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 Welcome to Chromtech’s Chromatography
and Fluid Transfer products SHOP

”prototype ONLY!”  

in the meantime . . . How to Place an Order . . . ASK !

  • These are but a synopsis of Chromalytic’s huge range of products
     . . . some 35,000 individual items
  • some of the more popular items . . . “Best” Sellers ! . . . if you like
  • many items have options size, type etc - highlighted where price is the same as quoted . .. or listed as being typical or some of our more popular items

some Featured Products
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As of May15 FULLY FUNCTIONAL current price in sync with our DD some compromises/limitation eg XR at 0.79 current June15
 . . . includes discounts where applicable and some shipping options built-in !

for more specific items you come across browsing our websites . . . .archive site <2009 . . . NOW Discontinued NOT ONLINE . . . our current site 2009-2013
or the prototype . . . and Still  Under_Construction_anim-s
ask us for an e-mail quote
we are still developing a more interactive
see PC SHOPPE >>> new SHOP SITE 2016 ( but Now under redevelopment)
mobile SHOPPE ( MALS’ Cart ) cut down site for phones and partial PayPAL Shop Cart

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NEW as of 2020+ “Pinch GateWay” due to some ”inconsistencies”
with PayPAL-Aust and “some” Banks

Complete PRICE Catalog > on 35,000 items hardly viable . . . at least for Us !
besides our “competitors would love us !

We will reserve in future for some of our “fair dinkum customers )
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Now augmented by a User-friendly “responsibe proto SHOP Great !
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but at least “mobiles” and “FlipHTML5 Pages” are good ( latter via “pinch & Zoom” !
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Freight Calculations for Cart . . . Approx ONLY
to be amended later . . .
- SHOPPE applied

PC Shoppe for more details
-see freight based on weight of shipment AND to different Post Code areas
If any drastic anomalies - we will issue a Credit on request

Weight of Heavy/Bulky items is listed in Item Description ( Cart Only )

Melb Metro > Hunter Exoress . . . Tracking via
Qty 1-10Kg $20.00; then $1.50 perKg
but normally :.if Total weight >30kg $35
or VIC-Country >60km GPO  40kg $45

Interstate Metro
Interstate $30 5Kg + $1.50 perkg
allow 2 days SA, NSW Brisbane
3 to 4 days Perth, Darwin, Cairns
but normally >.
if Total weight >30kg $55.00 > remote +
> ASK !

Other areas similar adjustment
TOLL is by Satchel Service Only to 5Kg Maximum and. . .  NO Glassware/
Or DG allowed
& then We will revert to road Courier

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HypoD-Stock List2021


Syringe-Less Needle Adaptor1 DCV DoubleCheckValve1
DCV DoubleCheckValveA
FemLuer to 1-4 -28
MaLuer to 1-4 -28

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