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COVID 19 Restrictions on delegated “Medical” Products Until Further Notice 2019>2020>2021+ indefinite ? > US Feds > embargo ! and “Comrade” Dans hysteriia ! and: HIS” declared “State-of-Emergency”

some items are in WW Short Supply inc some plastic materials >  delays can be expected and MOQs may apply
We reserve the Right to By-pass VP and Supply ALTERNATIVE Podructs same basic specs

Value PLastics in particular R GOOD !
 but NOW merged into Nordson Medical
> change of emphasis > New management ??? etc
maybe just a bit too overambitious from the start  in the 1990’s > Supply & Demand !

Continue to Use VP parts as reference and where
need be we will find ALT OEM Suppliers

mini Plastic
Fittings 2019

> NordsonMedical
(Value Plastics) V028 Catalog
PDF VP 2019 Catlog PDF

FlipHTML5 176p

FLIP-HTML5 Flip Catalog 2019 v.28
new UPdated NEW Products
extra Quick Connects
Large bore Connectors
Sanitary Fitting

plus many of previous ValuePlastics
 Catalog items

many in stock Melbourne

VP-NordsonMed v-28 2019

mini Plastic
Fittings 2016

> NordsonMedical
(Value Plastics) V027 Catalog

VP 2016 Catalog PDF


FlipHTML5 92p

FLIP-HTML5 VP Catalogk 2015/16 V027

VP027 FlipHTML5 Catalog v.27

Plastic Fittings:Value Plastics2015 20145 VP v.026
. . . /index.php includes pricing xxx


FlipBook VP Catalog 2013 v.26
VP026-2014 CatCover

2013 VP_V025_1-91 acrobat-but  PDF : VP025 FLIP-2 FLIPPage

VP025-2013 Catalog

Barbs, Luers, Threads, Tube-To-Tube, Quick-Connects,
Check Valves, Stopcocks,
Panel Mounts - Luers and Tube-Tube,

Nylon -1, Polypropylene -6, Polycarbonate -9, Kynar -J1A

Sizes : in fractional sizes (onlt) 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4” OD/ID
Tubing : LDPE, Polyurethane, PVC . . .silicone, PEEK, Teflon/PTFE, also PFA, ETFE, FEP; Stainless Steel, Siltek/Sulfinert, Fused Silica capillary ( see Restek )

see Also: VICI AG(Jour), VICI-Valco, Omnifit, BioChem Fluidics, BioChem Valves
for LC and HPLC Fittings 

Value Plastics - Typical Fittings below - see full Catalog for details
or ASK ! & for ALTs

literally 1000’s of fittings :: popular one sin stock Melbourne . . .
far too many for us to stock : non-stock items approx 2 weeks delivery
Some fittings are discontinued by VP
= maybe available elsewhere

VP11-CV-Fittings Valves
VP11-Other Product Stococks

Value Plastics PARTS Kits


VP-Kit T-T


Assoted Kit-001

Biopharm Kit-001

Blood Pressure Kit-001


Luer Kit-001

QC Kit-001

Tube-To-Tube Kit-001

VP-Kit InkJet
VP-Kit Build-a-part

Click Pic for parts List

InkJet Kit-001

Build-a-Part Kit-001 (discontunued 2016)


many Appllicable to LuerLoks / Slip ONLY
Not ALL sizes types material are relevant to ALL Part Types

different Barb Styles ; 200Series most popular
Material : PolyProp, Nylon, PolyCarb; J!A(Kynar Tube Sizes : 1/16 to 1/4”ID : LDPE, PVC, Silicone


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