ENERGY CRISIS  ?    . . . some ( of My) “random” Thoughts !
inspired ONLY by the ClimateChange < GlobalWarming 
“paradigm” ALL
generated by
                        “The Climate Change Hypothesis
ALL Simply Accepted Occuring Naturally over “Millenia” > “Forever!”

NO Such “damn” Thing ! > short term OR of any relative significance ? > within next 100s of years ? . . . or more ! )

all well within normal current R&D > expected High TECHNOLOGY advancements   and IF / Where economically “justified” but ALL in “Due Course” > of course !
and NOT to mere “whims” of “extremists”

IF Not a Gigantic “HOAX” > certainly wildly exaggerated !
akin to Similar BUBBLES” over History !

Fossil Fuels have been of immense benefit to Civilization and “Sustainability and WILL continue to be SO ! . . . long into the future. we ARE Still waiting for the inevitable more widespread use of “modularNUCLEAR
( > FUSION ! eventually ) to supplement both existing “Fossil” AND “Renewables” . . . > where appropriate ! >
                                     There IS Simply NO Perfect Answer !
 . . . Without THE necessary “compromises” ! > AND readjustment of Society
. . . to cope with that “evil” Nature !

Something that even Govts are NOT prepared to confront ! > The threat of ongoing terrorism > blackmail extortion strategies
> that obvious seem to work ! even against often “gutless” BIG business !

see “contrarian” BOOK(s) > “FOSSIL FUTURE” (2022) & “The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels“ (2014)Alex Epstein

          . . . to save the Planet Trillions of $$$s and indirectly cause “genocide” through induced and continued poverty and lack of  “minimalistic” Basic Energy ! for the still under-developed Countries
( apart from CHINA of course ! a UN Exception ! )

Interesting ! the Energy Co AGL etc are “coincidently” recording record profits
( whilst prematurely actually “blowing up” coal plants ? existing “GRID” Infrastructue employment repercussion . . .
ALL by THE UNACCOUNTABLE “bureaucrats ! U are THE problem ! by voting THESE “PARASITES” INTO POWER politics  . . Democracy IS Failing !
But I won’t sell my “few” Shares as they are simply “massively” profiteering”
( > a mere pittance to shareholders ) . . . out of it ALL !

As well as consumer>commodity products Coles, WW etc still “exploiting”
flood embattled “farmers” etc

All under . . . Govts Hyper-Inflation > Scarcity “Economic” Theory of WW Govts
.  .  . exacerbated by the prolonged Ukrainian War > relative timidity of Western Counrtries NATO etc albeit They WERE the bastion of Nuclear under the Cold War USSR

> “entrapment” Low/Zero Interest Rate “c’mon sucker” “Schemes”
> “diversionary” strategy of gender politics > THE VOICE  > whatever, warped education schemes all to continue “dumbing-down” us ALL now COVID19 Has eventually dissipated > No worse than the “common flu” or  seasonal “wattle” pollen pollution ! symptoms
> a blind spot . . . for the “medicos” all-too-frequent “band-aid” mentality !


Coal, Natural Gas ( “Fracking” Gas > Shale, > Oil Sands )
at least 100s of years with known WW Reserves( almost unlimited WW, capped and perhaps no longer currently  price competitive perhapspens with haset caused pollution problems > corrosion lack of source refininf ( tar sands oil etc)
Trump revolutionized USA Energy that way within a few years > until Biden stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada
Albeit the need for more R&D Into refining and anti-corrosion techniques ALL
 well advanced technologically . . . do-able! >  but still cost dependant

But I don;t thnk there’s a marker for refining “cows shit” OK for fertilses or into :”biomass” in SE Asia > the Amazon as per the “Incas” ! and Graham Hancocks “Lost” Civilisations ! ( interesting but GOOGLE him ! 
( > but defintely anti-Establishment” ! )

The same arguments would apply ever since the Industrial Revolution started 250 years ago but which has been “forever” renegged by the “Do- Goodies” & altruistic “Greenies” which later evolved into Malthusian Theory AND now the even more “fanatical extremists” often forsaking any sense of both Science ( &worn out” Religions even ! )

  • First Industrial Revolution: Coal in 1765.
  • Second Industrial Revolution: Gas(Petrol) > NaturalGas in 1870.
  • Third Industrial Revolution: Electronics and Nuclear in 1969. ( except for AUSTRALIA >
    THE Exception ! ) with prospects of NOW virtually perfected Nuclear ( > Fusion ? ) perhaps
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution: Internet and “Renewable” Energy in 2000.
  • coming Fifth Industrial Revolution Artificial Intelligence ( to replace existing NIL Intelligent use of the “Human Brain” I by the likes of Twitter, “in-your-face”-book ! > Chinese TikTok
    Do you realise they allocate you “twits just 128 character > the rest goes to “vacuum”

    Amazing Technology Advances in such a short time after tens of thousands of years of previous & “indigenous” civilizations !
    BUT Where are we heading ! > into the Multiverses > billions of light years away !
    . . . escapism mentality of the naive !

A better need for Cost-Benefit vs“Greed-Naivity” analysis > & from both sides !
“YOU simply can”t have your “cars” & misuse them as well !

. . . re > frivolous use of transport systems > redundant tourism > re space travel
of Musk and to see the “decrepit Titanic, or “shit-laden” Venice for example
nor the “ego-kick” visiting “tourist traps” & seeing under-privelged 3rd World Countries > OK perhaps but without the “other” peoples “problems” > just the animals but why take “coals to Newcastle” rather than zoos > wild animal parks
on site > in-situ or 3-D media > far far better you could even resurrect “ancient” failed “Smellorama” features to enhance the “natural”’  flavour of those “experiences in cinemas ! . . . or  yet to come in your lounge room ! 
 As for most business travel > redundant to that’s what te Internet WAS All about  ? . . .  except maybe as one of  the “perks” ’ for politicians and those useless “perennial”talk fests””If “they” are All that sincere ! about GW > CC !

Maybe Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) IS The Answer! . . .  certainly NOT much is
being shown from the Top > Down and the bottom has literally . . .
“been too dumbed down” to show much intelligence !

George Orwells’ 1984” . . . all By 2084 ? . . . good luck “kids” !
. . . with ALL that sort of “mind control” agenda ! now being “emulated”
 . . . by those “smarts” !
> cost and transportation (pipelines are still underlying ( and inhibiting )
> re cost factors . . . All at “the whims” of bureaucracies and exploitation by monopoly “Energy Companies” and the hidden agenda of inflated prices thru’ “scare-mongering

“Renewables” now being GENERALLY recognized IN HINDSIGHT
non sustainable certainly for Peak Energy Demand requirements ( maybe
20-30% of the market > eventually ? > but heavily subsidized at tremendous
Cost to All of Us! > inefficient land use and New Electricity Grids required
> Not yet accounted for ! . . . as that’s ALL to them in THE Future which “aint” going to happen !
In Australia CSIRO estimate 1(>4) Trillion Dollars for the extra 80,000km “Grid”. All at enormous cost initially and themselves effecting environmental issues like efficient  use of limited resources WW ( & becoming scarcer ) like steel, aluminium, copper, titanium and “Rare Earths“ far better used for “LFTR” Nuclear
But also, inefficient agricultural land use and “noise” factors . . .  inevitable pollution caused by “the renewables” every 20-30 years for THE regular replacement costs
Australia certainly simply has not the experienced “willing” labor force to even do the installation / maintenance required . . . to DO anything worthwhile any more !
The current Aus Govt Policy is absolutely “CRAZY” bu ANY definitions

WE R a 3rd Conuntry One of the Last Western Countries to DENY Even Discussing
the Now proven over 60 years > NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGT

UPDATE  2023 > MY Reinforcement !
ANY “sensible” Scientist will acknowledge “Renewable” are undoubtedly BUT a “mere token gesture” at minimising anthrogenic CO2 generation let alone whether in fact >

Cost Prohibitive GRID Requirements Wind & Solar and > Land Cost requirements
re loss of prime agricultural land AND Completely ignored by THE Powers that Be!

In fact there IS of NO Real Significance Or Consequence in the observed “relatively miniscule” Global Warming” BOTH In current times (decadal), historically AND Geologically OVER millenia”. IT is largely “NATURAL” and Cyclic > a short term” >
Yes partly anthropogenic as long s human like exists and proliferates.
Longer term & Completely OUT OF OUR CONTROL > MIlankovic Cycles and cosmic events even “ disruption “ of Solar Winds on Earths weather & Climate ! > ALL hypothesis versus those damn “farcical” computer models” often based on false assumptions > mis-interpretation of The Data or too just many difficult Natural factors conveniently ignored for the sake of numerous “vested interests” !
At Best ! ALL> ignorance, > exaggeration > distortion of scientific facts >  fraudulence even of many scientists and “beat-up” of the “media” generally
Arguably there is a short term net beneficial  benefit of increase CO2 levels >
( human health and plant growth against otherwise the potential “Global Starvation”
of the masses in under-developed “energy starved” Countries > obviously being exploited historically > even in current times !
The unjust & obviously distorted spread of Global Wealth > “Greed” being the main concern  and reason behind these “contrived catasrophies”

THE Financial> Economic “Bubble” and deliberately “contrived Hoax”
of the Millenia(s) ALL a “cover-up”o of Govts mismanagement > ineptitude

even against the Australian”Judicial System itself ! an proven unwinable situation”

It IS simply NOT ON to legislate to protect the “perceived “Gulty” by complicit Dan Andrews and Joe Biden: as just token examples NOR the dumbness of Anthony Albanese & “co horts” ! debatable “perhaps” by Myself to confront ANY “fair” audience !
Previous “Schemes”

Geothermal, Wave power
ALL a “dead duck” > non viable for Very obvious reasons ( except for very localized  areas ( eg NZ / Iceland maybe Japan instead of the failed Fukashima “Nuclear site”  and a maybe a very few NO Salt environments perhaps !
Removal ( IF Ever Needed ?)

Sequestration of CO2 Very suspect ! > non viable re cost; chemical conversion within “basalt” ore structures takes “millions of year”
H2 Economy at huge cost via Green-H2”-Electrolytic and Nuclear
more likely( see below )
 The Ammonia Economy to supplement the fertilizer(Urea) need
( also requires energy( >Nuclear! ) and high temp catalysts etc ) as a
“safer” higher efficiency “transportation” fuel
ALL WAY into the future !

 All whist Western Countries ( and CHINA) exploit both “slave” labour AND natural resources A ND China still conveniently being regarded as a “DEVELOPING” COUNTRY by that renowned hypocritical Organization the UN ( United Nations )

Renewable(s)“ Hoax”

  • uneconomic, non sustainable > heavily Govt subsidized
  • paranoid destruction and/or “capping” of fossil fuel resource & production
     in Australia
  • All under the “guise“ of “anthropogenic” Global Warming via
    industrial CO2 emissions
    >  ignoring the fact the 1/3 of WW population still relying on poverty and
    enforced need to still burn “cow dung” for energy ( India now ~1.4billion > Africa, SE Asia generally Sth America ? )
  • All whilst Western Countries ( and CHINA ) exploit both “slave” labour AND WW natural resources whist stock-piling their own !
    China is still “conveniently” being regarded as a “developing Country” and “subsidized
    by neglect by that renowned hypocritc Organization the UN ( United Nations )
    and > useless by default ! vtoed by the like of Russia North Korea, Iran, & Now Turkey etc
    on the Security Council and other “plebs” !

  • eg WindPower / Batteries > Cost exploitation by China of slave labor
    for production  90% of WW ) and replacement cost every 20-30 years of
    Wind Turbines ( and batteries )
  • Back up required for batteries in waste materials Initial and eventual
    replacement cost ! > potential pollution of
    Remote Wind Farms
  • require substantial use of land agricultural use > a costly compromise !
  • rewiring of National Power Line “GRIDS”
  • In Australia even WW there is simply not enough Copper, Aluminium
     ( steel & Rare Earths ) production or as WW ore reserves to implement this
    CSIRO have estimated forward projections of 1 Trillion Dollars to do this & that’s just in Australia

    BHP Have virtually cease steel production in Australia
    . . . to lock in sales or “ore” to China . . . there’s NOT enough steel for pipelines Rail because of this easy money for BHP and the QUEEN
  • There was literally NOT enough Steel for Water Pipes Kimberly to Perth WA.
    All steel pipe production were pre-allocated 75 years in advance ( by China / Russia etc ? )
  • Tens of 1000s ) ?  of Wind Turbines and immense tracts of “more deservedly” agricultural land ( size of Victoria and 100K of NEW transmission lines
    Australia should be th Agricultural “bowl” of The World is the 2100 year old “Watering Australia” had NOT been “shelved” indefinitely by ALL Government short-sightedness “
  • We have NOW NOT got the “trained” manpower to do the installation and servicing costs
    The Education system is largely “bogged down” in “gender politics” and other bullshit” agendas to create engineering and mining jobs required
    even to scrapping TAFE and Apprenticeship courses in recent decades
    Too many people are “bludgers relying on the hand-out” work from home
    COVID > extended scheme
  • Plenty of jobs ( in inconvenient Agriculture maybe remote mining )
    but that’s NOT on either !
  • We’re all too ready to import labour into The Lucky Country
  • Somehow we NOW intend to build Nuclear Submarines without the manpower nor the Navy Staff to “man” them
  • Building & maintenance of the Nuclear Power Plants required to replace “coal”
  • Short of sub-contracting the work to the Chinese

    Even “DH Dans” general acceptance of CHINAs “Belt&Road” scenario > sell-out might be considered “understandable” . . . at least THEY seem to have the “Get-up&Go” attitude to do things !
  • BUT WE will all Pay-For-IT ! eventually
  • We are also after the “counter-productive “lemon” of educating them for
    their own purpose
  • “Chicken & Egg”Syndrome > the electrical power is required BEFORE its’ practicality
    small Modular Reactors based on Site / City but preferably the “proven”60 years ago” LFTR Nuclear Energy Technology (see Kirk Sorensen > a history-2022
    of LFTR &Our Blogs)
  • miniseries the use of NEW Power “GRIDS”
  • Use existing Power Wiring and existing ( Now to be) redundant Coal Sites
  • FUSION IF EVER will hardly be practical
  • The hugely HIGH TECH Cost and centralized “PLANT” prone to “civil sabotage” or effects of “WAR”
  • BUT More-so the HUGE NEW Power Grid required for distribution over 1000s km
  • Allowing the illogical “scare campaigns” into a “PANIC Situation” exacerbating
    the tremendous costs involved in the “RUSH towards Net zero CO2 by 2050 etc
  • IT CAN’T Be done
  • Over 100s of years perhaps ( with the need for necessary R&D involved AND
    in a sensible time frame proportionate to ANY REAL Threat
  • The CO2 paradigm is arguably still a tremendous “HOAX > “BUBBLE” with
    little Cause & Effect established as justification
  • THE World simply needs to adjust to ANY perceived consequence
  • of melting of Arctics environment Ice whether it be rising sea levels but also
    ‘sub-Arctic tundra” and Methane Emissions
    There is little sign in reality over 40-50 years now there is ANY “significant”
    effect of rising CO2 levels from current 400ppM to even 1000ppM levels used in
    real “GreenHouses

    If so arguable “ there would be AND demonstrably observed 
    THIS would have a NET “beneficial” effect on the Planet > re plant growth
    and the cyclic natural "buffering"” of CO2
    The Ocean(s) itself being a gigantic “sink” for reasonable excess of CO2
  • Greening of the Earth ( vis Satellite observation”
    > consequent increase in AGRIC yields
      • Proven > less NET deaths occur in higher Global Temperatures compared
        to Cold(er) !
  • the ethics re population explosion being another “purphy” of resurgent “Malthusion” concepts becoming  more popularized
  • Asteroid impacts, shift of magnetic poles, and astronomical orbital effects
    ( Milankovitch ) Cycles) over millions of years
  • They have ( and will ) happen(ed) over millenia irrespective of mankinds
    ( THE “Greenies” hyper paranoia ) efforts to try and “ thwart “ the inevitable
    > “King Canute”
  • deluded thinking “under ever increasing use of “drugs” and known “distortion
    of time” . . . might just explain “ the escapism mentality” prevalent in society
    but more-so it seems influencing political decisions “at the top”
  • “Ego”>GREED and “ Conspiracy” Theories behind them . . . still being possibilities ?
    95% of WW “wealth” is controlled by 5% of the population > individually
     or “stooge”Corporation Or Drug / criminal “cartels”
  • All exacerbated by the “apathy > deliberate “dumbing down”
    or acceptance by the masses
    generally !
  • importation of “accepting” voters through open uncontrolled National Borders
     or VISAs by bribery> corruption or through “jobs for the boys” schemes !
  • adoption of the “handout mentality” and ITs’ exploitation > extremism
  • diversionary tactics into non-sensical hysterical tactics of extremists
    on “their own nefarious Agendas”
  • The (“Green”) Hydrogen Economy > largely “futile” as it is electricity-driven !
  • decentralization required re “GRIDS”
  • maybe the consideration of Fast Safer RAIL transport distribution ( of Liquid H2 ) in Australia . . . but that’s Trade Union dominated and anti-anything ! . . . including ANTING Nuclear !
    by definition AND “jobs-for-the boys”
  • BUT then there’s the real issue for R&D on “H2 embrittlement “ of metals

    - The reason why Elon Musk does NOT use H2 for SPACE-X . . . YET! ( it is currently powered
    by LOX and that “nasty Methane ( CO2 generating ) > propose Millions of Tonnes of it ! > Eventually
  • AND far more than “ farting Cows” > Australia’s “limited” priorities !

 enhanced / misguided destruction of the “petrol/diesel” Car Industry
after 120 years of evolution > virtual perfection ! where even the Chinese
are taking over > production ! > buy-out of “the old” technology”

All in in the forlorn “Hope”  of “the Greenies” and the Global Warming
( Human ) “hoax”

2022 NOW Nitrogen ( N2 ~79% of the Earths atmosphere ) being attributed by
“The crazies” on to another GLOBAL CALAMITY > SELF-IMPOSED
> also exaggerated !

- also thru’ imposed Starvation ( slave laborin “developing”  Countries
in particular ( CHINA   !)

Most of ALL this is the distortion lack of scientific understanding of
 “Natural” “NATURE Cycles” and easily ameliorated with a “ bit of common sense “
Mankind is all too blind to mismanagement of susceptible

Building in flood zones and Nuclear Plant in earthquake Tsunami zones like Japan (Fukishima) coastal installation and acceptance of the fact these eventual events
are often not within human capacity to change

Mankind needs the capacity to adjust to such consequences through the need
for rational “Cost Benefit Analysis”

We All are loath to learn from “history” and the recurring cyclic “nature” of Nature Itself ! and accept All the risk factors involved > decision making > development
 of New “fanciful” ideas and the potential consequences there-of

All Often ignored  for expediency !

CT > re Energy Crisis ! ? > a “money grubbers”  “bonanza”

Wake-UP Australia !

“blowing up” Coal Power Stations prematurely without viable sustainable replacements and USE the same infra-structure
( & “Grids”)  >“extend: their life; put in particulate filters for the “dirty” C even CO2 “scubbers” - & “existing” ALL Current Technology ! UNTIL a suitable viable Alternative IS available !
Otherwise IT is nigh-on crminal !

\ The Very SAME Coal/Gas Power SITES  ( Loy Yang/Yallourn Earing , Liddell/NSW etc can simply be used for  THE“small modular nuclear 1-2MW Reactors becoming available WW NOW!
and using the same GRIDs and the needed existing
“skilled“ employment Centres > re-trained of course
after U get rid of redundanet academic
& gender political Universitities ! ?

They’re All “Dreaming” OR asleep at the wheel !

U don’t need to be a “rocket scientist ! to understand ANY of THIS !

Some References

my apologies for so much repetition ! > maybe hopefully the message will eventuallysink-in !

Videos Video

Graham Hancock
Note the GOOGLE TITLE ( their BS sells ! )
Graham Hancock - Ancient Apocalypse:
The Most Dangerous Show On Netflix | PART 1/2)” talk about hypocrisy scare--mongering bias
> at least they haven't “canceled” GH YET !

Web Links
ad infinitum “muddied” deliberately by the input of “vested” interests, economic politics > generally

> comprehensive ( but NOT definitive AT A L!) tending to offset the deniers argument > convincing enough for me at least as a scientist a chemist !

  • Kirk Sorensen WORTH Emphasizing > excellent Tech Summary/Overview of LFTR
    Liquid FluorideThorium Reactor > Lecture 1:37hr a ka 2012 still lacks real support in USA altho’ elsewhere OK!
    > “egg-on-face” !
    of THE"experts”

again . . .  > & THE “Establishment” 
& The oversight of millenia ! & like a “mindless” paradigm !
. . . & all too commoon it seems !

but just a few ofthe Other” 3% sceptics


  • Alex Epstein
    2020 “Fossil Future 465p
    2014 “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels
  • Paul Driessen ( / Roy Spencer )
    “Miracle Molecule CO2 The Gas of Life” 37p PDF
  • Fred Singer
    Hot Talk, Cold Science (2021)
    Global Warmings Unfinished Debate (Revised and Expanded Third Edition) “256p A “Classic”Review  reproduced PDF
    plus feedback on-line >also interesting!

ALL“Qs”  so far ! & now > for the A” s ! . . .

OK ! > if you’ve had the patience to read this far !

> “Pull the plug” on many “crash” bulk schemes “heading nowhere FAST!
via renewables :IF Ever” schemes to “terra form” the earth . .. leave THAT
to Elon Musk ! and for MARS ! . . . wishful thinking too! by next Century ! ?

> Fund R&D by all means
Net NIL CO2 by 2035 > 2050 maybe end-game 2100 but only on demonstratable cause for concern

> NO WW War with China
> NO meteorite impacts, volcanoes, tectonic plate shifts of N-S Pole Shifts Or other “natural events” OR just Outside of YOUR Ordinary Insurance policy !
> NO Responsibility from DAN . . .Or ANY Govt . . . for Anything ! . . . of course !

5degC probably sustainable certainly 600ppM to 1000ppM NO Problems AND beneficial lant growth ( a CO2 Sink >: buffer” but still part of the virtually Nil Carbon Cycle
Their  planned > “NEW” imposed INFLATION economics (Keynesian > failed > Supply&Demand, Monetarism , Marxism) will help to compensate the R&D still required AND Implementation ! but at a conceded MIN 5-10% pa
 . . . not the 25 to50% currently ! . . . “that” . . . > WILL CAUSE MASSIVE ECONOMIC DEPRESSION ( COMPLETELY and completely unjustified at PRESENT(2023) . . . OK for DAN and his “Golden Handshake” PLUS his “Labor” based “Benefits”!

Take the Climate away from politics completely. . . JC won’t help either!

Via an independent scientific Tech “brains trust” NOT the corrupt United Nations necessarily !
> Eliminate vested interest imposing sheer Economics and “greed” into the situation >Combine Climate Change and Energy/Crisis/ under the one “umbrella”
. . . its Cause & Effect re High Tech

re- establish the “credibility

> re THAT 97% consensus > it IS “pure BS !

The Q&A Depends completely on the Question . . . the A THEN follows !

“Do you agree that Global Warming is an ISSUE ?     > 100% Consensus

Is man-made CO2 the cause of Global Warming  ? surveys suggest < 50% with
30% ignorant Not qualified technically or simply too confused by ALL the “hype” or just too dumb 10-20%; 5% with vested interests or “bribed” to vote on “anything” ?
> like “The Voice”-Yes Vote ! . . . an entirely diversionary political tactic>strategy real priority ~ Nil
but Aussie politics is that ! and > point scoring in Parliament re 50% gender politics related > all partly thru’ the hand-out mentality being “embedded”
 into Society by Social > Labor >( Communist>Fascist ) interests even ! or by
 ”jobs for the boys” or girls with Or without p.n.s’s ? may be jobs for “the ITS” !

A BIG Task in itself > but to at least try be”realistic” and ameliorate the huge projected cost (100s of trillion of $$$ over 50-100years ) to be covered by
ALL Us “peasants” ie tax payers ALL to pacify “The Doomsayers” . . . to simply . . . “play out Nostradamus” . . . perhaps ?

Do SOME of Your Own Research ? . . . Then.> . . YOU BE THE JUDGE !
                     “Fossil Future > Nuclear ! ? with a bit of “Renewables”
                                            at best > a Supplement ONLY !

2022 NOW Nitrogen ( N2 ~79% of the Earths atmosphere ) being attributed by
The crazies” on to another GLOBAL CALAMITY > SELF-IMPOSED

- also thru’ imposed Starvation ( slave laborin “developing” Countries
in particular ( CHINA  !)

Most of ALL this is the distortion lack of scientific understanding of
 “Natural” “NATURE Cycles including little understood / acknowledged Carbon Cycle” and easily ameliorated with a “ bit of common sense “

I have no qualm re the far more “desperate” need to remove “particulates” associated with CO2 emissions ! re the UK / London “smog” eliminated in the
‘50s by reducing coal burning . . .& within a decade !

NOTHING TO DO WITH CO2 WHICH Itself is NOT a pollutant !
> we breath it out at ~70,000 ppm
The “pollies” and those “Greenies” experts
do NOT even know the Difference between Carbon(C) and CO2 !

( NOT a “Loaded” ! . . . begged ? )

Is it worth trillions of $$$ on what could be largely unprovable
speculation > contrived Catastrophe theories > & ALL unprovable !

“Anthropogenic” CO2 is the Cause of Global Warming ? (Main or ONLY ?)
( it’s ONLY ~ 3% of the Total Natural emissions ! )

even significant and the consequences can’t be minimized through Advances in Or using existing Technology on a reasonable
Cost Benefit Analysis
VS a hypothetical “catastrophe” we must PRE-Empt at ANY COST
Post Haste !
GUARANTEED To Cost 100s of Trillions of $$$s WW over next 50 to100years
VS the hardships and deaths to perhaps billions of the World poAnthopogenic CO2 is the Cause of Global Warming

even significant and the consequences can’t be minimized through Advances in Or using existing Technology on a reasonable
Cost Benefit Analysis
VS a hypothetical “catastrophe” we must PRE-Empt at ANY COST >
Post Haste !
GUARANTEED To Cost 100s of Trillions of $$$s WW over next
50 to 100years

VS the hardships and deaths to perhaps billions of the World population

for misused resources !

VS ameliorate the damage though the  wide-spread use of NUCLEAR ENERGY  > NOW proven to be relatively AND comparatively SAFE even regarding
radiation “scares”

  • >   minimizing the CO2 emissions at the same time increasing standard of living WW > proven to help reduce population growth
  • minimize the use of misused resources !

    VS ameliorate the potential damage by ASAP wide-spread use of NUCLEAR ENERGY minimizing the CO2 emissions
  • at the same time increasing standard of living WW thus proven to reduce population growth !

OR revert to “Malthusian” philosophy World Wars;
artificial spread of disease ( like Chinese - USA sponsored COVID 
> indirectly “culling” the World population > encouraging the likes of  STDs, Ebola  subliminally through THE hysteria associated with “gender politics” !
Open to “despots” like Putin “as a “Dictators” simple “last resort”
> as easily disguised by China

This sort of thing has been going on since “Empires” became “profitable”
NOW It’s far more expedient to NOT Enforce Drug Laws > ALLOW the Worlds
biggest Economy > Drug Cartels ! with its obvious “fringe” benefits !
to the relatively unconsciousness-less few I &  miscellaneous side-kicks !

Renewables WIND; Solar  Technolological OK But NOT Sustainable for 24/7 Grid Electricity > Supplementary ONLY ) maybe 25% of WW Need
-   SOLAR > Land the Size of VICTORIA ands ~100Ks of new Powerlines
-   Battery Back-up > NOT SUSTAINABLE  or economic YET !
-  >  Exhorbitant Inefficient use of LAND vs Agriculture andThe  neglected “need” to “Water Australia” now 100years Old !

-   WAVE/ Tidal Power Very Limitded> since proven impracticald (re  salt corrosion
-   Geothermal HYDRO > ONLY for a few  localised SITES useless for Bulk Generation WW eg Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Japan  maybe ? Canada>USA apart from their ”GREENIE perennial problem” )
ALL > Extensive rewiring of the Electricity GRID
Solar and Battery inefficent use of resources “Rare Earths”, Steel,Titaniun, Copper, Aluminium  for both replacement constructon and pollutant disposal problems every 20 years currently being subsidised WW by Governments delusion and non-accountability of on-goimng consequences
vs thousands if NOT millions of years of Uranium > Thorium ! ?
-   SNOWY 2 ( “a la”” >Turnbul ‘s “hyperbowl” ) Hydro Storage NOW acknowledged generally as being a proven failure ! ( a localised cche, delayed > way behind budget and impossibly “bogged down ( drilling equiment and also limited bythe Extra “ Grid Costs “ unaccounted for !

NOW Back arrow2-Down to some SANITY ! > a bit of Chemistry
Science &Technology !
we’ve “ALL” still gotta pay our (THEIR) Bills TOO !


but stay tuned > . . . to be Continued”
. . . IF I retain my patience with ALL YOU MOB !

NO ! . . . > I am NOT really trying to buy into this
Technical “conundrum” ! NOW turned “philosophical” and Very “political ! . . . and economically WW ruining
at least for ALL Us in the real small World” !

but as per Bjorn Lomborg approach IT from a decent non-biased perspective within Reason ! but do the “justified R&D  >
but proportionate to possible causes ! & consequences !

NOR am I really seeking for OUR Business TO BE CANCELLED
a common Answer to problematic “discussion in ANY context !

re OUR ALT Energy>LFTR FlipHTML : 
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[ALT-Energy-LFTR-] [re Energy Crisis-m5] [re Energy Options-m4] [re Nuclear Energy-m5] [BLOG GreenH2-m4]

vs Natural CO2

< “3%” of the Total
The Ocean is the vastly major sink of CO2
with a huge time delay effect > 1000s of years ? !

AN Understanding of the Natural Carbon Cycles HELPS explain
the complexity of ANY computer modeling and the “naivety” of the IPCC scenario >>> “doomsday” ?

( includes a Video)
BUT > This is conveniently “side-stepped” by > “vested Interests” AND 97%
of THE Consensus” ( & That IS THE BS  of IT ! )“ to appease the “greenies”
to the destruction of Western economies
IT IS Simply NOT proven that CO2 IS actually the cause of  increase in Global Temperatures except by false assumptions in computer modeling vs real measurement observation ( via Satellite etc )
or even getting the BOM
to look out the damn Window re their cost of huge support $$$s

but it also highlights the need for a more balanced perspective and
Not necessarily to “cherry-pick”  either extremes SO FAR just another
Non-show ! > A NON-EVENT !

Australia having taken the very “worst” perspective from being the
“Lucky Country” now on the verge of “3rd World until” our “open” QUARRY mentality has been accelerated under the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” & UN “Charter” like other historical scenarios . . . > “exploit & THEN “dump” > rename the ”CHINESE Syndrome” > their old “tribute” scheme?

Current “guesstimated predictions of THE cost for a NIL Net CO2 is probably
100s of Trillions of $$$s WW by 2050 ( by 2100 who knows ? > cares ! )
1000ppM CO2 WW from current 400ppM is NOT unsustainable > if NOT IT’S actually NET beneficial  > to Life as is perhaps an unprovable “postulated”
1-2 degrees expected rise in Global Temps. . .that’s IF it were to “Ever” actually happen

YES Civilization has been “virtually-wiped OUT” BY Climate Change probably many times ( see Graham Hancock > video Video ) over Millennia
but even that is > controversial and still “ being reneged “ by conventional geologists etc
The Last Ice (Younger Dryas) more probably was a consequence of an Asteroid Impact” (North American ~13K years ago but they are not necessarily cyclical but more likely random < > they do have and ( probably over Many times>millions of year

and YES could happen ANY TIME like Volcanoes/  Earthquakes. Tsunamis etc  FAR More “dead  than mere  possibilities of Global Warming via CO2

So far AFTER ~ 50 Years of “Global Warming ” there has been very little “provable” adverse effects apart from “scare-mongering” hypothetical ! & ongoing catastrophihc “econonomic consequences” ! extrapolated over many generations into the distant  future ! > 100years or more !

Restek Literature generally is updated regularly > OLDER material is kept for
“archive Purposes - a Customer TECHNICAL Resource for U !
see 2009-10, 2011-22015-6 > Catalogs .but some items no longer available / superseded ! :  ASK !
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