have been extracted and re-presented as MORE mobile friendly for a 600px screen ( or less  ???)

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