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B . . . some ”FLASH”  PDF Products:  FlashSlides PDF acrobat & some HTM htm-button


NOW Includes
access to
our “system”
AUD Prices


1   Click the
Slide FliPAGE Catalog in A  to open
2   add

to the Flip “URL”

3   Find [Cat.#]
of interest within the FlipPAGE via doing a
[ Text Search ]

4   copy & paste [Cat.#] into
 [ Add to Cart ]
box which appears at Top of page
OR U may have to
“type” it slowly”
5 Click Cat.# to enter into Cart
6   repeat

PDFs in B are not linked to Price Lists

5 > direct to
Shop Cart
at www.chromalytic.net.au

Prices on-line
For Our
Main Suppliers Only

Restek, ValuePlastics, VICIValco, VICI(Jour), (SRI GCs /xxx, NewEra,
CT Vials

but ANY of these Prices are available from ANY
 FlipPAGE Catalog
 if U know the
[cat,#] already

other “proto” SHOP CARTS on our Site have indicative Prices ONLY !


requires Adobe Flash PC Only NOT Apple or mobiles